experience gain from enemy

player level EXP
Impact Crater Boss
85- 1
86 1100
87 2200
88 3300
89 4400
90 5500
91 6600
92 7700
93 8800
94 9900
95 11000
96 9900
97 8800
98 7700
99 6600
100 5500
101 4400
102 3300
103 2200
104 1100
105+ 1
Impact Crater Boss Deep Impact Boss
Location: Deep Impact
LP: 500000
AT: Laser: 50-50 ×50
Spawning Purple Gel UFOs
AGI: Laser: 50-120
Spawning: 250-650
Range: Laser: 100
Spawning: 500
Strength: Mute (Time -100%)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 95
EXP: 11000
Gold ($): 12000
Drops: Charged Studs 8 (50%)
Ancient Gladius 8 (50%)
Radioactive Shot 8 (50%)
Dust Storm 8 (50%)
Mars Sceptre 8 (50%)
Focus Ray 8 (50%)
Coil Zero 8 (50%)
Charge Glory 8 (50%)
Titanium Hacksaw 8 (50%)
Impure Oxidant 8 (50%)
Vampire's Card 5 (33.33%)
Rover's Card 6 (5%)
Species: Martian Rover
Head: -
Attack: ICBossLaser
Purple Gel UFO
Head colour: #FFFFFF
Body colour: #C9C9C9
Movement: Rolling
Credits: NNW


This is the first megaboss to feature a spawning attack, filling the room up with Purple Gel UFOs that can disable players if they are not taken down quickly enough. When its laser attack is triggered, 50 laser beams will appear from the boss' head to the character's location over the course of a second.

As the laser attack activates with a frequency of over 1s, it is possible to use the bait strategy to direct the beams away from the boss. However, once the Purple Gel UFOs start spawning, it may be tricky to divert the other characters' attention to the spawned enemy and not let the bait get caught in the laser beam. Fire Charms have limited usefulness in this fight, as the laser beams disappear upon hitting a character, and there are fifty separate laser projectiles fired.

With a weapon that deals strong knockback rapidly, the boss can be kept out of its laser firing range, keeping characters generally safe and allowing the player to focus on taking down Purple Gel UFOs that spawn. This boss drops all the level 8 weapons in the Martian Series, some of which have unique properties that players may find useful.

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