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Here is the Machine World. Created by Poisonshot.

World Map

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Similar to the SR map. Here are the differences:

  • Trees are remplaced with power plants.
  • Village Island is no longer here.
  • Castles are larger power plants.
  • Water is brown
  • Sand is Yellow and Grey.
  • Beaches & Resort islands are now part of the land.
  • The mountain is now a Volcano.
  • Snowy Trees are Fans/Turbine.
  • Oasis is now a hole.
  • Pyramid is a Cockpit.
  • No frozen lake.

Aerial Ship

It's almost as big as the world map.

  • Starts with a bunch of planes and helicopters.
  • After the fleet there is a passage in a giant Airship.
  • The stages go in the front of it.
  • Then they seem to apparently be over the Airship.
  • Another passage appears.
  • Then they get under the ship.
  • They get inside.
  • They continue until they see another fleet.
  • Then they enter the fleet and escape the place.


  • Shop
  • Auto-Mine 1-7
  • Depot(MB) (Entrace)
  • Construction Site 1-4
  • Minecart Cove 4-6
  • Market
  • -
  • Polluted Sea 1-4
  • Oilopolis(MB) 1-4
  • Skateroad 1-3
  • !!!
  • -
  • Submarine 5-11(MB)
  • Port 1-3
  • Rest Place
  • -
  • Minecart Cove 1-3
  • Fan Factory 1-8(MB)
  • Volcano 1-2-Crater
  • Aerial Ship(MB) 1-100(At the end of the world)

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