Martedians are arthropod-like humanoids from Martedos. Most notably Mercuron, Neptunel and Asmodeus are of them.


Sharing a common ancestor with the Lovebugs, early Martedians started to evolve through magical manipulation by the Dungeonkeepers, who wanted to trick Gridmasks into thinking they had come across one of their own. These early Martedians, similarly to other mimics used at the time, were largely predisposed towards a general viciousness towards whoever stumbled into the dungeons. As the Dungeonkeepers fell and their structures crumbled, Martedians started spreading through Gaia, founding societies in the more tropical areas as well as blending into some pre-existent communities.


While their body composition is very different from that of Gridmasks, in that it's exoskeletal and segmented, they bear a strong visual resemblance to the species. The face is split up into four separate "plates": two encompassing one eye respectively, one encompassing the mouth, and one consisting of the brightly coloured "nose".

Whereas the original population on Gaia had six distinct limbs (four arms and two legs), most modern day Martedians only have one pair of arms, retaining a small remnant on the sides of the bottom half of the "breastplate". Exceptions exist, as Martedians that have gone through Awakening, Martedians born with a mutation, or as hybrids with another species.



Notable Canon

Minor Canon

Supplemented Canon

  • Lodia Zae (s)
  • Melyk Kao**
  • Linford Kao***
  • Convivide*
  • Socilious*

*Insight, a hybrid between Oumeth and Martedian
**Gridmartedian, hybrid of Gridmask and Martedian
***Unknown half-Martedian hybrid


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