Crew of the Ship

Captain: BC LunaSR Luna

Helmsman: Veyron Veyron

Lookout: Semiannual Semiannual

Engineer: Zoomatt Zoomatt

Writer: Clocker Clocker

Cook: Gladus Gladus

Toaster: Toaster Toaster

Passenger #1: CygnusNew Cygnus

Passenger #2: Ecast Ecast

Passenger #3: SQUATO SQUATO

Passenger #4: Bruidic Bruidic

Hitchhikers: Can't apply

The crew is complete. Prepare for liftoff.

Chapter 1 - WE HAVE. LIFDOFF

The pets and their families are standing around the spaceship. The crew is ready to get on board and gives their last goodbyes.

Luna: Well, I'll be off then. Take care of the kids while I'm gone.

DM (The pet): Alright. Goodbye.

And then they had lots of sex cause

Veyron: Goodbye, Deception, Omega, Lust, Greed, Grief, Wrath, Loneliness, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Elektrinatter, Aalektrizitat, Misery, Kennon, River, Philanem, Mina, Pirschjäger, Linfai, Razzo, Starlina, Luciele, Jubie, Lafoudre, Starlour, Stons, Salpy, Patrick, Lois, Luzaib, Daimo and Sch-

Zoomatt: LIFTOFF IN 3... 2...

Veyron: Well then, I'll be off.

Veyron gets inside.

Zoomatt: 1... 0!


Veyron: Oxygen levels are stable. Fasten your seatbelts, we will pierce the atmosphere in 15 seconds.

Luna: You heard her, fasten your seatbelts everyone!


Veyron: We've pierced the atmosphere. You are now free to walk, roll, float, or whatever Gladus and Clocker do to move around.

Ecast: What will be our first destination?

Luna: We're going to explore the bordering star system, Captium B. Word goes that strange transmissions have been coming from the planet Ethor.

Clocker: I'll begin writing the log. If you need me, I'll be in my cabin.

Clocker leaves the main room.


13th day of the 21st month, 20 Anno De Curro, 23:35

Emperor DeCurro sent out an order to our crew yesterday. We were to collect with our family members in the center of New Hub City. There, we were requested to board the spaceship developed by The Ones who Went Back, nicknamed GaIa. Our captain, Luna, had been given a paper on which emperor DeCurro's personal orders were written. We were required to settle a few possible problems with outside forces.

- Clocker

In a cabin area...

Cygnus pokes her head out of her room. She looks down both hallways, then ducks back inside. She plops down on a chair, spreads her legs, and masturbates starts smoking weed and listening to metal.

Someone knocks on the door. Cygnus puts away the music and weed and opens the door. It seems that nobody is there. She closes the door again, annoyed, and goes back to what she was doing.

Clocker comes out of his cabin and returns to the main room. Luna and Veyron are conversing.

Luna: So, you were a captain of Stickbeard's ship after he passed away?

Veyron: Yes, I was. It was destroyed right before DeCurro became an emperor, however. Such a shame, it was a nice ship.

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