The Poisoned Woods (consisting of 5 main stages) is located north of the Mountain Series and connect to Moutain. It's the first series (and main) of Part 5 of World 1, despise it location. It's only accessible when you finished Part 4.


The landscape of the stages is for most a hilly, water landscape with purple grass. This series have many plant-based Species. Most enemies have poison attacks, hence the name of the series. The main stages are:

  • Poisoned Woods 1
  • Poisoned Woods 2
  • Poisoned Woods 3
  • Poisoned Woods 4
  • Poisoned Woods 5

There is also two Special Stage:

  • Moon Jungle (Like Lake)
  • Poison Pond (Megaboss)

New Heads and Species


  • Mint H F2 (Megaboss Head)
  • MoonH F37


  • Butterfly Blank butterfly
  • Shrub Blank shrub
  • Frog Blank Frog (Megaboss Species)



Depict a team fighting the first room of PW1. Can anyone add a next sign?

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