Here is the Auto-Mine series.


The Auto-Mine, is an Automated Mine, as the title would say. It quite possibly has the most complex landscape of all stages.

Auto-Mine Landscape


The Auto-Mine has 7 stages:


Auto-Rific 1
Auto-Mine 1. Contains:
  • Enemies
  • Agent
  • Gladiator
  • Spirit
  • Magician
  • Pet:Blue Bloons
  • Doom Taser 2
  • Claymore S1
  • Freezing Curse 2
  • Inferno 6
  • Shocks
  • Blue Fires

Auto-Rific 2
Auto-Mine 2! Contains(New):
  • Claws
  • Non-Flying Blue Bloons
  • A enemy was killed by the Gladiator.

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