This is a list of weapons used ONLY in the various stories of Fan-Ball.

Novelty Arms

Gunstick - Gunstick

Novelty Axes

Axe of chaos - Axe of Chaos

Mithril hatchet - Mithril Hatchet

Phoenix icon - Phoenix Axe

Novelty Maces

Mace of Midas - Mace of Midas

Novelty Guns

Colt Python - Colt Python

SR Boltgun - Bolt Gun

SR Stakegun - Stake Gun

SR XM6000 - XM6000 Machine Gun

SR PK-30 - PK-30 HMG

Zoshi's Gun - Semi-Automatic Magnum Pistol

Novelty Staves

Black King Staff - Poxten's Black King Staff

Novelty Swords

Zoshi's Sword - Heirloom Mid-Length Sword

DM'S Sword - Muramasa - A brutal greatsword that is so sharp that it hurts anyone who handles it without extreme care. Counterpart of the Masamune.

SDS-SP (art) - Modified Spark Dual Spikesword

Masamune - Masamune - A swift katana that only hurts fiends. Counterpart of the Muramasa.

Technodeus - Technodeus

Novelty Tomes

Zoshi's Necromancy - Necromancy

Pensiver's Journal - Pensiver's Journal (not really a weapon)

Book of ShadowsBook of Shadows Alt - Book of Shadows

Novelty Things

Hairpin - Hairpin of Randomness

Hades-Harbinger HD - Hades Harbinger

Titanwielder HD - Titanwielder

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