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This page is about the place for pets to have fun. For other meanings, please visit the Disambiguation page.



The Pet Playground

TV: Is your pet restless?

Guy on TV: *Gasp* YES!

TV: Does your pet constantly destroy furniture?

Guy on TV: *GASP!* YES!!!

TV: Does your pet constantly kill you?

Guy on TV: *GASP!11!!!1!!!one!* YESSSSSS-Wait, wha?

Pet: *Eats owner's head*

TV: Erm...Well, come to the Pet Playground! Release your pet's extra energy, and keep them know...

TV: There are also Recreation classes you can enter your pet in to pacify it and keep it from...You know...

Guy on TV: *Falls to floor*

Pet: Globau. Flarpwer! (Go to the Pet Playground today!)

--End of commercial--

Oh yeah, it keeps your pets from running away and such.

Current open classes-

Basic Play-Free class, Infinity Time

Amount of time pet taken- Any amount

Effects- Pacify your pet for half of the time it is taken


(To be worked on)