Basic Info and Background

Nazca Colony Drone serial number 1288 is a Nazcan unit sent to the Fan-Ball world for pollination. It was assigned by Lord Nazca to be the commander of the Nazcan FB unit.

Number 1288 was born on the planet Enau of the Lucifore A constellation. It was raised by Number 1153 and Ekte, a native. Due to its unusual parents, it had qualities that other Colony Drones lack. For this reason, Lord Nazca itself recognised it and sent it off for planetary conquest.

Combat Apparati

  • Attacks
    • Haste - Increases speed of user.
    • Dispel - Removes buffs from the target.
    • Green Dec - Prevents the target from using magic.
    • Deathgen Arrow Deathgen Arrow - Causes the target to perish in 3 turns.
    • Radio Wave - Poisons the target.
    • Shock - Thunder-type damaging move.
  • Weaponry
    • Gunstick Gunstick - Forged by the royal Smithing Units, every honorary member of Nazcan society is armed with one. It fires a beam which has an element that depends on the climate around it. It is classified as a Cyborg arm by Fan-Ball standards.
  • Abilities
    • Strategic Aura - The user will wield attacks that are most effective for the defeat of all current opponents, despite any prior inability to use such attacks.