experience gain from enemy

player level EXP
Red Big Coconut Germ
79- 1
80 100
81 200
82 300
83 400
84 500
85 600
86 700
87 800
88 900
89 1000
90 900
91 800
92 700
93 600
94 500
95 400
96 300
97 200
98 100
99+ 1
Red Big Coconut Germ Red Big Coconut Germ
Location: Seabed 4
LP: 9999
AT: 5-10
AGI: 10-40
Range: 100
Strength: Physical (AT -99999)
Thunder (AT =1)
Fire (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Poison (Immune)
Mute (AT =1)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 89
EXP: 1000
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: Staff of Strength 2 (20%)
Species: Germ
Head: Coconut
Attack: Red Pellet Attack
Head colour: #B85257
Body colour: #DDCCCD
Movement: Flying
Credits: NNW


This enemy has a resistance to all types of damage in the game, but has a rather weak attack. Its large size can act as a shield for other enemies to hide behind, which can be rather annoying at times. Weapons which deal splash damage, such as Fire type weapons, can be effective in dealing substantial damage to this enemy, as well as enemies which hide behind it. Freeze type weapons may also prove to be useful as the Red Big Coconut Germ is only immune to the freeze effect, but not the damage. While this enemy can be muted, doing so is not recommended as its attack already deals low damage, and delaying their takedown can result in players sustaining more damage from enemies attacking behind the Red Big Coconut Germ.

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