Mana is a fictional, proprietary special stat of Stick Ranger, exclusive for the Wizard class only. This stat replaces the MP bar, and alike Fuel, stores the available amount of attacks the Wizard can use for each attack.

It is worth mentioning that Mana is spent by each projectile, not for each attack (e.g., Hail 3 summons up to 50 spikes each 2 Mana, which spends out 100 Mana each attack.) Even if the Wizard doesn't have enough Mana to unleash an attack, then it will be spent anyways for a lesser amount of projectiles depending on how much Mana is left.

The Wizard begins with 50 Mana, increased by 10 each SP invested into MAG. If the Mana bar is not 100% full, then each second, Mana can be regenerated if SP is spent into DEX (Base is 0% and up to 5% for 50 DEX). Decimal percentages will NOT be rounded down (e.g., 2.5% of 50 Mana will recover 1.25 Mana, but over the course of 4 seconds, it will recover 5 Mana instead of 4, if rounding down was to happen).

Gaining Mana

There are a few ways to restore (and increase) Mana:

  1. Cobalt Star Star: It will be dropped by enemies (with base rate of 5%, can be improved with a Cobalt Medal). Restores 20% Mana.
  2. The Inn: Restores all Mana without any additional cost.
  3. DEX: Mana can be regenerated if SP is spent into DEX (Base is 0%/sec and up to 5%/sec for 50 DEX).

Increasing Mana

  1. MAG: Will increase 10 Mana per point.
  2. Equipping a Mana Pillar, which increases 200 Mana per level.

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