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The Pet Arena is where you can enter your pets into the field of battle. When pets face off, depending on their stats and abilities, as well as the owner's strategy, one will win. Every certain period of time (at this point maybe never again), a pet tournament will be held, where the victor will receive a special prize. To enter your pet in a tournament, ask the tournament creator or manager on the talk page. On the talk page, you can also root for who you want to win!

More recently, there have been issues involving response time. If there is a reason you might not respond in good time, please tell us before the tournament! Otherwise, your pet will be eliminated.

Also, if a fight between two pets takes too long, DMSwordsmaster or another admin not in the battle will flip a coin of destiny. The loser will be defeated by a method of the admin's choice.

Another thing, if your pet has an overpowered ability (for example, being able to reflect ALL ATTACKS, or being able to revive ENDLESSLY), he/she will be eliminated.

Additional rules are listed by tournament types. Please find a responsible battle monitor that is NOT involved in the current tournament before beginning to avoid disputes.

Please be a good sport, and have fun!

Arena Types


Cannot have over 3000 LP, cannot be over level 30. Cannot be a big enemy and no spawning attacks allowed. The prize is a small sized trophy.


Cannot have over 7000 LP. Cannot be over level 50. Cannot be a huge enemy and no spawning attacks allowed. Prize is a mid-sized trophy.


Cannot be a RYU and any spawning pets may only summon up to three spawn enemies. Payout is a large trophy.


No restrictions. Can be a RYU. Payout is a super trophy.

Team Match

Cannot have over 5000 LP, cannot be over level 40. Work together with another pet to defeat your 2 opponents. Payout is a TM trophy for both winners. One person cannot enter two pets as a team. A user may send in up to three pets, assuming they are not on the same team.

Water Hell

Cannot be a land-bound pet, can only be a water-bound pet such as Fish, Eel, Mermaid/man, etc. This is a tournament that takes place strictly in water against water-style pets. The strength restrictions depend on what class of tournament that it is (I.E. Lightweight Water Hell). You MUST be a water-only pet. Land bound pets that can live in water do not count. Payouts are the same for the class of tournament, but the trophy is a Water Hell trophy.


Three pets battle in one bracket. A good strategy is required, because who knows? Anyone could make any move at any time, or even team up on you! Winner receives a special trophy of the respective size class. Typically consists of 9-pet tourneys.

Robo Arena

Using physical projections, automatons, and other high-tech equipment, creatures identical to real opponents must be battled along with the other team(s). Robo Arenas generally have plotlines to them. In general, red lines denote battling an adversary, yellow lines denote surviving for a certain amount of turns, and green lines denote battling the opposing team(s).

Any additional rules apply (Lightweight Robo, Heavyweight Robo, altered rules, etc). Amount of people in a team is determined by the arena. One person CAN allow multiple of his or her pets onto his or her team. In fact, this is recommended. However, each team must have at least two different users' pets. Winners may each receive an Olympic Wreath, Battle Diploma, and/or a Golden Statue-Trophy, depending on the type of arena it is.

Caverndeep Lightweight Tournament 1

Caverndeep Lightweight Tournament 1

  • Title says what applies.
  • There will be a three pet fight in the end.
  • Signing up now! Sign ups complete. Seeking tournament monitor...

Pets: Spekev (PS) vs Howard (LD), Crowbar (LAT) vs Aradia (ZX), Duamagnum (DMS) vs Valarye (Mori)

Fairy Mania Tournament

Fairy Mania Tournament

  • A new mania-style tournament.
  • This battle will not be taking place in the regular pet arena. Due to this, some arena-based restrictions will not be present.
  • There are four sections of the tournament. The Heart brackets, the Spade brackets, the Club brackets, and the Diamond brackets. Each user may sign up one pet into a bracket and two pets for the whole tournament.
  • If you want to sign a pet up for the HEART bracket, you must enter a pet with a heart head. If you sign a pet to this bracket, then you cannot enter a second pet into the Club bracket.
  • If you want to sign a pet up for the SPADE bracket, you must enter a pet with a spade head. If you sign a pet to this bracket, then you cannot enter a second pet into the Diamond bracket.
  • If you want to sign a pet up for the CLUB bracket, you must enter a pet with a club head. If you sign a pet to this bracket, then you cannot enter a second pet into the Heart bracket.
  • If you want to sign a pet up for the DIAMOND bracket, you must enter a pet with a diamond head. If you sign a pet to this bracket, then you cannot enter a second pet into the Spades bracket.
  • After the brackets face one another, the victor will fight an opposite bracket until there is one winner.
  • The one who rises above all must face an unknown, powerful adversary.
  • Payout is a new pet and a super trophy.
  • Signing up now.


  • Heart brackets
    • Aradia Aradia (Zosh) vs FBA12 9 Hugely Upsetting Rancorous Tumbler/H. U. R. T. (Ludi)
  • Club brackets
    • Lord Irish Lord Irish (Luka) vs [N/A]
  • Spade brackets
    • Dusk Dusk (Ludi) vs [N/A]
  • Diamond brackets
    • Filusa/Filusapher Filusa (Zosh) vs Subtilis Subtilis (Luka) Discarded because of disqualifications.
  • Current Battles
    • FBA12 9 Hugely Upsetting Rancorous Tumbler/H. U. R. T. (Ludi) vs Lord Irish Lord Irish (Luka)
    • Dusk Dusk (Ludi) vs Subtilis Subtilis (Luka)

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