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This has nothing to do with fan boons. This is an idea for a stage on Stick Ranger made by NutikTehWolf.

Hut 1


The market is a special shop where you can sell weapons and compos online for a price you may set. Others can buy your goods, or try to low ball it and ask for a lower price. The price cannot exceed 2x the buy price so this way there are no items sold for $99999999. Compos will not affect price of the weapon. The highest price an item can be is a resort weapon with 2 slots at 2x price as $170000.


The auction works similar to the market, but instead, you set a time, and a starting price. People can bid extra on items and the price can go higher and higher until time's out. You cannot start with more than $170000 (same as Market rules), and last bidder wins the item once the time runs out.


You can trade with friends by sending Trade Requests. To reduce spam, if someone denies a trade request, you cannot send one again for 1 hour. You can trade gold, weapons, and compos. Deals CAN be unfair, ($999999999 for Glove) but must have both confirm that is wanted.

Hut 2


Works like the Inn on SR. Heal everyone for 1 Gold per damage.


Helps display more on the stage.


Pay gold to level up. 1 gold gives 3 EXP. If someone had 1000000 gold, they can trade for 3000000 EXP.


  • You can trade with friends this way.
  • You can move goods to another profile for a price.
  • You can find better deals than in SHOP.
  • You get a refund if someone bids higher than you in the Auction.
  • Inn, Book, and a new are now combined on the hut to the right.
  • You can grind much faster with Gym.

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