Plox Ranger, or Blox Ranger Newer New Version is a Roblox game inspired and heavily based off Stick Ranger. It is currently beign made by Poisonshot. It is an action RPG lua game. It was started on 10/19/2014, through earliers version were done as early as January.


Plox Ranger will share the same stages as Stick Ranger, but some stages will have new paths and there will be new stages.

Italic means that the stage isn't complete.

Main World 1

  • Opening Street
  • Grassland 1
  • Grassland 2 (Orange Skull Bat die on spawning)
  • Grassland 3 (No enemies)
  • Grassland 4 (No enemies)
  • Hill Country 1


There will be more classes, but there is currently only one class, the Gladiator. There is also only one weapon, the Sword. Like the stages, there will be new classes.

Enemy Information

Once agan, Plox Ranger shares the same enemies as Stick Ranger.


  • Smiley (Happy and Sad)
  • X
  • Skull


  • Walker
  • Snake
  • Bat


Put ideas or suggestions in this section! You can also "donate" models for the game here.


This section is for ideas for the world map or the theme of the stages. This also includes new stage and new world suggestions.


This section is for weapon, item and class suggestions.


This section is for other ideas, such as how level-up would work.

Developpement Progress

The game is currently in Pre-Alpha.

The game will turn Alpha when Grassland 3 is done, as well as when the world map will be finished(with limited access to stages)

Alpha will house new weapons, new classes and a finished World 1.

Beta will pratically re-script the whole game. For example, Flying AIs will fly, leveling up will be possible and items will be added.

Candidate Release will attempt to correct as much bugs as possible, and might also add music.

Public Release will add the other worlds, the other species, the other weapons and stuff.


These people are developpers or admins. They have the right to edit the page to add more information about the game.

  • Searchie/Poisonshot: Creator, Lead Developper, Lead Admin.
  • SamTehBoss/Samuel17: Secondary Developper, Admin.
  • DaBombyo/DMS: Admin.
  • Ludicrine: Admin.
  • AnatomicMegane/A.Mori: Admin.
  • Jrparrish: TempAdmin.
  • CHASE248/NutikTehWolf: TempAdmin.

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