Seabed 6
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Martian Colony
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The Martian Colony is a stage unlocked in the Martian Series after completing Seabed 6. The stage is similar to the Town stage, consisting of only one level without any enemies. The Martian Colony features three important features: the Habitat, the Book, and the Prototype shop.


The Habitat in the Martian Colony heals the characters and restores all LP in exchange for gold.

For each LP that characters gain, 1 gold is deducted. This is a more affordable alternative to the Habitat in the Martian Base.

Prototype shop

At the prototype shop, players can sell items and buy only the fifth weapons in the Martian Series with gold. The weapons sold by the shop only have one compo item slot.


Just like in all other Town-like stages, the Book functions as an enemy encyclopedia where the player can view the stats and drops of all enemies within a stage beaten by the player.


The Martian Colony was implemented in ver3.0

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