I know. Legend says, that place was cursed, but we dismissed all that as nonsense and went anyways.

—Rebecca, Trix 2: The War


AoaUFO2 Rebecca

Red Smiley Spider Walker
Ao Oni, Squato.

In the past, she and Ao Oni were friends. They went together to Blood Mountain, despite the warnings they were given about the curse. Ao Oni was forced to sacrafice himself to save Rebecca, and Rebecca went into hiding, ridden with guilt over her friends' death.

She was later discovered in a cave by Squato, who consoled her and led her to the others. Later, in DMS' castle, she reveals her past to the entire group. She helps the others fight the DB UFO.

Later, she and Squato appear in Minor Character story. She helps the other five defeat the villains who have been revived.

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