I grew up with my parents in the city of Moltin's Hold on Martedos Prime. At the age of 13, I was selected by Theriel for Squadron Mt2 82. From that point on I spent most of my time around fellow squadron members, leaving behind my family. My distant cousin Hyunhay had joined the squadron at a later time. After four years of (mostly) government-driven raids and intergalactic pirating, most of the group was killed off by Shenanigans, who had found his way through the temporal lock of our planet. The network had detected this security breach and had cut off the entirety of Moltin's Hold from the planet, renewing it with a carbon copy of the city. I was saved from certain destruction by another iteration of myself, later to be called "Beta". He had transported my half-dead body back to doomed-timeline Fan-Ball World, where I was brought to Poisonshot the herbologist.


(Outdated information, will be rewritten)

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