Why did I made this? For fun!

Live at Binaricka

I lived before at a planet called Binaricka. It was similar to an extended Hill Country with screwed up things. My mother was Called Bulletarrow. She had many bullet on her bow. My father was called Poisonmasker. He was a Masker. He liked mostly a Xi Mask. I liked my pet Xixar. But one day, something have been wrong...

Wierd, Dark Flowerlike Creatures attacked my land. I worked up to escape until being in Separ Dimension with Xixar.

The Wathering Wather

I discovered a secret book that sayed how to make a world. I firstly done some caverns. Then, I added water and primitive life. I decided to look at my world, and it was correct. I then labeled the species:

  • Jellyfishes:Jellyfishes were part of this world.
  • Clutacute:Fishes that lives in clusters. The prey of Blindarks.
  • Blindark:Big predators fishes. They are blind, but sense vibrations.
  • Wather Gigacells:A visible cell!
  • Coringo:Indigo plants.
  • Phitather:Some type of Phytoplancton.

Dan-Ball Adventure

It maked long ago that I escaped my original planet. I had Three Friends:Ironshot, Fireshot and Diversemagic. We had adventured until Desert 8, where I saw:Go to Fan-Ball! There are many pet here!

I was very interested in gotting there. I said goodbye to my friends and I decided to go in Fan-Ball. And that how I gotten into Fan-Ball Universe.

Snowfield Path(One year later)

It was cold... I was in Snowfield. I decided to escape. There was castle headed monsters here. Some attacked me. I decided to go in a cavern, where there was some sort of Shield Head. I decided to pass throught it, and that was difficult. I decided to inhabit near Oasis. I lived here for days along with Xixar. Finally, I had decided to get back in Fan-Ball, in partial ruins. Then some users were happy that i come back. But DMS continued to intimidate me.

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