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Mega boss predicting is the common way to guess what the new megaboss should look and attack like, and what its stage should be like.

Species and head predicting

The new megabosses' head is always the most common head found after the megaboss just before (this head is also the one found in the first DISCOVERED stage before the megaboss). The species is mainly the newest species, and there should (likely) be excacly two stages before the megaboss with enemies of this species. Megabosses also don´t have a totally new head or species.

Colour predicting

It is not sure, but some people think that every other megaboss should have brown body and grey head (the head is however darkening the further you come.) (This also means that every other megaboss´s colour is impossible to predict).

Attack predicting

It is quite sure that all megabosses should hav one fire type attack and one attack of another type. The other type should also not be the same as any other megabosses´ secondary attack. (The attack for the Ice castle boss could thus be Fire , Thunder, or Ice and is probably Ice (Because it is an ice castle))

Stage predicting

There is no real way to predict how the next megaboss´s stage (or lair) should look like, except it shouldn´t be any already used one, and common sense. The current best idea for how the Ice castle will be is probably with ice (slippery mechanics).

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