i have a feeling this is g[]ing t[] be pretty imp[]rtant. [:)]

—Murtaw, Poxtenbent: The Beforetime

Murtaw Guidza

Murtaw Guidza

18 Earth Years (9 Sweeps)
Knight of Chance
Poxten Crucex (Former Moirail/Best friend)
Liwiya Lanzer (Potential Kismesis)
Isevel Rodite (Partner)
Hankvi Guidza (Dancestor)


See also: Memories of Fan-Ball/HankGuideDude#Extra: Pensiver's Journal

Murtaw Guidza was an aspiring adventurer that preferred using chainsaws. During his trip on the waterfall, he fell off and broke his left arm off, and discovered the third arm - the Karma Arm - and became his preferred emergency tool/weapon since then.

He was a good friend and Moirail of Poxten, but he is regarded as a sociopath by others (especially Liwiya). During their SGRUB session, after Poxten was maimed by Ellona, he took him back to his lab and did a sort of surgery on him to replace his broken body with that of a mostly mechanical being. Due to not having such great skill being one-armed and all, he inadvertently caused memory damage which in-turn became a villain ever since. He was then attacked by Poxten out of blind rage but managed to resist his efforts and escaped.

Because he has for some reason gained powers after he broke his arm, he's able to draw portals on top of weaponizing himself via the Karma Arm, in which he wants to prevent from having anyone else abuse its powers (nicknamed by himself: "corruption") and weaken the dimensions the Karma Arm is fueled by.

Later, he formed an alliance with "Liz" - Armega's dancestor - to locate his own dancestor - Hankvi - during his SFANB session.


  • Murtaw's blood colour is #4E0075, differing from Hankvi's blood colour, #660099.


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