My view of what and why Stick Ranger is, the following page is entirely fan made and is simply my view on a possible stick ranger back story. It looks long but dont be put off, you'll be finished in a few minutes ;)

The story:

The year (unknown). The evil mastermind known as Kasi is using his forces to crush down on the people of stick land. This land used to be a humble, happy place, with sunny beaches, quite grasslands as far as the eye could see, and desolate groves filled with mist. It was a beautiful land, and the people who inhabited it loved it. But Kasi was evil, Kasi ventured far and wide, into lands no one had ever seen before.

Past the deserts, and snowfields, way beyond anyones wildest imaginations. There he stayed, making his evil planns, to ultimately dominate the land. You see he was a magician, a dark magician who know evil spells, he mutated and deformed the creatures where he stayed. He would use them to find more creatures, and he would mutate them even more, making a stronghold of tougher and tougher creatures around his base. He set some off across the land, but they grew weaker, some stayed in groups and one would turn out superior amoung the rest; examples of these are in an abondoned Pyramid, a underwater ruin known as the shrine, and one even took asylum in a castle the stick people had built.

But the stick people needed a defence, a preperation to kill and destroy any of Kasi's evil forces that dare got in their way. The towns people chose 4 men, different versions of this tale tell of different men. Although one thing was for sure, they were ready for a fight, and they would not stop until Kasi had been destroyed.

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