Bolt Gun


SR Boltgun

Primary attack: Bolt Shot. Attack: Good. Shoots 5 bolts forward. Hits directly once and twice to any adjacent enemies. If fighting a large enemy, all 5 bolts will hit.

Secondary attack: Heater grenades. Attack: Good. Grenades are lobbed at the enemies' feet. Will damage all enemies on screen and does decent damage. Also has Fire element.

The first weapon she obtained. This was owned by DMSwordsmaster before she used it in order to defend herself in the Corrupted Zone.

Stake Gun


SR Stakegun

Primary attack: Stake launch. Attack: High. Shoots a stake that does very high damage to 1 target. Instantly kills Zombie enemies.

Secondary attack: Grenade. Attack: Good. Shoots a grenade. Damages an enemy and all enemies adjacent to it, similarly to the Bolt Gun. However, unlike the Bolt Gun, the damage done to all enemies is the same.

Lazro found this one in the Plagued Town, and after he reunited with ZX's gang, he gave it to Luna.

XM6000 Machine Gun


SR XM6000

Primary Attack: Mini-Gun Shread. Attack: VERY high. Luna points this finger of death at an enemy and unloads, dealing a metric f/ck ton of damage.

Secondary Attack: Rocket Blast. Attack: High. Launches a powerful rocket that has the same effect as the Stake Gun's grenade launcher, only far more powerful.

Special Attack: Everyone Gets Some Fun! Attack: High. Luna lets loose with the mini-gun against all of the enemies on the field, dealing a lot of damage, although not as much as the singular attack. It is also weaker then the Rocket Blast.

One of Luna's best weapons. An insane combination of a mini-gun and a rocket launcher!! She found this in the Prison, in the armory. She wonders to this day why the hell no one took this instead of the Tommy Guns found inside.



SR PK-30

Primary Attack: Let loose. Attack: VERY high. Shoots 8 bullets in succession. Each bullet does impressive damage.

Secondary Attack: Flamethrower. Attack: High. Luna lets loose with a flamethrower and attacks the whole row. It does Fire damage.

Special Attack: Burn baby burn. Attack: VERY High. Luna launches a fuel can and ignites it, causing a massive gas-explosion. Damages all enemies on the row and is Fire element.

A new weapon Luna gets as a gift from DMS.

A weapons demo , showcasing the XM6000, Bolt Gun, and PK30. Luna got bored and decided to go kill zombie pirates. (PLEASE IGNORE THE OBVIOUS MASCULINE VOICE YOU HEAR)

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