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I very well could have broken the curse then and there, but I was too selfishly fearful for my own good; I failed to realize it. So I knelt against her feet and the ground and I offered to break a curse which I had no idea if I had any power over.
I believe I have cursed us all.


Amygea "Mori" Moriam

Mori Figure

Mutated Gridmask* (Most timelines)
Gamma: Fairy (Formerly Gridmask)
Delta: Manic Demon (Formerly Gridmask)
Nu: Nazcan (Formerly Gridmask)
Male/Female (Genderfluid) (He/Him or She/Her pronouns)
Date of Birth
6/15/-69 ADC
Rodney DeCurro (Great Great Great Grandfather (Pseudo))

Ann DeCurro (Great Great Great Grandmother (Pseudo))

Sanford DeCurro (Pseudo Great Great Grandparent)

Kemoz Stalve (Great Great Grandparent)

Gahedla Creb (Great Great Grandparent)

Zaion Moriam (Pseudo Great Great Grandparent, Dancestor)

Beltham Creb (Great Grandparent)

Zaendor G. (Great Grandparent)

Seira Moriam (Pseudo Great Grandmother, Friend, Associate)

Shane W. Dee (Pseudo Great Grandfather, Friend, Associate)

Jezedee Dekara (Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Beyrohn Dekara (Great Great Great Great Grandparent)

Salsydia Stalve (Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Natalin Stalve (Great Great Great Grandmother)

Amadeo Avos (Great Great Great Grandfather)

Nokre Dekara (Distant relative)

Tadanari Dee-Moriam (Grandparent)

Kaon (Grandparent)

Abigail (Mother)

Tacait Moriam (Father)

Rolie Moriam (Aunt)

Ragyo Moriam (Aunt)

Ceallion Moriam (Uncle)

Flaccus Rolis Moriam (Uncle)

Kluhs Moriam (Uncle)

Makina Dee-Moriam (Great Aunt)

Raki Dee-Moriam (Great Aunt)

Judas DeCurro (Ancestor of unidentified relation)

"Y" Yaldabaoth (Great Great Great Great Great Grandparent)

Belphegor (Ancestor of unidentified relation)

Gaia (Ancestor of unidentified relation, Great Great Great Grandmother (Pseudo^2))

Chaos (Religious icon, Ancestor of unidentified relation, Great Great Great Great Grandparent (Pseudo^3.14))

Jericho Cane (Teacher (Former), Manic Witch, Good friend, Distant Relative*)

Mulux de Curo (Best friend, Distant Relative*)

Ryuko (Cousin)

Melyk Kao (Cousin)

Zyaad Kao (Cousin)

Belgazas Moriam (Child)

Medorlo Moriam (Child)

Gawain (Child)

Manic Witches (Affiliates (Former))

Satan (Former employer, Nemesis)

Lazro de Gridmasque (Friend, Associate)

Thinkatock de Gridmasque (Friend)

Samuel (Friend, Associate)

Poisonshot Altari (Friend, Associate)

Hankvi Guidza (Friend, Associate, "Patron Troll")

Mercuron Kao (Good friend, Associate)

Ludicrine Kaskar Zanbakkor Kokoroth Abapsy Jast DeCurro Anagram (Good friend, Associate)

Zachary Isles (Good friend, Associate)

Revelian Zeronius (Associate, Caliginous partner)

Damien X. (Good friend)

"WID" (Friend, Associate)

Delinius Rupert Langton (Friend, Associate)

Jose W. (Friend, Associate)

Masa Le-Umas (Associate)

Hankvl Guldza (Associate)

Delbin McGellis (Associate)
Known Nicknames/Aliases

-The Advocate




-Cha[]tic C[]njure





179.07 cm/5' 10.5"
58.966 kg/130 lbs
Pesterchum Tag/Aura
amorousMorose (Pesterchum tag) Iris Versicolor (Aura)

Mori's pronouns switch on occasion due to their genderfluidity. Though he or she based pronouns (one at a time) are used in reference to Mori in scenes, this page uses they pronouns, he/she or she/he, or s/he in reference to the character.

Along the timelines, Mori has taken on many different forms, names and appearances. For the most part, this article refers to earlier versions of Mori. More progress in sorting will be coming soon.


Alpha-Unsplit Timeline

Before -69 ADC

Prior to birth, there seems to be a number of mentions and prophecies about them:

  • There are a few readings in the Book of Shadows that seem to detail Mori as the "prophesied descendant (?) of Teteoh", or a being that has some sort of important connection to Teteoh as an entity.
  • It is known that a personified form of Chaos appears very similar to Mori.
  • Mori appears very similar to a "prophesied child of Chaos, Erenyx" who is a "deity of darkness", detailed in ancient gridmask legends, as well as the child of said character, a ""deity" of death".

-69 ADC to -55 ADC

Amygea Moriam, more commonly referred to as "Mori", is a gridmask character who was born 6/15/-69 ADC, as the child of Abigail and her partner, Tacait Moriam. Tacait is the child of Tadanari Dee-Moriam, who is the pseudo-child of Seira Moriam, who is the child of Zaion Moriam, one who Mori shares many traits with, and whom Mori has as their "chosen ancestor". As well, by extension, Mori is the descendant of Sanford DeCurro, Shane W. Dee, Kaon, Yaldabaoth, Belphegor, Mother Gaia, and Chaos; though these relations are much less touched upon than any other.

Knowing of the "curse" brought upon any those who bring themselves within the presence of a Moriam on their birthday, Tacait was not present when his child was born. Furthermore, in a sense of not being prepared to care for a child, and being somewhat fearful of the idea of one, Tacait cut his connections with Amygea and Abigail. Following this event, Abigail then took her child to a village where they could live, which happened to be the same village that Zaion was raised in post-revival.

The two of them managed a simple living for some time. Over the years of Mori's childhood, Mori studied some of the many tales of the universes, the species that lived in them, the Outsiders, and the many tales of Ludus. Mori took an interest in knowing that the village s/he now lived in was the same one that their ancestor had once lived in, but s/he was unable to acquire much information about their ancestor, other than that they were some sort of "misunderstood" magical philanthropist. Nevertheless, Mori continued to regard Zaion as their chosen ancestor, and would seek to learn more and more about Zaion as s/he grew older.

Near the time when Mori had grown to the age of eight, a disaster struck the village s/he lived in: Separ monsters and demons, under the control of a being different from Gaia, attacked and began killing the residents of the village. In the chaos of the events, Abigail tried to get Amygea to safety, though she soon found herself in the grips of a monstrous being. Wanting to ensure the safety of her child most of all, she told Mori to run away without her, which s/he obeyed. Mori later came to return when the terror had died down, only to find that now the entire population of the village had been massacred--mirroring an event that had happened to Zaion long ago.

Just as Amygea could begin to express their despair at the misfortune that had befallen them, they were then met with one of the mediums of the archdemon Satan, Prince of Wrath. Satan, at the time, had been seeking nine individuals of great power or relevance to be put under his spell and employed under him as protectors of the planet Satan had created, Mania-Prime; a group that would be known as the Manic Witches. Unbeknownst to Moriam, Satan's mediums on Ludus, Bethlam Creb and Kemoz Stalve, had directed the monsters and demonkind to attack Mori's village so that Mori would be more susceptible to falling to Satan's allegiance, something that would be done when Satan promised Amygea to return the fallen of Mori's village back to life if s/he would sign a contract. This contract, basically, allowed Satan to "stretch out" Mori's soul to fit partially in his Soul Cage, making it so that Satan would be able to manipulate it to his will.

As another part of Satan's offer, its medium led Moriam to another member of the group of Manic Witches, one who was present on Ludus, so that this person would be able to care for Moriam in the meanwhile, and give them salvation and shelter while Satan was busy. This person was the famed Jericho Cane, the man who had played a great part in ending the oppression of magical individuals and non-gridmask aliens on Ludus with his campaigning some time ago. The medium of Satan then left the two Ludusians to interact with one another, to the joy of Mori, who was somewhat excited to see this practical celebrity and figure of compassion.

In Satan's absence, Jericho then talked about his firm belief that Satan has tricked him into the agreement of being a Manic Witch. Jericho explained that a number of monstrous beings had tried to attack and kill him in his home, and, though they had not been successful, they had accomplished killing his wife and child. He then said that he had met the medium of Satan, who appeared in the bodies of his close cousins and closer adoptive relatives, claiming that he could bring his lost loved ones back to life. However, in over a decade's time, Satan had yet to deliver anything. Jericho also found the whole scenario incredibly suspicious, and had deduced that it was a trick by Satan to get him to "sell [Jericho's] soul".

From this explanation provided by Jericho, Amygea came to realize the major similarities in Mori's own tale, and then realized that the revival of their mother would not come to be in this case. Now knowing there would be no wanted benefit from this, Mori wanted out of the agreement. Jericho admitted that he did not know any way for them to be released from the contract, though he did know that they would have some time before Satan would try to bring them to the planet Mania-Prime, needing both for the other Manic Witches to be found and assembled, and for a transport mechanism needing repair. So, Jericho promised to help try and find a way for the both of them to be freed, and, along the way, he would teach Mori in the application of sorcery, so that s/he would be prepared to live as an adult in the dangerous realm of the Prism.

For a long time, Mori and Jericho traveled together across the planet of Ludus, their travels spanning across the Okto-Gredile, Auzos, Helc, and the Faeric, for many years. All the while, Mori took the opportunities to learn very much about many types of majjyks, along with other sciences and arts held by the many cultures present on Ludus. On certain trips to Auzos, the two of them had some interactions with Maynef. Also, in one of the many odd potion experiments that Mori attempted, they accidentally consumed one they didn’t mean to by accident, and it caused them to grow feline ears and a tail, and gained cat-like "fangs".

-55 ADC to -53 ADC

Some time passed, and, though Moriam had become trained and well-versed in the arts of sorcery and academics, Mori had not yet figured out a safe way to become free of Satan's contract. Jericho believed that there could be a method of freedom for this to be accomplished, however: if they were to die, then the grip on their souls that remained would be lost. Knowing that Mori had taken some interest in the deity Chaos, Jericho wanted Mori to have a surefire way to survive dying, so that the both of them could be revived. To do so, Jericho cut off his left thumb and removed the odd ring he had worn for a long time, that would "stop whoever bore it from dying" and "could only be removed from someone if it was taken off the other way". This happening surprised Mori, though accepted the ring, placing it on their thumb.

Satan's medium then returned to them near the time of night, and brought them to a place north of the mountains, where a teleportation pad to the planet Mania-Prime was found. There, Satan planned to have them teleported to Mania-Prime, so as to have them to be able to free the planet from Kuipter's rule. However, Jericho then acted in rebellion against the archdemon, and then used a magical spell to destroy the body that formerly belonged to his close family member. Satan was enraged, and began to bring its other medium to the location, so that it may enact its revenge on the two defiant ones. In the meanwhile, Jericho then used a magical attack that dealt heavy damage to Mori's face area, and then Jericho did something similar to himself.

Mori then revived because of the ring, and groggily awoke to see Jericho's corpse. Moriam tried to revive him, but he couldn't, due to the fact that Jericho had killed himself, thus rendering him unable to be revived by most methods of necromantic practice. Before Moriam could begin to grieve over the loss of their great friend and caretaker, the medium of Satan then appeared before them. Satan demanded that s/he come with them to Mania "RIGHT FUCKING NOW", and when Mori refused, they were surprised that their manipulative ability of their soul no longer worked; because Mori had died, they were no longer under the contract of Satan. Now free of the archdemon's will, Mori attacked and killed the other medium of Satan on Ludus, thus freeing them from the influence of the Prince of Wrath.

Mori then went to find the place where s/he knew Jericho's child and wife had died, having wanted to surprise them by reviving their loved ones before. Once there, however, they only found a single jade-glowing corpse of someone around their age, who s/he recognized in description as Mulux Umbrage, the child of Jericho. Moriam revived it, to see that it was the child of Jericho, who had almost no memory of what had happened to them. So, Mori did their best to explain the events that had occurred. Having some understanding of it, Mulux chose to trust Mori, and they then went with Mori to Greytown, where there was a home for them to stay and be well in.

Shortly after getting settled in Greytown, Mori encountered their father, Tacait, once more. Tacait helped them out for a bit, giving them a home near the desert and enrolling them in a high level of academic education program present in the Gredile. Tacait also promised to visit with Mori once again every "day before Mori's birthday", still being superstitious of the Moriam curse.

Alpha-Doomed Timeline

-53 ADC

Mori had begun going to the same academic educational program facility as Lazro de Gridmasque had for some time now, and was enrolled in the some of the same classes as him. For a few days, Lazro had been going on about a place where a group of aliens had captured monsters and were rehabilitating them to then be adopted by families who would be kind enough to take them in. Though many of his peers had not taken him seriously, (with perhaps good reason to, considering Lazro was the source of the information) Mori was curious enough to confront Lazro about it soon enough and question him about the place, which was said to be "LDZX Corporations". Lazro said that he would be going there after school, and invited Mori to go with him, telling about the location of the place.

And so, on the night of 10/20/-53 ADC, Amygea went to the location of which "LDZX Corporations" was supposedly located. As Lazro had promised, there was, in fact, a small little shelter-like building there, which, as Mori found out, housed pets that had been released from the hivemind control of Gaia, and were being reformed into tamer beings, and then sold off, or adopted, to families that would care for them. These monsters were adopted usually as pets, though, as the intelligence of a Monster could vary between that of the average house-pet to something much greater than any known gridmask, they may not always have been regarded in the same sense. Mori was very interested by this concept and the monsters that were there, and, after introductions with the staff of the small business, they decided they would help to fund the corporation, though not be an employee, as well as adopt some pets to occupy and keep the grounds of Mori's home. Ever since then, Mori has been regarded as a friend to the company.

-52 ADC

Throughout the first stages of greater development for LDZX Corporations, Mori did their best in aiding with publicity and funding for the time being.

Lazarus -52

Shortly after the first anniversary celebrated by LDZX Corporations, Mori used the money accessible from the Moriam family to fund the business AM Incorporated, a sort of company that would also dig into different aspects of the monster business that LDZX had, as well as one that would ally itself with and provide support to said company.

Serendipity -52

On the day before Mori's birthday, all of their still-living relatives came around to celebrate with them. None of them were to make contact with Mori on their birthday, as they were all "superstitious" of the Moriam curse. During this time, Seira gave Mori a cyan shard that she had gained from their parent, Zaion. Mori oddly treasured the relic very much, but did not know that it was, in fact, a fragment of the Mindstone.

Having then activated the power inside of the fragment, Caledonia was then alerted to its usage. So, she began to try and present herself to Mori so as to take it (back) from them, claiming that Mori only obtained it because of the actions of a thief, and stating that it once belonged to her friend, Zaion. Though unsuccessful in taking it from Mori in their dreams, they did leave marks on Mori's hand, hinting at the fact that dreams combined with Mindstone Fragment magic were a simulated reality. Mori tried to protect the fragment^2, and, through the dreams in which s/he was once more visited by the threat-delivering Caledonia, s/he managed to tough it out long enough until the night of 6/15/-52, the anniversary of their birthday. Mori had warned Caledonia of the curse of the Moriam bloodline, though she still kept true to her promise of coming to obtain Mori's fragment^2.

On that night, Caledonia communicated with Mori, who actually passively gave her the fragment, somewhat fearing what Caledonia may be able to do to them, even though, because s/he still had Jericho's ring, s/he could not die. Caledonia did stay longer though, after learning that Mori was a descendant of Zaion. Caledonia had heard of the curse of the Moriam family and actually also believed there was some truth behind the legend that being in their presence on their birthdate would mark them with the fate of dying because of them. However, Mori then offered their allegiance and servitude to Caledonia, fearful that, because of this, Caledonia may act whatever horrible fate upon Mori that could be delivered, and, though slightly surprised at the action, Caledonia accepted.

From this, Mori was made a member of the Grey Agents. S/he met with the other Grey Agents (Hankvl, Maynef, Luciras, Eligas, Carna, Raskova, etc.), and began as an integral member of the society, due to their connections with LDZX Corporations. S/he actually seemed to identify with some of the ideas beliefs that the Grey Agents held, and fitted in with the organization fairly well.

Shortly after Caledonia had received the fragment of the Subconscious Fragment, Mori brought up the idea of seeking out the rest of them so that the full power of the Mindstone Fragment could be accessed. Caledonia had not be able to do so before, but due to Mori's resonation of this particular fragment allowing contact and action with others, the other fragments could thus successfully be sought out. And so began the search for the rest of the Subconscious Fragment.

-51 ADC

Ursa -51

Mori's makes a number of appearances in The Kuipter Files: A Ludusian Crisis, as well as part of The Planet's Shadow: Historical Tales of Ludus, which spans out across the first month of -51 ADC.

Mori is first shown having collaborated with Ludicrine to discover a Wonder Jungle Telepathy Board prophecy, which, as they came to believe, detailed that the Will Fragment will allow for Ludus to be saved from the attacks of the terrorist Kuipter. This also entailed that they would have to find suitable vessels (or "fresh hearts and souls with some mind-enhancing powers found in monsters") for the fragment to be activated and used by them. Though unknowing of whom the vessel for the Will Fragment's power would be, or where the Will Fragment was, they were confident that the prophecy would work out to their benefit. So, they then began working with Dr. Wasp to have monsters scanned in the Pillory for such abilities, and then be trained to have them properly utilized, if necessary. Mori also mentions being on the trail of another Mindstone Fragment, though s/he doesn't elaborate on this much further.

Mori was present during a "slow day" of scanning pets with the Pillory, when, in presence of them, as well as Ludicrine and Wasp, witnessed the first of the "Ryus" be revealed, which turned out to be Ergoth, who made a scene in order to cut to the first of the line to be scanned. The Pillory revealed Ergoth as the Ryu-Chi.

Then, a number of the main characters seen so far, including Mori, were taken by Alden to see that the creature identified Cassiopeia had begun to threaten the residents of the Okto-Gredile. Mori, along with a number of others, were requested to lead some cities near the area to evacuate before any damage could be done.

Mori was also present during the time when Emotion was scanned, per request of Ludicrine, who firmly believed that he would prove to be a Ryu. This suspicion turned out to be correct, as Emotion was then revealed as the Ryu-Udvented.

Mori makes a short appearance during a time when Samuel and Masa are making a short trip to LDZX Corporations. Mori starts with a casual conversation about events, before going on to compare Revelian to Kuipter (at least at that point). Revelian actually overhears Mori's mention of this and takes offense to it, though Mori refuses to give a proper apology to him, and they then start to fight. However, Ludicrine interrupts their fight and breaks it up. Mori then leaves the building after this.

It is known that, on 1/25, Mori obtained the last fragment of the Subconscious Fragment, which then allowed for the entire Subconscious Fragment to be reformed. Mori believed that this, if brought to something near its full potential, could provide Mori the edge s/he needed to have a power stronger than Revelian.

Mori also believed a source of power could be derived from the tome that s/he knew was kept within the home of the oldest child of Seira, in Raki's Mansion. Knowing that the tome, otherwise known as the Book of Shadows, was a device that was deeply informative on rituals of "dark", or otherwise unnatural or even blasphemous, forms of necromantic arts, Mori decided that s/he would try to use a spell within it in order to revive Jericho. Wanting Jericho's own child to also help and witness the revival of their lost parent, they invited Mulux to join them. Mulux encountered them on a park bench, where members of the Grey Agents were surrounding them, something that Mulux was surprised by, and somewhat fearful of, to the point of not going near Mori until the strangers had left Mori's presence. After this, the two then traveled to Raki's Mansion.

Though a bit of an unsettling travel to the mountains via train, and even more of an arduous and taxing trek to the peak of the mountain, Amygea and Mulux eventually arrived to Raki's Mansion, a strange and seemingly abandoned place. Right after opening the door, they found the bloodied corpse of an oni-like creature (of a blue variety) lying decrepit on the floor of a corridor. Mulux was frightened by it; though Mori encouraged them to press on to find what remained hidden within the mansion.

After looking around the mansion, they came to see that, long ago, it had been used mostly as a sort of "hospital" for Raki to care for gridmask travelers who came near the mountain and had been injured by monsters. They also came to find that it had apparently been abandoned for some time, as it appeared fairly decrepit and filthy. Traveling up to the second floor of the mansion, they came across Raki's room, which was littered with old clothes and books. Mori spent some time digging around through it all, but could not find anything that was of note. Then, Mulux warned Mori that they had heard "harpy noises" coming from outside the room, followed by loud footsteps (seemingly directionless and going through many walls and nonexistent floors) that even Mori could hear. Mori decided that it would be safe for them to hide within the wardrobe until it passed, wanting to have Mulux become and remain calm at the time.

However, after opening the wardrobe, they found that there was a small door on the other side of it, which led through the wall to somewhere unknown. Sort of continuing on the plan to find somewhere safe from whatever was making the odd noises, (as well as the plan to investigate and search Raki's home) Mori went through the wardrobe, with Mulux, somewhat reluctantly, following suit.

The door led to a stairway going down that appeared to be under the stairway they took to go up. They then find a secret area in Raki's home, which contains several books detailing magic practices, some maps of the continents of Ludus, and several odd relics lying around. Mori then locates a specific relic on a pedestal that s/he takes interest to, as it matches the description of the Book of Shadows. Amygea then goes and grabs the book, looks it over, and confirms that it is the tome they were searching for.

Amygea then flips through the Book of Shadows to find what s/he believes is a spell for ensured necromantic revival. Mori finds one such spell, apparently, and then enacts Mulux' assistance to do the ritual. After the creation of a spell circle with four sources of flame, and some odd runic symbols and drawings reminiscent of shields and rods, the two then put drops of their blood into the circle. Their sanguine blood then appears to turn into some black fluid substance similar to both Aether and Atrabile, but clearly different from both. The flames then grow stronger, and Mori then begins a chant detailed within the Book.

After some time, when the ritual was believed to have been completed, they then hear footsteps coming from around the house, as well as something that sounds like Jericho's voice. Though they were both at first fearful of this sound of the clear presence of another in the home, they felt relief upon believing that Jericho had been revived. After hearing the footsteps near the wardrobe, and beginning to come down the stairs to the room they were in, they were ready to reunite with their treasured friend, though they were then met with a mysterious horror, upon seeing Jericho in an appearance similar to that of a Chaos Thrall, and with no facial features. The Jericho-like being then collapsed and succumbed to dark energy flowing throughout it, losing all of its blood, which was now a substance similar to the one that Mori and Mulux' blood had turned into.

The fragment of Teteoh's soul, unknowingly summoned by the ritual performed by Mori and Mulux, inside of the Jericho-like being then moved on to Mori's body, trying to find a stable vessel to use. Then, Mori seemed to experience similar symptoms to which the Jericho-like being had died through. Mulux acted quickly and took out a relic from nearby, which turned out to be the Pentagram Hairclip that Zaion had owned before, put a magical blessing on it, and then placed it on Mori's head, both stabilizing the energy within them and pushing out any further corruptive energy present. Shortly after, Mori came to be stable, and survived. However, it then became evident that Teteoh in this state possessed them. Mulux once again acted quickly, startling Teteoh with "Y" and removing the hairclip from Mori's head, thus removing much of the influence that Teteoh had over Mori.

Mori then reverted to their normal self, and thanked Mulux for saving them. Mulux was very confused, not even knowing how they had known to do what they did, but they were content with knowing that Mori was safe, at least, and that nothing had been lost from the experience. Mori decided it would be the best to keep Mulux in the dark about the situation, so that they would not be any more fearful for things. Now having the Book of Shadows in their possession, Mori and Mulux went on a return trip back to Greytown, and Mori later bid Mulux goodbye before returning to their own home.

Shortly after Kuipter's direct attack on LDZX Headquarters, Mori had begun to more commonly stay around the headquarters. A while after Universe City had been revealed as Kuipter's base of operations, and after Revelian had gone off towards the location to directly confront Kuipter, Mori was met with [SPOILER], who had been sent by Ludicrine to go back and get reinforcements. Mori was able to quickly gather a small group of LDZX workers, along with the currently known Ryus who they had access to, and then had them be transported to Universe City to aide their superior officers.

Aiding a few certain monsters in getting to a high floor of Kuipter Labs (capital building of Universe City), via Sarlan-Etriom, they encountered the Trollethia for a short time, though they were surprised to see it then slain by Revelian, who was in the midst of a fight with Kuipter, and who was disregarding the scenario around him. Sarlan-Etriom, damaged from the battle, was able to land on the roof of the building, allowing for their passengers to go on and go to the aide of Revelian. They met up with Ludicrine and [SPOILER], and then entered the room where Revelian was close to being defeated by Kuipter. Within this, the Ryus all then unlocked their true potentials before them, and, after Ludicrine healed Revelian, he awoke wielding the power of Kaiser, or the Will Fragment. Mori secretly expressed dismay at the revelation of Revelian possessing the power of a Mindstone Fragment, as this made the advantage of the Subconscious Fragment now irrelevant.

After the swift defeat of Kuipter, Shenanigans then appeared and froze everyone in the room in a powerful ice, while he then turned into a black hole. All of a sudden, [SPOILER] opened the door of the room, calling out for Kuipter to help the three injured people who [SPOILER] had managed to carry to the room. [SPOILER] then surprisingly awoke and managed to crack the ice, thus freeing everybody. Revelian then transported everyone else (including Mori) to safety, which happened to be a room of a base just outside of Universe City where [SPOILER] was currently occupying, accompanied by [SPOILER] and [SPOILER], and who were all surprised to see the sudden appearance of the gang there.

Mori and the others then watched as the Ryus focused their powers to allow Revelian to utilize the full power of the Will Fragment in the ensuing battle against Shenanigans. As the battle raged on during this time, Mori helped set up beds and care for those who had been injured among the group.

Embla -51

Mori and the others essentially had a front-row seat in seeing the great damage that Shenanigans' power had dealt to Universe City, and were fearful for if Revelian had not survived. However, Revelian then slowly levitated towards their location and returned to them. Although the only casualty recorded among them had been [SPOILER], and the now-healthy [SPOILER] greeted Revelian cheerfully upon his arrival, he seemed very distraught for some time after this. Following the defeat of Kuipter's empire, things quickly returned to "normal" for the LDZX gang.

Roughly a week after these events, Mori went back to Raki's Mansion, now accompanied by Makina, whom s/he believed would have a much better experience with the sort of magic that revolved around the place. Though estranged by the relative, they also believed that Makina may be able to do something about the oni corpse that was there. However, oddly, as Mori came to find out, the blue corpse was nowhere to be found, although its blood still covered the area where it had been. Mori pondered for a moment as to who may have done this, before discovering a journal, apparently written by Revelian.

Mori then decided to go to the area behind the wardrobe, where s/he and Mulux had gone before. Expecting to find the remains of Jericho and the ritual circle that they had not been rid of, they instead found a completely empty floor. Mori then began towards the entrance once more, as Makina followed, carrying all the relics and other magic-related items that had been inside of Raki's Mansion at the time, to put them in a place where they would be safer. As Mori accompanied Makina to this location, it was found out to be the basement in Makina's home.

After the Blue Demon was defeated and Revelian disappeared, Mori then came forth to Zachary and gave him the journal written by Revelian a while ago. Mori said that s/he had tried to hint at Revelian's intentions and actions in the past, though s/he was "too scared of what Revelian may do to [Mori]" to come forth with the information directly in the past. Zachary recognized that this withholding of information may be hurtful to Mori's reputation, and, in coinciding with the agreement of Mori's providing information to Zachary when requested, Zach decided to say that he had found the journal on the day when Revelian's intentions were found out.

Panacea -51
Lazarus -51

Mori was known to have acted quickly to recover some of Dr. Sand's technology that was damaged, in the midst of the chaos caused by the dark matter invasion, so that it may be utilized in the future by the Grey Agents.

During the time when Ludicrine returned from a vacation, Mori received one of the many presents he gave to his co-worker companions.

Serendipity -51

Following the celebration of Mori's birthday, and the very date of the event, s/he experienced a sort of vision foretelling the arrival of Zalgo within Ludus.

Antagonist -51
Rorschach -51
Courier -51

Mori was (reluctantly) invited to Revelian's wedding.

Lustrum -51

-50 ADC

Ursa -50
Embla -50
Panacea -50
Lazarus -50

Mori joins in on the vacation the gang takes to New Hub City.

Serendipity -50

Just the day before their birthday, officials from the Ludusian government came to the AM Incorporated building, while Mori was packing up to go to the birth-celebration event that their relatives were going to host. Startled by their appearance, Mori then inserted the Subconscious Fragment onto their person in secret, as the officials then announced that, by the orders of Emporer Taku de Gridmasque, under heavy suspicion of having affiliations and providing assistance to terrorists that had attacked Ludus in the past. Mori was confused as to how they could have known about it, but s/he put on their best undeterred and innocent expression, and simply went with them without putting up a fight, so as to not raise any suspicion.

While Mori was being escorted outside to a transport plane, some of the LDZX gang, who had now gotten used to the concept of Mori's birthday being celebrated a day before it happened due to superstition over the alleged curse, had come to the AM Incorporated building to surprise Mori with a bit of a celebration. However, the entire gang was surprised as they saw Mori in handcuffs, being held on to by large Ludusian soldiers. When some of the gang went up and questioned what was going on, Mori gave no response, so the officers explained that Amygea was being arrested under suspicion with providing aide to terrorist organizations in the past. Most of the LDZX gang, naturally having known Mori as a friend and an ally for a very long time now, protested and questioned as to why this was happening, and asked Mori what was going on. Though, Mori provided no response, and the officers only said that it was under orders of Taku, and that if Mori were innocent, s/he wouldn't have anything to worry about. Of the group, Zachary was fairly hesitant to make any sort of protest against Mori's arrest, though he eventually joined in near the end, and Revelian said nothing.

So, Moriam was then brought to the transport plane, got searched, and had many items removed. Mori was then placed in a back room, where a rendition of Emporer Taku awaited. Emporer Taku then began questioning Mori on their utterly suspicious behavior, including using magic voidic techniques to make it so that Taku could not hear or see them as he could with most other individuals on the Okto-Gredile. And, that the same could be said for the entire area of Mori's home, Mori's place of business, Raki's Mansion, the mountain where Mori's relatives live, and many of the other areas that s/he commonly visited. Of particular interest was Mori's perceived actions taken during the times when [SPOILER] visited their building, when [SPOILERS] once again began running amok, and the more recent destruction of [SPOILER]. Mori professed no involvement in any of what had happened, though Taku was still suspicious of them, so he informed his agents to continue to take Mori to the prison south of the continent.

Once the plane landed near the prison, Mori was dispatched and brought to a cell of high security, one which had the odd ability of being able to slightly deter magical ability from being used. Though it was not entirely draining of the ability to use magic, other precautions were taken with electric collars and bands, that could be activated at the command of any guard.

Mori then spent the entirety of their birthday within the prison facility. At the end of the day, the workers of the prison left them then only with the Subconscious Fragment and the ring s/he had gained from Jericho, not being able to remove them from Mori's body. However, because of this in particular, Mori knew that the Grey Agents would eventually come to Mori's rescue. Though, Caledonia did personally hold firm the belief that the Moriam curse was true, she decided not to have her forces engage until after Mori's birthday was over. And, when it was, she led the Nemesis Veneer and the Grey Agents to the prison where Moriam was being held.

Before the Grey Agents delivered the first strike to the prison, it is known that Mori mentioned something about the Moriam curse going to come into effect. Mori mentioned in this that all those who had been in Mori's presence in the time of the day, being most of those present within the prison, would come to die soon after because of Moriam. And so it was, because Moriam had ensured that the Grey Agents would come for them, the attacks delivered by Caledonia, Hankvl, Luciras, Maynef, Eligas, and Madam Carna would lead to the deaths of all those who had been in the presence of Mori on that day.

During the great attack, Mori was freed from the cell and had the electrical collar and bands removed, and s/he then went to retrieve the belongings that had been taken from them. Now fairly equipped for the coming events, Moriam gave the Subconscious Fragment to Caledonia, so that she could perform greater acts of destruction with it by her will. S/he then boarded the Nemesis Veneer, where Maynef and the other Grey Agents met with them.

The Nemesis Veneer then traveled across the continent on a journey north, to the continent of Auzos. However, as the vessel was traveling across the sky over the Gredile, it caught the attention of the LDZX gang. Some of them were able to catch word of the report that the flying ship had attacked the prison and freed Mori, and believed this to be proof that Mori was involved with something s/he shouldn't have been.

As the Nemesis Veneer was crossing over the continent of the Okto-Gredile, it eventually, by chance, passed right over the LDZX HQ building. From there, Ludicrine, Zachary, Revelian, Hankvi, Lazro, and Samuel began chasing after it. A mile after it had passed over the building, the gang caught up to it, and, in the distraction that the LDZX gang had caused, the Nemesis Veneer was stopped to deal with the surprise appearance. Zachary first began to fly up to the vessel and then was confronted by Luciras, who knew it was her duty to stop him. As Ludicrine began to fly up, Hankvl then began to try and fight him off. Madam Carna went off to deal with the others, and to prevent them from getting involved with the other battles.

Maynef advised Mori to stay back and so as to not be put in harm's way. Right after she tried to pull Mori back into a cabin on the ship, Revelian flew onto the vessel, brandishing a sword and ready to fight Mori, calling them a FUCKING TRAITOR. Maynef stood in between Mori and Revelian in trying to protect the former, though Caledonia then stepped forward and attacked Revelian with an astral beam, and the two powerful beings then engaged in aerial battle, utilizing the powers of their Mindstone Fragments (Will and Subconscious), while Maynef and Amygea stood watching in awe for a moment. However, Maynef then remembered what she had been trying to do before, and pulled Moriam back to an area of the vessel that was not out in the open.

Shortly after the rest of the Grey Agents had regrouped back on the ship from their respective battles, Caledonia used her cosmic sorcery to teleport the Nemesis Veneer away to its intended destination in Auzos, though something unknown to the protagonists, so they could not follow. Once having arrived in Auzos, Mori was helped to settle into the new home for them and all of the Grey Agents, a short of well-kept shelter for all of them, and now a refuge, in light of them being sought after by the forces of the Ludusian government, as well as the LDZX gang. Mori and Maynef were those among the Grey Agents who primarily acted to help keep peace and maintain the condition of the shelter for the rest of its residents and themselves.

Myriad -50

The Grey Agents enacted a project to summon the ghost of "TJ", the adoptive daughter of Nicholas Flammel, the founder of the original Grey Agents. Mori aided in the project, and it proved to be a success. From this point, TJ was to be trained to try and utilize the magic potential that she held, along with the possible wisdom hidden within her, as perceived benefits from having consumed a Beta-Philosopher's Stone. Mori was one of those who would train TJ in magic arts, and, in the time of interaction that they had, the two of them became good friends.

There is a defined scene where TJ tells Mori that she does not know how to use magic, and never learned how to in life. TJ also goes on to say that she fears that this may mean she won't be able to do it in death, though Mori assures her that she will be able to accomplish it, and then offers to teach her to utilize magic abilities.

-49 ADC to -43 ADC

Event 1

Mori was one of the few of the Grey Agents who got the honor of witnessing the return of Nicholas Flammel, the founder of the society, as he had come out of hiding after the return of his adoptive daughter. From then, Nicholas would try to act in leading the Grey Agents the best that he could, as well as promising to eventually serve as leader as the organization. Until then, Nicholas would try to organize an attack under the leadership of Caledonia, using his own power.

Event 2

Mori later witnessed a strange entity called to them on Auzos, who appeared similar to them in form yet also somewhat macabre in appearance, and otherwise different. This being came to Mori, claiming to be the deity Chaos. Mori was surprised that the great deity had come to them now. However, Chaos had come to Mori with a specific task in mind: to present Mori with a ring that had been formed from the body of Chaos and that had been bestowed with jewels of energy from historic figures who had blasphemed specifically against Chaos. Chaos warned that, if worn, this particular ring would kill Mori if s/he were not prevented from dying by some method.

Mori wore it along with the ring that s/he now had, and came to know that it was the Ring of Doom, and that the ring that s/he had been given by Jericho was the Ring of Life. It is known that if someone were not somehow prevented from dying, the Ring of Doom would kill them when worn. So now, with the Ring of Doom, Mori had mastery over death, though s/he did not die while wearing the ring because s/he wore the Ring of Life, which prevented them from dying while they wore it.

Event 3

At some point, Mulux came looking for Mori, believing that s/he was innocent in light of the accusations brought upon them. However, before Mulux's arrival on Auzos, Caledonia was able to sense the presence of the sealed spirit of Yaldabaoth within Mulux, and came up with the idea to try and awaken the ancient spirit and manipulate it into attacking demons and deities. So, Caledonia then announced that she would go to the planet Osmile; which, as it happens, was in a different universe.

Once having then arrived on Auzos, Mulux was able to quickly find Mori. Mulux was overjoyed at seeing their friend after all the time that Mori had been away, though Mori was somewhat afraid for Mulux's safety here, and also wondered if Mulux had been followed. Mulux then started talking about how Mori was being "wrongly accused", causing Mori to interrupt and reveal that s/he was actually not at all innocent in the accusations against them. Mulux was surprised by this, and didn't know entirely what to think about this information, though they knew that it was because of the Grey Agents.

Mulux hadn't personally known that the people who Mori had hung around with before were named the Grey Agents, and they hadn't known the intentions of the Grey Agents, though they had always felt that those people were very odd, and that Mori shouldn't be going around with them. Mulux stated that this essentially proved their beliefs, though Mori said that s/he was not entirely an innocent person who had been manipulated by them, and that s/he actually did find the Grey Agents to be their friends, and that s/he would not leave them behind, especially now.

Knowing that Mulux didn't approve of what s/he was doing, and that they were in danger by being here and communicating with Mori, s/he suggested that Mulux should go away now and just live their life. Mulux was fairly distraught by this, but they sadly flew back to the Okto-Gredile.

After Mulux was no longer in sight, Caledonia, having returned from Osmile with the Grand Apocrypha, went to Amygea, asking where Mulux was. Mori explained that Mulux had gone and was probably not going to return, by Mori's suggestion for their safety and sanity. Caledonia was upset and explained the idea she had formed for awakening Yaldabaoth. Mori said that doing so would likely sacrifice the life of Mulux, something that s/he would not allow to happen. Caledonia sighed and said that at some point a method would be reached through which Yaldabaoth would return.

However, after Mulux's disappearance, it was found that the Nemesis Veneer had been mysteriously destroyed, and was glowing with a jade energy.

Event 4

Later, when [SPOILER] was able to steal back the small moon-like satellite that Mori had been working on and had near their home for some time, it was taken to the Grey Agents' base on Auzos, where Mori would continue to work on the project. Parts from the now-destroyed Nemesis Veneer

-42 ADC

Mori, having known that the Reckoning was coming for some time, had been constructing a small moon-like satellite that was set for launch into orbit around Ludus-Prime. Due to a number of distractions, it was less than fully complete, though it was more than functional for the purpose it was intended to serve. So, as the first signs of disaster began to show, in the early morning of 4/02/-42 ADC, Mori had the satellite be launched into orbit.

After arriving safely within orbit, a shield mechanism was activated to protect the satellite from meteors, or some other things that could damage it. Once having settled, Mori then went to activate a teleportation device, which s/he then used to summon the rest of the Grey Agents on Ludus-Prime to the satellite, where they would be safe from the Reckoning. From this point, the satellite would be named the Nemesis Veneer V2.

-2 ADC

The Grey Agents had received word of a plan formed to create a new timeline, which involved Mercuron going back in time and utilizing the knowledge they had of this timeline to stop many of the disasters that happened before from occurring, or at least lessening them to an extent. Fearing that this may eventually lead to the destruction of the Grey Agent's forces and influence, Mori was one of the many sent off to try to subdue Mercuron.

Mori had gone off on the way to Mercuron's home, when s/he met with Mercuron, though s/he did not know that they were the target at the time. On the way there, Mori had a conversation with Mercuron, and seemed to enjoy hanging around them. Mori was thoroughly surprised, however, when s/he saw Mercuron going into the house of their target, which made Mori realize that s/he had been conversing with their target all along.

Mori knew that their mission entailed killing Mercuron, though, as s/he had found a friend in them, s/he decided that s/he would try to peacefully dissuade Mercuron from aiding LDZX, or capture Mercuron and bring them back to the Nemesis Veneer V2, if necessary. However, not only was s/he unable to convince Mercuron not to create a fixed timeline, s/he made Mercuron wary that s/he was another one of the assassins that had tried to kill them, as well. So, Mercuron then went and made their way to the LDLD HQ building.

Mori went with Mercuron on the way to their place of work, trying to get them somewhere where no one could see as s/he incapacitated them and took them away. Mercuron was still wary by the time this happened, so they drew their pistol on Mori as soon as the two were out of sight. The two of them then engaged in battle.

Mori found that Mercuron was fairly strong, and winning against them would not be possible unless s/he were to try and kill them, so s/he then called upon a stop in the battle. Mercuron obliged by ceasing fire, but kept their weapon drawn. Mori then went on to explain how s/he had been sent to stop Mercuron to not create a new timeline, but that s/he didn't want to kill them, so s/he wanted them to come along willingly. Mercuron refused to do so, and then absconded before Mori could say any more.

A few days later, being slightly torn up about the whole thing, Mori decided that s/he would try and apologize to Mercuron and try to experience good terms with them, in the least of hopes that a friendship could be established with this person that Mori somewhat admired. Mori's directives were passed off as a peaceful attempt at ensuring that the new timeline created would have a preferable outcome for the Grey Agents.

Mori knew that Mercuron was inside of the LDLD HQ building at the time, though s/he didn't want to go inside it, for fear of being recognized by someone who might be hostile towards them. So, Mori waited outside of the building for Mercuron to come out. When Mercuron did, Mori tried to confront them and talk to them, though seeing Mori again made Mercuron apprehensive, so they went back into the building and waited for Mori to leave.

After a while, Mori decided that s/he would have to go inside the building to talk to Mercuron. Mori did so, and began to apologize for attacking them and provide a sort of explanation, to the best of their ability, which worked to ease Mercuron's distrust. However, Mori was the one to be fearful next, as a former colleague then recognized them. Mori started to leave the building, expecting to be attacked or captured for their actions in the past, though Mori was stopped by their other former colleagues, who, surprisingly, greeted Mori as an old friend and an acceptable ally. Under Ludicrine's nature of "forgive but don't forget", Mori's former colleagues were accepting of Mori in this time.

Mori didn't know how to react, so s/he just left the place, but kept the knowledge that s/he could return there if s/he so wished to.


After the coronation of Emporer Ludicrine, Nicholas Flammel began to lead an attack on Ludus in which the Grey Agents remaining worked to assist him and enact his efforts. Mori, however, insisted to stay back on the Nemesis Veneer V2 while this was done.

402 ADC

Having foreseen the doom of the star Lux, Mori had the Nemesis Veneer V2 moved away from Ludus-Prime and closer to Entilis.

555 ADC

In this year, The Beast (being the fusion of Apelpisia, Behemoth, and Caledonia) then appeared in the plane of the Prism, and proceeded to consume the main planets in order to reform the Proto Planet and then serve as its ruler and guardian. Entilis was then forced out of its place as the center of the Prism in order to make way for the new Proto Planet, and it became a moon of that planet. The Nemesis Veneer V2, which then still held the Grey Agents, subsequently moved to become another moon to the new Proto Planet.

666 ADC

723 ADC

Mori appears to follow the gang as they are going to fight [SPOILER]'s disciple, Sakral, an "anthro-conceptual" who was executing mortals by throwing them in the pit Tartarus.

Though the gang at the time was very powerful, Sakral seemed to be their match; however, the remains of the Grey Agents then aided the gang. Sakral was dealt a fatal wound by their opponents during this, though it would not prove to be the end of the danger they posed. Sakral's corpse split open and then released six great spirits, which experienced "reverse Awakenings" and gained forms to then bring havoc and destruction on the six main areas of the planet. Meanwhile, as Sakral's corpse then reformed into the body of an angel, glowing with a dark and chaotic energy, Mori decided to act quickly and dragged Sakral into the pit Tartarus, going down along with them, to ensure that Sakral wouldn't be able to come back out of it or return to try and finish off the group again.

After the gang defeated the six beings that came from Sakral's corpse (who had become known as the Mortal Terrors), Mori came to destroy the body of Sakral, and, within the pit Tartarus, ascended to become a deity. As well, the aura color of Mori altered into a different one.

In this moment, Mori (who had their name changed from Amygea to Erenyx) was then brought into eras of the past by Chaos, so as to have simulated instances of existence in deity form prior to this point, before going on to directly interact with others when their own time came about. Before this, it is known that they produced a child that appeared very similar to them, who was named Mors. Mors eventually was absorbed by Sakral and would reappear later as one of the Mortal Terrors.

After this, Mori discarded the Ring of Doom and the Ring of Life, knowing that s/he would not need it at this point.

It is known that s/he worked to aide in the battle against [SPOILER], though s/he was not of the greatest help, as their powers mostly revolved around darkness, while the gang faced a "great deity of light"; the main point of their ability being that darkness is powerless when faced with light.

1,000 ADC

On the day of 1/01/1,000 ADC, the Alpha-Doomed Timeline and the Alpha-Saved Timeline were "unified" in a sense through the magic of Algidas, the Anthro-conceptual of timelines. In this, Nyx became one with ΑsMori.

Alpha-Saved Timeline

-53 ADC

Mori had begun going to the same academic educational program facility as Lazro de Gridmasque had for some time now, and was enrolled in the some of the same classes as him. For a few days, Lazro had been going on about a place where a group of aliens and "some old man" had captured monsters and were rehabilitating them to then be adopted by families who would be kind enough to take them in. Though many of his peers had not taken him seriously, (with perhaps good reason to, considering the abstractness of the story and his record of unserious and questionable behavior) Mori was curious enough to confront Lazro about it soon enough and question him about it. And so, he explained the story about being saved by an old gridmask and a monster named Digug, and then being led to a place called "LDZX Corporations". Lazro said that he would be going there after school, and invited Mori to go with him, telling about the location of the place.

And so, on the night of 10/20/-53 ADC, Amygea went to the location of which "LDZX Corporations" was supposedly located. As Lazro had promised, there was, in fact, a small little shelter-like building there, which, as Mori found out, housed pets that had been released from the hivemind control of Gaia, and were being reformed into tamer beings, and then sold off, or adopted, to families that would care for them. They were usually sold off as pets, though, as the intelligence of a Monster could vary between that of the average house-pet to something much greater than any known gridmask, they may not always have been regarded in the same sense. Mori was very interested by this concept and the monsters that were there, and, after introductions with the staff of the small business, they decided they would help to fund the corporation, though not be an employee, as well as adopt some pets to occupy and keep the grounds of Mori's home. Ever since then, Mori has been regarded as a friend to the company.

-52 ADC

Both AM Industries and LAT Incorporated rose up around the time of LDZX's first anniversary, and became allied with one another and the company.

Similar to AdMori, this Mori had been given a fragment of the Subconscious Fragment that had been owned by Zaion, and, subsequently, s/he decided to join Caledonia and the Grey Agents, being fearful of what Caledonia may do to them if s/he decided not to.

-51 ADC

-50 ADC

S/he was feeling guilty for having aided the Grey Agents against their friends, and also didn't wish to separate [SPOILER] from their mother, so s/he decided that s/he would take the blame for [SPOILER]'s actions in order to be arrested. After this, however, ΑdMercuron-α, knowing of Mori's innocence in the matter, went to the prison s/he was being held at and presented an order for Mori's release, with the signature of ΑdEmporer Taku. With this, Mercuron-α was able to take Mori out of the prison, despite their reluctance of such. Mercuron-α took Mori to LAT Incorporated and asked them why s/he had taken the blame as "the Betrayer," and Mori then explained about their involvement with the Grey Agents.

Mercuron-α had already known of Mori's involvement with the Grey Agents, as it had happened in the timeline of their origin, though they acted as if they didn't know, so as to not have to explain The Ones Who Went Back. They also explained that, if s/he was feeling guilty over it, s/he now had a chance to change what s/he was doing and stay true to their friends. Mori said that s/he was still scared of Caledonia, which dissuaded them from leaving the Grey Agents. Mori explained that s/he feared that Caledonia specifically could deliver them a fate worse than death. Mercuron-α said that might be true, but they said that they would help Mori if s/he ever decided against the Grey Agents, and that they would keep Mori's secret. Mercuron-α believed that Mori would eventually no longer act in support of Caledonia and her likes, which is why they trusted Mori enough to keep the secret that s/he was ever allied with the Grey Agents.

There later came an issue when Emporer Taku found out about the order for Mori's release, which he had no memory of having made, and sent out officers to apprehend Mori and Mercuron-α. However, Mori then fled to Auzos, while Mercuron-α would be left to explain The Ones Who Went Back to Emporer Taku.

Mori helped in the reawakening of TJ, and in training her. After some time, TJ was sent to attack the enemies of the Grey Agents, and Mori helped her with this. The gang eventually defeated TJ. Mercuron-α and Ludicrine then were able to convince the others not to further persecute TJ and Mori as long as they both would not attack again, which both sides agreed to.

-49 ADC

In this year, Mori helped fight for Ludus during the Nazcan invasion.

-26 and -25 ADC

Though being one of the figures in the middle of the economic progression of LDZX Corps. and affiliates, Mori and the others were free enough to schedule a birthday party celebration for one of their most beloved co-workers, Lazro de Gridmasque, on 10/20/-26 ADC.

Prior to the celebration, near the middle of the day, Lazro called Mori over the phone in order to ask if Mori remembered a few interactions from their school days.

Mori joined in for the party itself, and was present when Lazro mysteriously fainted. Along with many of the others, Mori often visited Lazro in the hospital while he was in a "coma".

When Lazro awoke on 1/01/-25 ADC, Mori was present along with most of the others. Shortly after things had been settled, Mori gained the memories and spirit of MuMori.


Mori was present during Ludicrine's coronation as Emporer of Ludus.

1,000 ADC

On the day of 1/01/1,000 ADC, the Alpha-Doomed Timeline and the Alpha-Saved Timeline were "unified" in a sense through the magic of Algidas, the Anthro-conceptual of timelines. In this, Amygea became one with ΑdMori.

Alpha-Unified Timeline

On the day of 1/01/1,000 ADC, the Alpha-Doomed Timeline and the Alpha-Saved Timeline were "unified" in a sense through the magic of Algidas, the Anthro-conceptual of timelines. In this, ΑdMori and ΑsMori became one being. From then on, s/he would be known as Α²Mori, Nyx-Amy, or Mori^2, with their full name is Amygea-Erenyx Moriam.

In addition, shortly after this, GammaMori, DeltaMori (Demoralic), EtaMori (Nox-Lux), ThetaMori (Hamelily), IotaMori, KappaMori, MuMori, NuMori (Nazcan Attack Drone Nr. 2a32d5), OmicronMori (the Moriurge), RhoMori (Okteviam), and SigmaOneMori (Rot) all became Inner Beings of this Mori.

At some point, Mori experienced an Awakening. From then on, Mori decided to take on the title of Lord Ærentria (coming from a word meaning "the thirteenth hour"), as a mark of their newly gained power.

1,125 ADC

Beta Timeline

Mori's life is believed to have been highly similar to that of ΑdMori, up until after the events of Kuipter's attack on Ludus. It is known that Mori did go with Mulux to Raki's Mansion to retrieve the Book of Shadows, and that the corpse of a blue oni was in the mansion at the time.

Mori appears in Deep Blue: A Ludusian Tale as a primary character, though one with more of a minor role than the other main characters.

Mori first appears in Deep Blue when Zachary makes a call to Mori in order to ask about the "blue bodies" that have been made noteworthy, in order to have some clarification on the issue, and to, in turn, be able to calm the people who expect LDZX to prove as a protector. Zachary does seem nervous about talking to Mori at first; though he still goes on to explain the situation to Mori. Mori tries to go off topic so as to not have Zachary involved with something dangerous, though Zachary pressures Mori into explaining what can be explained.

Mori then goes on to talk about the oni race, and tells Zachary that the blue bodies are oni corpses, warning Zachary about something dangerous that is killing them off; oddly contrary to the fact that the corpses were actually those of gridmasks that had been mutilated and covered in blue substances. Mori says that the thing that is killing them is unknown, but that both of them should be afraid of it, and that the issue would perhaps be better left for the authorities to deal with.

Before the call is ended, Mori talks about Revelian, saying "[Revelian] might be having a bad time, considering his involvement with Kuipter", hinting that Mori knows of Revelian's involvement with the issues, though not directly stating it. After this, Zachary finds out that the device he was using to call Mori had actually not been used since last night, hinting that there was something supernatural about Mori's communication with him.

Mori is later mentioned by Zachary, who says that he talked to Mori about the onis, and explains to Ludicrine that he believes those are what the blue bodies are, and that there is something killing them off. However, Ludicrine then says that the blue bodies are actually gridmasks, and says that "Mori should know the difference between a griddy and an oni", only agreeing with Mori on the fact that they are being killed by something powerful.

Ludicrine then speculates that Samuel is the cause of the gridmasks dying, at that Mori had either joined forces with Samuel in whatever odd murder spree he is up to, or Mori has been "hitting the illegalities", and perhaps only found the need to say such things to Zachary to hide the fact of such. It's known then that Mori apparently did not tell Zach the truth, though the two of them don't know exactly why Mori had chosen to do so.

Gamma Timeline

-69 ADC to -53 ADC

In the Gamma Timeline, up to near 10/25/-53 ADC, Mori's story seems to mirror that of the life of ΑdMori, which is to say, up until the day in which Mori went to LDZX Corporations for the first time. After this, though, s/he establishes AM Incorporated earlier than in the Alpha Timeline, in light of the absence of Hankvi leading to the need for more work to be done around LDZX Corporations.

-52 ADC and -51 ADC

In the similarity to Alpha, Mori joined forces with Caledonia in fear of her, and began to help her in recovering the rest of the pieces of the Subconscious Fragment. They gather these from the forms of the now-dead Ludusian Witches, though they come to a challenge when they realized that Issus is still alive, and is not willing to give up their fragment to Caledonia by order of Leviathan, or any other suspicious person. So, Mori and Caledonia are forced to come up with a plan for this.

They decide to use the pieces of the Subconscious Fragment that they do have, and force Issus into a sleep through their piece of the Fragment. Then, they went to extract the piece of the Subconscious Fragment from Issus. They would have gone unnoticed, had it not been for Hankvi then arriving near them and seeing the event. Hankvi yelled at them in anger, and then attacked Caledonia with his Axe of Chaos. Mori was quick to work with putting Hankvi under a sleep spell.

The two decided to keep Issus and Hankvi under containment for a while until they could come up with a way to erase their memories of the event. In the meanwhile, Hankvl would pose as Hankvi at work, and also sometimes call in sick or on vacation for him, in order to keep up appearances. Mori later believed that a spell for such a task of erasing memories could be found within the Book of Shadows, something that s/he had known due to details given by Caledonia, Jericho, and Mori's father.

So, Mori then calls Mulux to come with them to Raki's Mansion, and nearly identical events ensue to that which had occurred in the Alpha-Doomed Timeline.

Once having returned from the visit and recovered the Book of Shadows, Mori was able to erase Hankvi and Issus' memories, and reform the Subconscious Fragment. However, due to having lost a month's worth of memory, and the Subconscious Fragment piece, Issus and Hankvi eventually came to the conclusion of what their lost memories were about. Hankvi tried to explain this to the LDZX gang at the time, though, in this timeline, they had less trust in him, and were also swayed by the fact that Hankvl had been effectively posing as Hankvi the whole time, making Hankvi's story now seem to not make sense. Still, after this, the Guidza family would hold a grudge towards Mori and Caledonia, though they did not know about Hankvl's involvement at the time.

Mori later went back to Raki's Mansion with Makina in order to get rid of the corpse of the Blue Demon, though s/he now found that the corpse of the Blue Demon was missing. Mori became fearful in this, knowing that it could lead to disastrous things. For a moment, s/he wondered who might have done this, before finding a journal written by Revelian lying in the mansion, which allowed for Mori to see that this had been done by Revelian. So, Mori went to confront Revelian about this.

Mori actually was able to find the chamber where Revelian was conducting experiments of turning creatures into Ao Onis. Mori tried to explain to Revelian that this was a dangerous work that he shouldn't meddle with, though Revelian then turned violent towards Mori. From this, Mori was then turned into another Ao Oni experiment.

Though, Mori was able to partially become free from the Ao Oni experiment, by having most of their soul become detached from the Ao Oni body. Part of Mori's soul went into the Subconscious Fragment, so as to then be able to communicate with Caledonia, as well as some others in this state. Caledonia then told Mori of the spare soul-seed that she was in possession of, which could be used to contain most of Mori's soul and reborn within the Wonder Jungle, so as to give Mori a physical form which s/he would have control over. This would be rather than the non-physical form of the Subconscious Fragment or the non-controlled form of the AO Mori.

The physical form reborn from the Wonder Jungle, surprisingly, was that of a Fairy body, being an alteration from Mori's intended known species.

At some point, this Mori became an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

Delta Timeline

Main Article: Delta Mori

Eta Timeline

In the Eta Timeline, Mori's life remained fairly similar to the life of Α¹Mori, for the most part. However, Mori was often met with Mercuron-γ, who worked to aide them in training in the dark arts more, and to build more of an allegiance to Chaos. And so, Mori lived to be raised by their mother, have their village attacked by Satan, meet with Jericho, travel around Ludus-Prime, was bestowed with the ring from Jericho, became free from the contract with Satan, and move on to have connections with LDZX Corporations.

Instead of moving to create a separate corporation, Mori would act more to serve and aide LDZX Corporations for the time being.

Around the time in which Ragyo Moriam began wreaking havoc on Ludus, Ryuko called upon a number of people to help her defeat her mother. Because Ryuko was Mori's cousin, and also because of Ryuko's connection to Mercuron-γ, Mori was one of those recruited by Ryuko to aide her. For some time, Mori and the others made up a resistance led against Ragyo and her forces, which were highly led by the powers granted to her through Teteoh. Mori also became good friends with Ryuko along the way.

During the known final battle against Ragyo Moriam, Amygea decided that s/he would make a great sacrifice in order to win, or at least greatly help in winning, the battle, by becoming a Nox-Lux through the powers of Chaos. An amount of Chaos' energy was bestowed onto Mori that caused them to change into the form of a Nox-Lux, because their mortal body could not truly sustain such energy in its current form in this irreversible process.

Mori as a Nox-Lux (also dubbed "Chaos Mori", "DemiMori", and "Shadowcat") initially attacked the forces allied with Ryuko, however, Ryuko personally was able to call out to Mori, asking them to remember who she was, and who the rest of them were, which then caused Chaos Mori to stop attacking them. Seemingly having been able to remember and know about whom s/he was, Chaos Mori then turned and began to devastate Ragyo's forces. However, after having put a noticeable dent through Ragyo's army, Ragyo herself appeared and stabbed Chaos Mori through the chest. Chaos Mori then seemed to melt into the puddle of chaotic energy that was underneath their "legs", which then also appeared to "dry up"; the reason for this being that Mori had apparently warped away to a different location.

It is known that, somehow, Chaos Mori managed to move from the Eta Timeline to the Alpha Timeline. From there, it is known that Chaos Mori eventually went to become an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

Theta Timeline

Within the Theta Timeline, Teteoh's takeover of "The Vast expanse of all accessible planes in Existence". (At least in this specific timeline (although little remained in the poorly put together and largely separated from the rest of all existence form of timeline that this could be called), allowed for much of their energy to become present throughout a number of beings whom had connection to Teteoh in other timelines). This, unfortunately for Mori, resulted in a transformation to have taken place, in which they turned into Hamelily, which reformed as part of the mass of "Megadark Negalife Energy" that surrounded "Overlord Teteoh the Destroyer of Life".

Upon the "RAD OVERLAPPING" of the Alpha-Doomed and the Alpha-Saved timelines, there came to be a "hiccup" of re-existence that came from the Theta Timeline (due to its previous connection to Alpha via Alpha-Offshoot), which inputted random parts of existence from that timeline into areas of the new timeline that had been conjoined. This event included Hamelily's presence being inserted into the timeline. Now present in this timeline, Hamelily proceeded to mindlessly wreak havoc, until the time when ae was eventually put down due to the trouble ae caused.

However, Hamelily's soul remained to exist, and eventually found aer way to become an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

Iota Timeline

Mori's life in this timeline was similar of that to ΑdMori, to an extent.

Sometime after the return of Atsa'an and the defeat of the four members of the Ethereal Council, one of the aforementioned ethereals was sealed inside of Mori, so that the great power of the being would be kept to a manageable level. This subsequently turned Mori into a Gridmask Soul Flame.

This Mori would later become an Inner being of Α²Mori.

Kappa Timeline

Mori, at some point, was made victim of the Kappa Injection, which turned them into a dark matter mutant.

This Mori would later become an Inner being of Α²Mori.

Mu Timeline

In the Mu Timeline, Mori's life was very similar to that of Α¹Mori's life, in that s/he was raised by their mother, signed Satan's contract, met with Jericho, became free of the contract, became connected with LDZX Corporations, and came to be allied with Caledonia as a member of the Grey Agents. However, things took a change in Mori's life on the day when Caledonia was captured by the Ludusian government and executed by order of 1st Emporer Lazro. Mori grieved over Caledonia's death, and s/he promised that s/he would eventually find a way to upset 1st Emporer Lazro's rule, in honor of Caledonia.

Mori was given this opportunity later. Mercuron went to them, requesting their assistance for finding healing supplies and machinery parts under the radar. Mori said that s/he could manage this, though s/he wanted to know why Mercuron was requesting it. Mercuron revealed that this was for the sake of Taku, who was badly damaged and needed help. Knowing of 1st Emporer Lazro's deep hatred for the fugitive Taku, Mori gleefully went to assist him.

However, what Mori could manage to get without being noticed by 1st Emporer Lazro's forces was minimal at best, and failed to do all too well for Taku, who was currently under a curse by the Temptation Fragment's power. Mori went with Ludicrine and Mercuron as they snuck Taku into the LeetRobotics Science Division building, in order to see if anything there could help, though this proved sort of unsuccessful, and managed to get them found out by Lazro's forces. At the same time, Mura saw that they were with the fugitive Taku, though he did nothing to report it for some time, after Taku slightly convinced him of the existence of events in the Alpha Timeline.

It was decided that the gang would try and take Taku across the Okto-Gredile to Kuipter Labs in Universe City, where they could perhaps find some technology there that would fix Taku. Along the way, however, they had to avoid the forces of 1st Emporer Lazro.

By the time the four of them arrived to the mountains, Makina and Raki found them, and Mori convinced them to help get them across the mountain as they needed.

The four eventually arrived in Universe City, where the Kuipter Labs building remained in the same complete and undestroyed state that it had been in when Kuipter was killed long ago. There, they found technology made by Kuipter that was meant to counter and disable the abilities of Mindstone Fragments, something that was meant to be used by Kuipter against Revelian and his Will Fragment. The gang used it on Taku, and it managed to clear the curse that the Temptation Fragment had put upon him. Then, Taku could be healed and operated on, to be restored to health.

In looking over Kuipter Labs, the gang happened to come across the device made by Kuipter to revive him if he ever died. In the Alpha-Doomed Timeline, Dr. Sand had triggered this mechanism and caused Kuipter to be revived. Though, in the Mu Timeline, this mechanism remained unused until the time when the gang came across it, and accidentally caused Kuipter (who was still in a mindset of evil due to not having Mura to communicate with in the afterlife, as Mura had not been killed in the Mu Timeline) to be revived.

Kuipter recognized some of the gang, and started to attack them. The gang managed to avoid him and run up to the roof of Kuipter Labs, hoping to be able to escape him, as he followed in close pursuit. However, as the four of them came to the top of the building, they were met with a surprise appearance by the forces of 1st Emporer Lazro, along with 1st Emporer Lazro himself. As Kuipter followed to the top of the building, Emporer Lazro framed the gang as terrorists who had intentionally brought back an evil that had plagued Ludus before.

While Revelian then fought Kuipter again, and Taku fought with Emporer Lazro, Mori, Ludicrine, and Mercuron were incapacitated and apprehended by Emporer Lazro's forces. After Kuipter and Taku were then defeated and apprehended, the entire group was brought to a holding facility, where they were scheduled to be executed.

Taku was the first scheduled to be executed. Ludicrine, Mercuron, and Mori were unsuccessful in being able to escape their containment on their own, though Mura came, freed Kuipter, and convinced him to wreak havoc in the facility while Mura freed Ludi, Merc, and Mori, whom Mura believed he could trust, as they had pure intentions. The entire gang then went and saved Taku from being executed. Revelian stepped up once more, believing that they were all evil against 1st Emporer Lazro, though Mura and Kuipter were able to show and convince him that, all along, he had been being manipulated by Emporer Lazro in his knowledge of the timeline. So, Taku, Ludicrine, Mercuron, and Mori were then transported off of the planet by Mura, while the other two Zeronius brothers would provide them a distraction, and come to spread the word to the rest of their friends on Ludus.

The group of five, who had dubbed themselves the Diamond Defenders, fled to the nearby planet of Binaricka. Over some time, they managed to settle there and protect Taku while 1st Emporer Lazro had to deal with the forces that now rebelled against him on Ludus-Prime. During this time, it is known that Amygea and Mura apparently came to have a child, who was named Medorlo Moriam.

However, after some time, 1st Emporer Lazro was able to gather his forces, and, with the ship Mu Notario (which was recrafted from Big Halley by the order of Emporer Lazro), he invaded and attacked the planet Binaricka. In an attempt to ensure that Taku and the Diamond Defenders would die, Emporer Lazro fitted the Mu Notario with arms that could deal enough damage to the planet Binaricka to kill Indra, and thus destroy the planet. Before Emporer Lazro could succeed in doing this, though, the Mu Notario was attacked by the Zeronius Dark Star, which managed to gather up the population of the planet safely onto it before retreating away.

The Zeronius Dark Star had plans to retreat from 1st Emporer Lazro's forces to ensure the safety of the innocent Taku and his helpers, though the Diamond Defenders had received word that many of their friends had been captured by Emporer Lazro and were scheduled for execution on Ludus-Prime. So, the gang decided that they would return there to gather and save their friends. This mission was successful, though, the Mu Notario was able to destroy the Zeronius Dark Star in the process. Now without a means of conventional escape, the gang managed to retreat to the planet Artemus through the power of Taku and Ludicrine.

After settling on Artemus, Mori and the others would be called by a being on a planet in the Separ Dimension with knowledge of other timelines. This entity wished to inform them on the reason for the existence of this timeline and the way that they could come to fix things for Emporer Lazro, at least to the best of their abilities of doing so. This would be done by having Taku overcome Emporer Lazro and be coroneted as Emporer of Ludus, and to have Emporer Lazro realize the poor nature of his actions, so that he would realize that this timeline was not needed and that things could be restored to Alpha. The group was also informed that this must be done after 10/20/-26 ADC in Alpha, so as to prevent paradoxes.

After that date came to pass, the forces of Artemus acted to attack and infiltrate the base of 1st Emporer Lazro, defeat him, convince the people of Ludus to accept Taku as Emporer, and then save Lazro from his descent. This all took a long time, and, nearing the end of the year, the Diamond Defenders were the five who personally fought to defeat Emporer Lazro. They succeeded, and Taku then convinced the people of Ludus to declare him as Emporer as the date passed to 1/01/-0 ADG, equal to 1/01/-25 ADC in Alpha. With this, the Mu timeline faded away into but memories and instances held within the Alpha timeline Diamond Defenders, the Temptation Fragment, and the other devices that record erased universes irrelevant to the current situation.

Since Mori was one of the Diamond Defenders, their spirit lived on in ΑsMori.

Nu Timeline

Within the Nu Timeline, the Moriam bloodline, as descendants of one of the Ludusian Witches, were heavily hunted after for some time, as the Nazcans had knowledge of the threat that the Ludusian Witches posed, and believed that their powers could be passed onto offspring and later used against their forces. However, most of the bloodline of the Moriam family had managed to survive and maintain similarly to how they had in other timelines, through hiding and avoiding the Nazcan forces for a long time. However, the luck of the Moriam family eventually ran out, as, shortly after Amygea was born, Nazcan forces invaded and attacked the mountain on which the Moriam family had been hiding for some time. Those of the Moriam family who resisted were killed on the spot, while the others were taken to be subjects of the "Project Nu" injection; the use of which had become much more widespread in this timeline.

After successful injection and transformation, Amygea became known as Nazca Attack Drone serial number 2a32d5, or NAD2a32d5, and was raised and eventually sent into the Nazcan forces to serve as another one of the many soldiers of Lord Nazca present on Ludus-Prime.

During the rebellions against the Nazcans, NAD2a32d5 was sent into the number of forces that encountered Jovialus Kao. Along with its fellow drones, Jovialus then killed NAD2a32d5, as simply as she had killed waves after waves of other Nazcans. However, unlike most of the other beings that Jovialus then had killed, the corpse of NAD2a32d5 then broke open, and allowed for a large Nazcan being (which appeared to be a more blockish and gridmaskian version of Lord Nazca himself) to grow from inside of its corpse and tear its way out. Though the appearance of this being startled Jovialus, it did not stop her from continuing to open fire at it. Due to the fact that the being was highly confused at its own existence, and just now getting used to the new form and consciousness, and also due to the fact that it was highly disoriented by being shot at during such things, it did not attack Jovialus. And so, the being merely continued to fall victim to her attack until it eventually was slain.

Although the being that spawned from NAD2a32d5 had died, it managed to channel its soul into Jovialus' Oumeth Charm, attaching on to it for some time in secret. After Jovialus was recruited for the "Miracle Team", and brought the oumeth charm with her to the Alpha-Doomed Timeline, where the soul of the being that spawned from NAD2a32d5 then exited the oumeth charm, and moved into the form of a treant. This treant tried to enact its revenge on Jovialus, though, this proved unsuccessful, as, by the time the treant had been born, Jovialus had already been sent back to the timeline of her origin.

This being later moved on to become an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

Omicron Timeline

In this timeline, the being Yaldabaoth and their vessel, Mulux, were sealed inside of Amygea in order to prevent Yaldabaoth from reaching a high enough power to become a major threat. The act of being sealed inside of Mori released a lot of Yaldabaoth's power, and also mutated Mori's form. From then on, Mori's new form would be known as "the Moriurge".

The Moriurge would later become an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

Rho Timeline

Most of Mori's life is highly unknown in this timeline, up until the event of Mori's death.

Within the Rho timeline, Mori is known to have called upon a form of demonic energy of the OKTE, thus altering their form into that of Okteviam. While the intent of this was unknown, Okteviam then took up a morality against the protagonists, shown by attacking them with songs and boiling water. In defending themselves, the protagonists subdued Okteviam, and the soul of the being was brought into the infernal mass of the OKTE from then on.

However, by some form of magic, a demonic lovebug managed to summon the soul of Okteviam, from the future of a different timeline, bringing it into the Alpha-Unsplit Timeline. From there, Amory captured it within aer own Soul Cage, in not expecting any personality-altering effects to take place, and only believing that ae would have increased power because of it. However, the form of Soul Creature that the being had taken upon had, in fact, altered aer personality, then giving aer loyalty to the being Apelpisia.

Later, Okteviam was fused with a number of other souls, upon the Awakening of the lovebug. After aer defeat, the fused soul came to show Okteviam as the prime controller of the fused form, to some extent, by altering the other souls beyond whatever recognizable state they could be. Upon the defeat of the lovebug, aer soul was also absorbed into that of Okteviam's, and the soul remained in the OKTE until the Unification of the timelines, at which point it became an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

SigmaOne Timeline

In this timeline, it is known that Amygea replaced the role that Zaion would have held in regular instances, and served as one of the thirteen Ludusian Witches.

At some point, after having gone through death in order to prevent misfortunes that would have befallen other timelines, they ascended into the angel Mariel by the will of Mother Gaia. Later, Chaos, who was jealous that a loyal follower had been blessed and revived by a different deity, turned Mori into the fallen angel, Rot. Rot managed to escape the Reckoning and the Scratch and move on to the SFANB Alpha session, later disguising as a weapon, which Aserik took with her when she joined the "Miracle Team". From here, Rot later became an Inner Being of Α²Mori.

SigmaTwo Timeline

It is likely that Amygea experienced a similar life to that of ΑsMori (and also ΑdMori) until up to -42 ADC.

Upon 4/02/-42 ADC, when the Reckoning occurred, Mori made their role as a sub-sessional player of SFANB. Mori prototyped their kernelsprite with Schypozoa prior to entry, thus creating Schypozoasprite. After arriving on their planet, the Land of Corpses and Wrath, s/he launched a small moon-like satellite that s/he had been working on for some time and used it to teleport the Grey Agents from Ludus to LOCAW. There, they would be safe from the Reckoning, without having to go through whatever tedious process of including themselves in a SFANB session. Afterwards, the satellite would be dubbed Nemesis Veneer V2.

It is known that Mori eventually finished their quest, achieved god tier (Prince of Doom/Dame of Doom), and helped the rest of the group in the quest for the "Ultimate Reward".

Phi Timeline

Omega Timeline

In this timeline, Mori was able to achieve the form of Lord Ærentria, due to an occasion in an outer zone in which several timelines merged together, allowing for separate instances of Mori's alternate forms to combine into one and form the foretold being.


Mori prefers to act in a way that leaves a good impression of them on others, while hiding their inner thoughts and intentions. S/he will try to act calm and take struggles in their stride, approaching situations with logic and understanding; this is done by their clever and observant nature, and, overall, makes them an intelligent adversary. Despite their knowledge and cunning, s/he makes claims of lack of skill in many areas often, whether it is feigned humbleness, or a true sense of not knowing how far their abilities may go. Mori often acts to project the fact of their superior knowledge on most subjects, though is often unwilling to fully elaborate the truth on things. Mori does clearly prefer subtlety, though s/he can be very direct if s/he feels the need to.

Despite all this, they are known to be a lot more open with certain people in certain situations. They can start either rambling or being passionate or even affectionate about something without their full awareness. This trait is most evidentially presented in front of their friends. Though Mori may try to uphold an uncaring and isolated demeanor, it is true that s/he finds friends out of others easily and cares for them very well. Though, Mori accepts that s/he is not the best friend to have, as s/he will act manipulative of their friends under the reason of harmless personal intent or trying to ensure their safety.

Mori is known to not fear death at all, but fears a fate worse than death that can be delivered by others. Their behavior is often to become erratic when they are fearful, something observed in their actions around Revelian, and Caledonia primarily. This trait is a highly influential part of their character, being seen in the fact that it was what influenced them to join Caledonia in the Grey Agents. Though Mori knows s/he holds traits of darkness, in many instances Mori eventually overcomes fear or restraint for a noble cause.


Amygea Moriam "Normal"

Mori has black hair, which is kept in a "bob cut" style, reaching just above the shoulders. Mori has pale skin, and dark blue eyes. Mori also has white cat ears, cat-like "fangs", and a white cat tail, features that became present by accident as the side-effect of a magic ritual. Mori stands at 179.07 centimeters tall (or 5' 10.5"), and weighs 58.966 kilograms (or 130 pounds). Mori is not as physically fit as most of the other characters, though Mori is not overweight. Mori usually wears a pair of glasses over their eyes.

In the "Doomed" timelines, Mori always has a pixiecut around after the events of TBfaU:TLR.


This suit is believed to be similar to one that Zaion, Mori's ancestor, commonly wore.

It includes a dark green jacket, with some dark blue highlights on it; a dark green collared shirt with buttons; and dark green dress pants. Mori also wears black shoes with white soles, and a pair of gloves. Not visible normally on the outfit, Mori wears a grey tank top under their collared shirt, and a pair of socks with a design on them that includes a rendition of a symbol seen on an ancient scroll, and another unfamiliar symbol (which appear as a cat's face and a cat's tail, respectively).

This outfit is more commonly worn by Mori when going to Snowfield/Oktov, or when the cold season comes about to bring similar conditions to that of Snowfield to all of Ludus.

The outfit consists of a dark blue long-sleeve sweater (which appears to be a size or two too big for Mori), a pair of blue jeans, and black boots. Mori also wears the grey tank top and the gloves.

On Chanukwanzaa and Gulabistock, Mori wears a similar outfit, though exchanges the dark blue long-sleeve sweater for a red and white striped long-sleeve sweater.

Mori wears this as a simple outfit. This consists of a dark grey long-sleeve shirt, a pink skirt, black shoes with white soles, and a pair of socks with a design on them that includes a rendition of a symbol seen on an ancient scroll, and another unfamiliar symbol (which appear as a cat's face and a cat's tail, respectively).

This outfit is more commonly worn by Mori when going to the desert area or Helc, or whenever a warmer season arises.

This outfit consists of a black short-sleeve shirt with a white handkerchief around their neck, a dark blue skirt, dark blue shorts, a pair of white shoes, and a pair of socks with a design on them that includes a rendition of a symbol seen on an ancient scroll, and another unfamiliar symbol (which appear as a cat's face and a cat's tail, respectively).

The Carbon Fiber Costume is an outfit that Mori created with a device and a number of codes from capcha cards found in Mori's wardrobe and given by Jose on LOCFAI.

The Carbon Fiber Costume is made of carbon fibers and other sorts of fine cloths. It consists of a black long-sleeve shirt with green highlights, a pair of black pants with green highlights, a pair of black gloves with chartruese highlights, and a pair of black shoes.

Erenyx Moriam

Nyx has long, wavy black hair, that has a single purple streak running through it. Nyx' hair is past shoulder length, and it longer on their left side. Nyx has purple eyes, and light skin. Their body structure overall is very similar to that of Amygea Moriam.

Nyx wears a small blue scarf on their neck. Nyx wears white bandages over their chest/ribs, on their ankles, waist, thighs, and wrists. Nyx wears small shoulder pads, purple cloth covers over their arms, a dark indigo fleece, and a black belt. Nyx also wears a circular shield-like chestpiece that bears the symbol of chaos, with a yin on one side and a yang on the other. Also, Nyx wears several purple skirts (of varying lengths and designs, black socks, light grey boots, and dark grey gloves. They also are sometimes seen wearing "shades" with light-blue lens. Nyx has light grey cat ears, cat-like "fangs", and a light grey cat tail.


Nyx-Amy has black hair, which has the bob-cut hairstyle of Amygea on their right side, and the long, wavy hairstyle of Nyx on their left side. The right side of their hair has a blue streak, and the left side of their hair has a purple streak. One of their eyes is blue, and the other eye is purple; the positioning of this seems to vary for some reason. Nyx-Amy has light skin, and their body structure mirrors that of Nyx and Amygea. Nyx-Amy always wears transition-lens glasses. Nyx-Amy also has white cat ears, cat-like "fangs", and a white cat tail.

Nyx-Amy wears mostly a similar outfit as Nyx, though the outfit also includes Mori's dark green jacket with dark blue linings. Also of note, Nyx-Amy wears black shoes with white soles, one white sock and one black sock with the apparent design of a cat's face and tail on them, and one white glove and one black glove.


As a Nox-Lux, Chaos Mori appears to be a black mass of something neither solid, liquid, or gas, with white outlines of definition. They still resemble Mori's original form, however their mouth is contorted in a cat-like "ω" smile, the area from their collarbone to their waist has no visible definition other than being the black mass. Their hands are replaced with white and black claws, and their legs trail off into erratically shaped forms of matter, going off into a small puddle of the substance they are made of, which actually acts as a form of portal for Chaos Mori some of the time. Oddly, Chaos Mori still wears the green jacket with blue highlights that the regular Mori wears, and appears to have the same hairstyle, as well. This form of Mori has a grey aura, which is scent-neutral and thus cannot be detected by beings that can usually "sniff out" auras.

It is known that the form of the Nox-Lux can be altered by them at will, and may result in taking up a potentially nigh-infinite amount of space with the substance they consist of. This allows Chaos Mori to alter their form, however, this is fairly reserved only if they intend to use this as a purpose, and Chaos Mori usually sticks to using a standard form for things. The Nox-Lux also have the ability to transport anywhere by moving through portals created with the substance they consist of, an ability commonly used by Chaos Mori in combat and movement.


Demoralic has traits of several demon beings who's souls have been collected by Satan, and who Satan has channeled through Mori's medium abilities. This causes Demoralic to appear as a three-headed, tiger-faced griffin with the necks of a snake, almost a dragonic form. It has scales over much of its body, which are made of blood demortierte, a corrupted form of demortierte. Its name is actually a portmanteau of demortierte and a word meaning blood.


Rot appears similar to Amygea Moriam, though with a number of differences. As a result of being a Fallen Angel, Rot has large wings, a halo, and black horns that appear similar to a cat's ears. Rot's hair is made of feathers, though it retains the same "bob cut" style that Amygea has. Rot has pure grey eyes, and Rot's skin colour is a greyish-cyan shade. Rot is a bit taller and thinner than Amygea.

Rot is more commonly seen wearing a grey jacket, grey pants, black shoes, and a teal shirt. These are all simple clothes worn as signs of Rot's past.

Battle Information

Canonical Powers/Abilities

RPG Setups

Stat Trend

Mori's standard stats are considered slightly below average, though her/his offensive stats follow different trends. While his/her Attack stat is very low, her/his Magic stat is extremely high, being the second highest out of all documented character stats. Because of this, all of his/her attack moves are Magic or Magic-Physical mix. While Mori can inflict high magical damage, most of her/his attacks focus on inflicting effects rather than all out damage. While Mori is not considered bad defensively, being just two points below average stats, Mori does often rely on increasing Evasion or Defense for protection methods, so that s/he can either dodge or dust off powerful attacks from enemies. S/he does seem to favor Evasion rather than Defense, as s/he even has a few traits to increase the former. Technically speaking, Mori can be seen as a Mage type, or perhaps a jack of all trades to an extent, not counting offensive abilities.


Experimental New Mori Stats

  • Health: 43
  • Attack: 20
  • Magic: 76
  • Defense: 43
  • Speed: 39
  • Level: 48


  • Summon
    • Pet
      • Sarlan-Etriom
      • Schypozoa
    • Vehicle
      • Automotive
      • Nemesis Veneer
      • Nemesis Veneer V2
  • Flaming Ipos - Medium strength flame-based attack. This move shows the image of a demon in a series of flames. May cause burns on the opponent it hits at a 25% chance.
  • Shocking Naberus - Medium strength electricity-based attack. This move shows the image of a demon in a series of electrical currents. May stun the opponent it hits at a 25% chance.
  • Freezing Lerage - Medium strength ice-based attack. This move shows the image of a demon in a flurry of frozen fractals. May slow the opponent it hits at a 35% chance.
  • Aura - Summons an aura. Only one aura can be used at a time.
    • Obscurity Aura - Uses illusionary abilities to cast a void-like aura around him/her, making them behave similarly to a shadow. Increases Evasion to physical attacks by +70%, and increases Evasion to magic attacks by +15%. Mori gains a +2% buff in Critical chance for every hit that s/he dodges, but if hit with an attack while this is in effect, will guarantee a critical hit be delivered, and will end the effect. Lasts for 3 turns.
    • Illumination Aura - Uses auric abilities to create an aura glow that encases Mori's body. Defense stat acts with a +75% buff when hit with a magic attack, but only acts with a 20% buff for physical attacks. Every hit that Mori delivers in this state increases his/her Critical chance by +1%. Effect lasts for 3 turns.
  • Mind Blast - Unleashes a magical blast of energy that affects the single opponent that it hits. Requires a 1 turn charge to be used, and hits with mid-high damage.
    • Mind Blast α - Has Aura-power ability. This attack can inflict Trait Seal at a 25% chance.
    • Mind Blast ω - Has Void-power ability. This attack can inflict Art Seal at a 25% chance.
  • Rain - This move sprinkles types of energy onto the opponents.
    • Void Rain - Removes enemy stat buffs and replaces them with debuffs of equal and opposite quality (ex. +50% defense buff turns into -50% defense debuff). Otherwise, debuffs all enemy stats by 5%, and deals one point of damage each.
    • Aura Rain - Removes enemy stat buffs and carries them over to himself/herself, or shares with allies, if present. Otherwise, heals one point of health to all allies and buffs all their stats by 5%.
  • Demortierte Slice - Summons a sharp tool of demortierte and slices a single opponent with the blade. May cause bleeding at a 35% chance.
  • Darling Duplicates - Creates four clones of Mori upon use, each having 1/16th of Mori's full stats. The summoned clones can absorb damage from Mori and attack by themselves.
  • Bismarck's Berserk - A move inherited by Caledonia. This can only be used if health is lower than 40%. This causes several "rings" of cosmic energy to form around Mori. This process immobilizes Mori, but makes them immune to damage until hit. And, when hit, the cosmic energy surrounding Mori to move outward and deal high damage to all opponents.
  • Necromancy - Revives a fallen ally, sacrificing a small percentage (4.2%) of Mori's max health and restoring it threefold to the revived ally. If used on a living ally, the same effect will be given whenever their health drops to 0.
  • Horrorterror Taunt - Communes with horrorterrors and relays their speech. This attack keeps up an effect that deals low damage randomly to random opponents. May randomly confuse Mori, an ally of Mori's, or an opponent of Mori's.
  • Nox Nick - Uses a claw of powerful dark energy to scratch an opponent. Deals great dark damage in a single hit.
  • Healing Gift - Allows for Mori to sacrifice a chosen amount of Health to heal an ally. For every point of Health that Mori sacrifices, Mori has five times the points of Health to give to another.
  • Purity Cry - Lets out a Vast Purr. This may debuff opponents up to 10% for random stats. Has a 15% chance of making enemies fall asleep, and the chance increased by +5% for each use.
  • Lux Lick - Uses a tongue of powerful light energy to lick an opponent. This attack deals good light damage over time.
  • Send - Has a 65% chance of stealing an item from an opponent, and then sends it 4 turns into the future so that they cannot get it back until then.
  • Future Vision - This move allows for Mori to gain a +75% buff in Evasion for the next turn, through seeing into the future and knowing how to avoid the next attacks. Amplifies to +95% when the Subconscious Fragment is equipped. Can only be used once every six turns.
  • Breath of the Beast - ?
  • Chaos Cry - Vocal attack that effects both allies and enemies. Deals high dark and light damage to anyone who is not loyal to Chaos.
  • Vanish - Fades away for a turn, becoming immune to damage. Later reappears to deal dark/void damage to a random enemy.
  • Realm - Opens up a portal in reality in front of an opponent, and sucks them into it. Inside, they suffer heavy damage for a turn, and are unable to attack. By the next turn, they return, though they may suffer "flinch" damage for the next five turns. This attack takes two turns to charge.


  • Glasses - Accessory donned over the eyes, always worn by her/him. Increases initial Accuracy by +5%. Has an 85% chance to resist being stolen, but if they are stolen, Mori's accuracy decreases by 70%.
  • Signless Suit - Outfit regularly worn by Mori. Absorbs 5% of damage from Void, Aura, Time, Space, Dark, and Light type attacks.
  • Colder Climate Costume - Takes -20% less damage from ice-type and freeze-type attacks. Has 15% resistance to slow, and a 10% resistance to freeze. Takes 5% more damage from fire-type attacks, though.
  • Holiday Season Costume - Takes 15% less damage from ice-type and freeze-type attacks, has 10% resistance to slow, and 5% resistance to freeze.
  • Casual Costume - Provides immunity from status effects or debuffs that may be inflicted by wind or light attacks, but increases the damage taken from those types of attacks by +25%.
  • Warmer Weather Wear - Gives 15% resistance to fire-type attacks, and 10% resistance to being burnt. However, takes 20% more damage from ice-type attacks, and is 15% more likely to be frozen.
  • Carbon Fiber Costume - Increases defense by +15%, and decreased speed by -5%. Takes 5% more damage from electric-type attacks.
  • Demortierte - A substance of intertwined Auric and Voidic energies, taking the form of a malleable stone. Is collected within a pocket dimension that Mori has and can conjure up Demortierte from at will. Is utilized in a few attacks of his/hers. Can be stolen and used by opponents, but Mori has access to an unlimited supply.
  • Book of Shadows Book of Shadows - Cursed tome, used as optional equipment for Mori. Buffs her/his Magic stat by 50% for each turn s/he has it in use (ex. 76 MAG on first turn, 114 MAG on second turn, 152 MAG on third turn, 190 MAG on fourth turn, 228 MAG on fifth, 226 MAG on sixth, 304 MAG on seventh, 342 MAG on eighth, 380 MAG, 418 MAG, etc.). Also inflicts Mori with a constant Confusion. Has a 112.5% chance to resist being stolen.
  • Ring of Life - Repels Reapers and nullifies their ability to effect Mori, when the ring is worn. Cannot be stolen by any normal means. Mori's health will not drop less than 1, however, if an attack is dealt that should bring them less than that, then Mori will come to an odd "incapacitated" state, allowing for heals instead of revivals to restore Mori as an ally. If ever "incapacitated", a permanent stat debuff will be enacted onto Mori until serious healing methods are given.
  • Ring of Doom - Grants Mori the status of a Reaper. Cannot be stolen by any normal means. Has a chance of allowing Mori to enact some sort of odd curse on an incapacitated opponent, making it so that they cannot be revived or healed to return to the playing field.
  • Subconscious Fragment - One of the 76 Fragments of the Mindstone. Used with the help of the other Grey Agents, as well as occasionally shared with them. Increases Magic, Attack, Defense, and Speed by +200% for one turn if activated.
  • ChaosStaff Staff of Chaos - Buffs Magic stat by +42%, and deals additional Dark and Light damage with each attack. Decreases speed by 10% when held. Can only be used if Mori's health is below 50%. Has a 42% chance to resist being stolen.


  • Chaos Blessing Chaos Blessing - Reaps benefits granted to followers of the deity Chaos.
  • Awakening - Goes up by 4 levels for the remainder of a battle if health goes below 10%.
  • AM Symbol Mini Reservation - Prevents his/her stats from being scanned, and distorts predictability of her/his attacks.
  • Iris Irradiance - Every thirteen turns, Mori will become unable to attack, and has a 45% chance of rendering the opponents unable to attack, as well. After this, the next attack Mori delivers will deal +30% damage.
  • Blood Belligerence - When in battle with Revelian (both as an opponent or an ally), defense will decrease by -5% and Mori will have a +10% chance to be hit with a critical attack. As well, however, Mori's attack and magic stats are increased by +15%.
  • Cosmic Cohort - When in battle with Caledonia, the power of space-type attacks increases by +10%. (In the case of Darling Duplicates, their stats will all be buffed +10%).
  • (?) - When in battle with Mercuron, attack and magic will decrease by -5%, but defense will increase by +15%.
  • (?) - When in battle with TJ, there is a 25% chance that, at the end of each turn, Mori will randomly be healed for 5% of their max health.
  • Darkness - Has 200% resistance to dark-type attacks. Exclusive to AdMori.


  • Due to Mori's connection with the Grey Agents, who tend to show allegiance neither to the kind of deities or demons, it is questioned whether or not Mori remained a follower of Chaos after giving their allegiance to Caledonia.
    • The following is of common speculation:
      • Mori may have dropped being a follower of Chaos in favor of different forms of necromantic practices, perhaps of a more blasphemous variety.
      • The nature of Chaos may not directly interfere with the ideals of the Grey Agents, as Caledonia, their leader, seems to hold a "grudge" more primarily towards Gaia and the Princes of Hell.
      • Mori could perhaps be following Chaos in secret, hiding the fact of it from Caledonia and the others.
      • The morality of the Grey Agents may allow for their members to simply portray allegiance to deities, merely to reap the benefits of power granted to their followers, or to slightly diminish the power of their other followers.
    • It is known, however, that, in the Eta Timeline, Mori did remain loyal to Chaos, evident from them turning into a Nox-Lux.
  • The name Amygea is a vague portmanteau of "Amygdala" and "Panacea". Moriam is a less vague portmenteau of "Mori" and "Maryam".
    • The ideas for inclusion of Amygdala and Panacea result from the relation to fear and the universe of the same name, respectively. It is also intentional that "Amy", the same name as a demon is included in the first name.
    • The idea for Moriam stems partially from Mori being the nickname for this character long before many initial changes in name, and also due to "connections" with the Virgin Mary.
  • Mori is on the asexual spectrum.
  • Due to the offspring of Mori seen throughout the timelines, it is believed that Mori is either a bigenotype gridmask (or similar genotype setup), their genotype is different in different timelines for some reason, or in a number of timelines s/he has access to some sort of Fusion Chamber technology.
  • Nyx is known to be an alternate persona of the creator of Mori, which is thusly the reason for there being stated a similar appearance between the two characters.
  • The name Ærentria stems from a combination of the names of Berengaria, Behemoth, and Apelpisia, with one letter moved around the the Ae changed to Æ. The reason for this has been stated that "it just looked cool".
  • Mori donning both a bob cut and a pixie cut in the course of the stories may be a nod towards the breed of cat, pixiebob. Mori is a cat.

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