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This world is made by Poisonshot!

Stages Series

The Cavern world is after (Whatever is the next series megaboss zone).

Part 1

Based on Grotto, lol.

Grotto Route(Check Grotto 1-5)

Grotto 1-5(Cavern series-esque)

Overworld 1-3(Only part of the world with no ceiling, use ??? terrain.

Grotto Castle(Self explanatory)

Part 2

Underwater Stage.

Saphires Mine 1-4(Mine-based stage with some saphire ore in it.

Deep Sea 1-4(Underwater cavern)

Droplet Palace

Ruby Reef 1-3(Lava and a lot of rubys)

Part 3


World Center


Part 4

Polluted Depot 1-5(Definition:Mix of Oil, Poison, Dark, Iron and Nuclear Energy)

Teerts Gninepo(Blank place with little to nothing. Very hard to pass)

Mushroom Sanctuary (Final World Boss)(Green Boss Cap Snake)

New Species and Heads


  • String(GR)(MB1)
  • C-Shroom(GO3)
  • Grasshopper(OW1)
  • Wagon(SM2)(MB2)
  • Jellyfish(DS1)
  • Boulder(RR2)(MB3)
  • Wave(FC3)
  • Tower(FC7)
  • Can(PD1)
  • Reflector(PD5)
  • Hanger(TG)


  • Hexagon(Not Hex)(GO2)(MB1)
  • Crescent(OW2)
  • Rock(SM1)(MB2)
  • Jewel(SM3)
  • Ember(RR1)
  • Inferno(Attack)(FC1)
  • Inferno(Orb)(FC1)(MB3)
  • Club(FC3)
  • Cannon(PD2)
  • Smiley(Sad Flipped)(TG)

Grotto Route


White Mask String

Grey Mask String

Black Mask String

Cyan Roundhead StringCyan Roundhead String

Grey Boss Mask String

Cyan Roundhead String Cyan Roundhead String
Location: Grotto Route
LP: 3000
AT: 10-30
AGI: unknown
Range: 90
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 50
EXP: 1000
Gold ($): 600
Drops: Cyan Stone

Big Card 6

Generation: None
Species: String
Head: Roundhead
Attack: Cyan Ball
Head colour: #Cyan
Body colour: #Turquoise
Movement: Swing
Credits: Poisonshot


White Mask String:

  • Glowing Sword 1
  • Comet Glove 1
  • Blue Stone 1


  • This stage was found by Poisonshot.
  • This stage introduces the String Species.
  • This stage is based off Opening Street.

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