Do you... Pinkie Promise?

—Pinkie Pie, Welcome to Equestria: How DMS Met Luna

Pinkamena "Pinkie" Diane Pie
Equestrian (Earth Pony)
21-24 Estimated
Zoshi (Boyfriend)
Zalgo, Mane 6, Revelian, Luna
First Story Appearence
Corruption: He Comes
Most Recent


Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie is an Equestrian "Earth Pony," part of the the group of friends commonly referred to as the "Mane Six." Compared to the rest of them, Pinkie is generally very comedic, hyperactive, and optimistic. However, on occasion Pinke shows the traits of a rarely surfacing bipolar disorder, in which she becomes depressed, lonely, and sometimes crazed and demented, which also seems to have the physical effect of flattening her usually curly, fluffy pink hair.

Pinkie Pie has no regard for physics or logic, commonly performing feats that would normally seem implausible, typically without knowledge of doing such things. She appears first in the Fan-Ball continuity in the Corruption story as a puppet of Zalgo. Zalgo in the story was using her jealousy of Luna's relationship with Revelian to get Pinkie to help him conquer the world in his own corrupted way. Nearing the heros' defeat, she turns around in the end and helps them defeat Zalgo. Even after Zalgo was destroyed, a portion of Zalgo's being remains a part of Pinkie, allowing her to go "Zalgo Pinkie Pie" when enraged, which causes her to become hideously malformed and gains incredible strength (an effect that seems to have died out slowly after Zalgo was vanquished). In The Battle For a Universe, Pinkie realizes in a similar way to Zoshi's revelation that her crush Revelian is no longer after being married to Luna, and that since Zoshi has felt similar problems, they would be good partners with each other. After a few beers and an awkward night together, the two begin dating.

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