Oak Forest is the 2nd hidden (fictional) stage of Stick Ranger, it's in the north of the castle, in the edge of the continent. it's harder than Sunflower Grasslands was, but if you are prepared and have a good strategy, and a ranged character, it will not be so hard.


  • This stage is the first stage to feature a background (i.e. oak trees).
  • In this stage the mist effect on screen is less intense.
  • This stage sets the trend for all 'perfect win' unlockable stages: each stage has 5 enemies in total, of which one only appears when there is sufficient water.


enemy count
Blue Skull Bat (OF)
Green Fairy Dragon
Lime Smiley Wheel
Orange Cap Fish
Yellow Boss X Walker
OF: 1 15 13 1 1* 0
OF: 2 25 18 0 7* 0
OF: 3 35 26 1 1* 0
OF: 4 45 29 2 2* 0
OF: 5 55 30 3 3* 0
OF: 6 92 4 4 0 0
OF: 7 41 1 4 1* 0
OF: 8 1 60 10 13* 0
OF: 9 0 4 0 0 0
OF: BOSS 0 0 0 0 1
Total 309 185 25 28* 1

(A * denotes that the enemy will only appear if there is sufficient water on the screen)

Blue Skull Bat (OF) Blue Skull Bat (OF)
Location: Oak Forest
LP: 15,000
AT: 4-9×6
AGI: 50-80
Range: 150
Strength: Freeze (time -100%)

Ice (AT and time -80%)

Weakness: Fire (AT +300%)
LV: 92
EXP: 1,100
Gold ($): 1,000
Drops: Freeze Charm 8 (0.9%)
Species: Bat
Head: Skull
Attack: Light Blue pellet
Head colour: #003DFF
Body colour: #FFAB2D
Movement: flying
Credits: Aeinstein
Note: This enemy can be very annoying with its freezing attack, especially on the 6th screen as there are 92 of them. On other screens, it is also a problem because of the other enemies - these things freeze characters, which leaves all the other enemies free to attack. Having a character with a Freeze Charm and/or Purple Crystal (preferrably one with a lot of LP) to shield the rest of the team is very effective. Fortunately, any Fire-type weapon will dispatch of them easily.

Green Fairy Dragon Green Fairy Dragon
Location: Oak Forest
LP: 20,000
AT: 7-24
AGI: 75-150
Range: 250
Strength: Physical (AT -50)
Weakness: none
LV: 92
EXP: 1,500
Gold ($): 2,500
Drops: Peridot 8 (1.2%)
Species: Dragon
Head: Fairy
Attack: Light green wave
Head colour: #7CFFAE
Body colour: #C66635
Movement: flying
Credits: Aeinstein
Note: This enemy's AI can be annoying, as they usually do not move towards characters and have a high range. Their attacks are not very powerful and can easily be reduced further by normal means of defense.

Lime Smiley Wheel Lime Smiley Wheel
Location: Oak Forest
LP: 48,000
AT: 1-9×4
AGI: 40-160
Range: 20
Strength: Thunder (AT =1)
Weakness: none
LV: 92
EXP: 1,800
Gold ($): 4,500
Drops: Yellow Crystal 8 (3%)
Species: Wheel
Head: Smiley
Attack: Yellow Laser
Head colour: #B2FF00
Body colour: #7E00AF
Movement: rolling
Credits: Aeinstein
Note: This enemy shoots its lasers in sequence, making it fairly dangerous. A Magician with Freeze Explosion or any other class that can keep groups frozen for longer amounts of time can hold them back and kill them, however.

Orange Cap Fish Orange Cap Fish
Location: Oak Forest
LP: 1,000
AT: 5-9
AGI: 12-24
Range: 25
Strength: Physical (AT -9,999)

Fire (AT =1)
Thunder (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, slow immune)
Poison (immune)
Freeze (time -100%)

Weakness: none
LV: 93
EXP: 2,906
Gold ($): 7,500
Drops: Gold Medal 8 (10%)
Species: Fish
Head: Cap
Attack: Red Fire
Head colour: #FF5200
Body colour: #165200
Movement: swimming
Credits: Aeinstein
Note: This enemy (quite like the Fish in Cavern 1-3) has a resistance to everything, making it tough to kill. Combined with its fairly high attack rate, it can be very painful to deal with. Using Freeze or possibly Poison attacks is the most viable way of killing them.
Yellow Boss X Walker Yellow Boss X Walker
Location: Oak Forest
LP: 350,000
AT: Thunder: 1-299

Mine: 1-19

AGI: 40-60
Range: 400
Strength: Freeze (time -100%)
Weakness: Thunder (AT +150%)
LV: 94
EXP: 17,500
Gold ($): 9,000
Drops: Critical's Card 8 (6%)

Berserk Card 8 (6%) Thunder Spirit 8 (6%)

Species: Walker
Head: X
Attack: Yellow Ball, light yellow mine (residue)
Head colour: #F0F000
Body colour: #6DB8C4
Movement: walking
Credits: Aeinstein
Note: This boss fires a ball in a high arch. The ball leaves a mine residue a la Oasis Boss and creates 10 mines upon impact. The ball is not very fast and can be dodged, but the mines may still hit. A dodging strategy is very useful when applied with Thunder-type weapons. Melee characters will destroy this boss quickly.

LV8 compo items stats:

Freeze Charm 8: 98% freeze invalid

Peridot 8: +8s poison length

Yellow Crystal 8: AT +90%

Gold Medal 8: +250% gold UP

Critical's card 8: 25% chance AT +450%

Berserk card 8: AT +450%, DEF -450%

Thunder Spirit 8: 8% enemy dies Big laser

the Thuner spirit 8 release a giant laser like the Grey Big Box Snake from forest 6 do, but this laser have an AT of 1-29999

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