This adventure is highly-unlikely to be continued, so in the mean time you can check its summary in this link.

As for its existence plot-wise...

Enter Name

Poxten Crucex
What is this young fellow's name?


"Nostop Thatzoshers Youaredrunk"What? What kind of horrible being would even think of bestowing such a horrendous title to their offspring? This is in no way your name.

Try Again

Your name is POXTEN CRUCEX.

You are a young EXPERT SCIENTIST. You almost never leave your laboratory, which is where you perform most of your VARIOUS EXPERIMENTS. Your "cool" friends don't exactly support your obsession for the scientific, but it doesn't matter to you because you like experimenting too much to even care. You are also obsessed with the letter "X" and cross symbols for some reason.

Your lusus is, or are, to be specific, two GHOSTLY KNIGHTS. They are always engaged in INTENSE COMBAT, a fight which never seems to end for either one of them. You presume they will never stop fighting. This causes thier usefulness to decrease significantly.

You know all of the ELEMENTS OF THE UNIVERSE, all of them. This aids you in your constant quest to become the best scientist in all of Alternia. The purpose of which depends on your mood. You are quite BIPOLAR, one part of you resents the lowbloods with all of your might (all of it), possessing the strongest desire to eliminate them altogether. The other part of your conscious is benevolent and wishes only for the good of trollkind. You wish your sponge wasn't so out of whack. It can become quite distracting.

Your trolltag is conflictedlyCross and your obsession with X causes you to replace any possible symbol combination with ><, no e><eptions.

Introduce Squidley


You walk over to your array of LARGE AQUARIUM FACILITIES. Most of them are mainly filled with piranhas, which you use for some experimenting. You also sometimes enjoy watching them shred pieces of food with no remorse. You are a bit worried that this pleases you. Anyway, one of the tanks is much smaller, and inside contains only one creature.

This is SQUDILEY, your GOOD CUTTLEFISH and BEST FRIEND. It was many sweeps ago. You had not but recently emerged from grubhood when you were at the beach. As your curiosity brought you into the water, you noticed a cuttlefish that has wandered to close to the shore, and was wedged desperately into some coral. You immediately stuck your grubby little hand into the water and pulled it away from its entrapment. You then stuck it in your WATER AND SAND HOLDING CONTAINER OF SORTS along with some seawater. Later in life you could have probably come up with a better name, but at that point you called him SQUIDLEY. He would always be Squidley. You asked your lusii to keep him. Due to their previously stated predicament, there was no response. You took this as a yes. You've had Squidley ever since. He's been with you trough thin and thick. You can't remember a time without Squidley.

This trip to the aquatic facilities reminds you of the remainder of your living area. On the opposite wall are some TROLL WIZARD OF OZ POSTERS. In the corner stands a KNIGHT'S ARMOR REPLICA and your ELECTROSTAFF. There is also a black T-shirt on the ground.


You move into the corner of the room. The KNIGHT'S ARMOR REPLICA stands proudly in salute, with your ELECTROSTAFF in the other hand. You have no reason to possess a LEGITIMATE KNIGHT'S ARMOR, because you have never known any troll knight nor have you been one. However, this doesn't stop you from having a taste for the MEDEIVAL. You are not sure why you enjoy this. You think it has something to do with your lusii's influence on your grubhood.You take the ELECTROSTAFF from the Knight's hand. He is so honorable, holding your staff whenever you please, never a rebuttal. Such a proper fellow. You are sad he is only a replica.

Anyway, you engineered this thing yourself. Fitting in with your STAFFKIND specibus, you made it to be both wieldable in combat and useful otherwise. It functions mainly on electric energy types, supplied by a LYTIUM source found in the staff's head. You have engineered the staff in ways that allow it to perform such tasks as providing electric charge (as well as electrocuting foes), manipulating metals with electromagnetism, and pretty much anything else regarding electricity. You suppose you could even perform limited mind control by manipulating the sponge's neural signals. However, you have not yet discovered how to do this. It perplexes even you. 

The witch on that poster is giving you the evil eye.


What was that? You have never owned any dolls of any sort. Such frivolous toys belong nowhere near a place of such scientific magnitude. You've never heard of this "Luna" and don't know who or what he or she is.


You walk over to where the shirt lays sloppily on the ground. This must be corrected immediately.The shirt is a simple black shirt with you cerulean insignia printed boldly on the front. You use this mainly for casual situations. However, with your lifestyle you seem to not have that many of them.


Your symbol represents Menecar, the dueling swordsmen constellation. Those of your symbol are typically conflicted, like yourself, in the spirit of the duel. The color of the symbol marks your blood color. Your blood color notes you as nobility, but only just so. You are still outclassed by four other blood colors in the hemospectrum.

You captchalogue the shirt.

Your captchalogue is organized with an X-MODUS. The modus stacks the card beginning with one in the middle, and one being added to each corner of the first one, forming four diagonal lines stretching from the center card. If a card is removed from underneath other cards, those on top of it will be ejected. Heavily used items shouldn't be put in the center, for that matter. The modus also evens itself out whenever possible, making each "line" of equal length.

Examine and Captchalogue TROLL WIZARD OF OZ POSTER


You really only bought this poster for one reason.

To remind you of that witch. You cannot possibly use any words to describe your intense hatred of witches. Those disgusting, haggy, magic-using, green skinned horrors are the near bane of your existence. You will never have anything to do with a witch if it kills you.

You captchalogue the poster. You'll be sure to burn this the next time you get near any sort of flame.

Someone is trolling you. You should probably check your computer.

Answer Troll

--radiantIncandescence [RI] began trolling conflictedlyCross [CC] at XX:XX--
[RI]: Hey +here.
[CC]: D><
[CC]: oh for the love of alternia not you.
[RI]: Wha+'s +he prOblem? +OO much fOr yOu?
[CC]: please, kindly shut the hell up. i swear if i hear another one of your
already e><tremely pervasive self-compliments. we already know how big of a
bitch you are.
[RI]: Eugh, sOmebody's cranky. (PrObably jus+ jealOus) [CC]: *facepalm* [RI]: Was +he facepalm yOu prObably jus+ perfOrmed in real life nO+ enOugh?
Anyway, I ac+ually came +O +ell yOu some+hing kind Of impOr+an+.
[CC]: make it quick before you e><aust yourself with the sheer lack of
[RI]: JUS+ SHU+ +HE HELL UP ALREADY. [RI]: ANYWAY... [RI]: Mr. Gambler wan+s us +O dO sOme+hing fOr him. He says i+'s very impOr+an+,
and i+'ll invOlve +ime-+ravel and shi+. He +hinks yOu'll be helpful fOr sOme
[CC]: ugh... i guess i have nothing better to do anyway. but only because he
said it's important. i'll try to contact him.
[RI]: DOn'+ be surprised if he dOesn'+ answer. He said he's pre++y busy a+ +he
[CC]: alright. i'm going to leave now before we start an argument. i'm surprised
we made it this far.
[RI]: Aww... --radiantIncandescence [RI] ceased trolling conflictedlyCross [CC] at XX:XX--

Be the Other Troll

You are suddenly the other troll.

Armega Rodite

Your name is ARMEGA RODITE.

The first thing you absolutely must point out is that this rendering of yourself in a symbolic manner is extremely unflattering. You normally are much more attractive. It probably doesn't help that your artist sucks. Did you mention that you are really hot?

And no, you don't mean this figuratively. Although you are incredibly irresistible, this notion refers to the fact that your body temperature is quite abnormally high. Not hot to the touch, but definitely unnaturally warm. This causes you to dress in less stifling apparel than most of your kind. Even in the coldest of seasons you can barely tell it's cold. Also, unlike most other trolls, you are not completely nocturnal. Upon night activity, you like to be around at sunrise as well as sunset. Even though the sun is still a bit too bright for you, you can't help but notice it's beauty. It's almost as beautiful as you.

Your friends think you're a huge bitch, but you think they're just jealous of your epic hotness. Surely they understand it's only natural for someone like you to want to show off a little.

Your troll tag is radiantIncandescence and due to your quirk you may replace cer+ain le++ers with cer+ain symbOls and capi+Oliza+iOns.

Go Back to Being the Other Troll

Poxten Crucex

You suddenly become Poxten again.

What were you doing again? Oh yeah. You were just talking to that huge bitch, who somehow managed to tell you something important. You should probably try to contact your friend, but she said he was busy, so you should probably find something else to do.

What do?

Dig Up Secret Collection of Poxten <3< Armega Fanfics and Drawings

Why would you hav- oh damnit.


Why did you leave that on the table over there? Stupid stupid stupid stupid. There's no denying that it's there, yet no reason to discuss it otherwise. You hate the very thought that you could be so enthralled with the dirty lowblood, but you really can't help it. Unfortunately this also reminds you that you are probably the worst artist ever. You put it back in the drawer and lock it.

Just as you are about to go back to your lab, the computer goes off again. There's the small chance it might be important.

Answer Troll

--harmonizedDeipotence [HD] began trolling conflictedlyCross [CC] at XX:XX--
[HD]: br[]. hey gr[]dus are y[]u there? [:)]
[CC]: wha- oh hey. is this about that important thing?
[HD]: yeah. i was just trying t[] s[]rt []ut s[]me stuff with s[]me[]ne. y[]u g[]t
time f[]r an explanati[]n? [:)]
[CC]: yeah I've pretty much got all day. e><plain away. [HD]: alright, here we g[]. s[] acc[]rding t[] uskur[] he's had []ne []f his weird
visi[]ns, and it inv[]lved us. he says he g[]t the vibe that this []ne was really
imp[]rtant. [:)]
[CC]: wait, he's claiming our lives in danger based on one of his sopor-visons?
the guy's out of his mind already!
[HD]: l[][]k just trust me here. i kn[]w it seems crazy but hear me []ut. he says
that []ne []f us has t[] travel t[] an[]ther n[]t t[][] far away time
peri[]d t[] retrieve s[]me s[]rt []f disk. [:)]
[CC]: seems easy enough. all we need is some sort of appearifier. [HD]: yeah but here's the catch. The disk has t[] be c[]nfiscated unn[]ticed
by any[]ne, and then replaced by a c[]py. []therwise we'll cause s[]me s[]rt
[]f parad[]x. i w[]nder if the arm c[]uld reach it.... [:)]
[CC]: how does the disk affect us? [HD]: he's n[]t sure. all he says is we have t[] figure []ut h[]w t[] get it
s[][]n. [:)]
[CC]: quite the predicament, it seems. i have a hard time believing this though. [HD]: just try t[] help us []ut. i have a feeling this is g[]ing t[] be pretty
imp[]rtant. [:)]
[CC]: sigh... [CC]: i'll go look for a device. only because you believe it, Murtaw. [HD]: thanks, br[]. [:D] --harmonizedDeipotence [HD] ceased trolling conflictedlyCross [CC] at XX:XX--

Go back to being Armega

Armega Rodite

You suddenly become Armega again.

Good gog. We're going to have to limit your character switching privileges. This is getting out of hand. Soon enough you'll just be switching characters all willy nilly with no regard to plotline sense or anything. 

Anyway, you were just finished trolling that tightwad and giving him the lowdown on the latest stuff on your sweet laptop. This thing was probably made for gaming. You're not really a gamer type, but you got this model because it has ridiculous amounts of memory. There's nothing worse than a slow computer. In fact you have a general nitpickyness for how trolls can't just pick up their asses and get stuff done sometimes. 

Upon this notion you return to your TRAINING ROOM. In here are some sandbags hanging from various ropes on the ceiling, most with several gashes and cuts on their surface. A couple of daggers lie on the floor next to a headband.

Show these bags your stabs

You suddenly feel compelled to stab the shit out of those bags. You put on your headband (Can't be having any of that sweat drip onto your face, eww. Not that you sweat anyway...) and pick up the pair of daggers.This reminds you of your DAGGERKIND strife specibus. Your weapon of choice. These things are short, simple, and to the point, quite literally actually. You train regularly in strength and agility to use them effectively.What were you doing again? Oh right...

Armega Sandbag Stabbing

Stabbing the shit out of this sandbag.

Draw Poxten's Face on the Sandbag and X

Sandbag Fanservice

Alright, LD. You see this? You got it? Now you can STOP ASKING FOR THIS GODDAMNED UPDATE.

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