Princess Luna Zeronius
2,001[citation needed]
Celestia (Sister)

Solaria (Daughter)

Corona (Son)

Revelian (Husband)

Zoshi (Ex-Husband)

Kuipter (Brother-in-law)

Mura (Brother-in-law)

Zero (Mother-in-law)

Cadance (Never explicitly stated, calling "Daughter" for better development)

Shining Armor (Son-in-law)

Twilight Sparkle (Daughter-in-law)

Starbreeze (Niece)
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Although just recently introduced, Luna has quickly become one of the central characters of the Fan-Ball stories. She is the wife of Revelian, and the two have a child. She tends to be a supporting character, helping out the others in their adventures. Her most important appearances are in Corruption and Wrapping Things Up.

RPG Info

Stat Trend

The way Luna's stats tend to be. Her stats are fairly balanced, similarly to Zoshi and Sam. However, she has a higher speed and HP stat than Zoshi, and she has overall better stats then Sam. She is probably the most versatile attacker in the whole series, having a huge arsenal of weapons to fight with, each with their own benefits.

  • H: |||||||||||||
  • A: ?
  • M: |||||||||||||
  • D: |||||||||||||
  • S: ||||||||||||||||||

Previous Stats

Her Weapons

Major Relationships

Revelian: ...DOES IT NEED TO BE EXPLAINED? Bluh. They're in love, have a child, and are married. OK?

Ludicrine: Mainly a friend, although she does get into a quarrel with him during Cuts Internal, after he causes Revelian to get killed. However, she forgives him near the end of Slashes.

Zoshi: Has feelings for her. Despite trying to keep his feelings in check, he wound up going out of control due to a fragment of Zalgo. He wound up raping her, although after he was defeated by Rev, she forgave him because she also knew that it wasn't all his fault.

In Wrapping Things Up, she finally throws him a bone and gives him the closest thing to sex that she'd be willing to give. As she leaves, she tells him that she appreciates what they have now: A friendship.

In the epilogue, she winds up marrying Zoshi, much to Revelian's dismay. (She even has sex with him) However, she wants to leave Zoshi to get back with Revelian, but cannot because she doesn't want to tear Zoshi's heart out.

Revelian begins to worm his way into her relationship, causing her to cheat on Zoshi. Zoshi soon finds out about this, but when Luna finally tells Revelian that it has to stop, he has a change of heart. Zoshi winds up divorcing her because he knows that Luna will never truly be happy with him. And thus, Luna returns to Revelian and gets married.

Celestia: Celestia bears some animosity towards her, and it shows. She does NOT like to speak about either her or the events that took place earlier in her life. According to Luna, the reason she bears this animosity is because she ruined Celestia's plans to rule Equestria alone and unopposed. She also mentioned one particular event, but Rev soon stopped her from explaining it.


Luna's "pony" form is that of a dark blue pony. Her hair (or mane) is long and flowing,

When outside of Equestria, however, her hair becomes dull and short. It lightens up to a cyan color, as well. Her skin also becomes a few shades lighter. Most notably, she gains many "human" features- Hands, a human-like body, and, well, breasts.

She tends to wear dark-blue t-shirts, which, more often then not, have some form of crescent moon on them. Her shirts are noticably short, exposing her mid-section. (Not done on purpose at all.) She also wears bizarrely pink socks, a contrast to the dark colors of her body. She wears darker, blue shorts, and her "shoes" are round, cyan stumps, in order to fit onto her "hooves". She also always wears a tiny, dark blue tiara on her head. She also sometimes wears a black scarf, which also has a moon insignia on it.


Luna is usually somewhat quiet and reserved, although she is known to state her opinion when she feels it is important. Despite her quiet attitude, she is often happy and somewhat jolly. She is, however, known to be extremely reckless, and this easily throws her into danger, as shown in Wrapping Things Up, when she gets enraged, leaps into the fray, and guns down some soldiers. Afterwards, she gets attacked and thrown into a coma by a powerful, mutated monster. When enraged, Luna gets very loud, and will swear at a much more alarming rate then usual. Luna is also known to have a romantic side, particularly towards the one she loves, Revelian. She actually feels that she needs him, and without him, she'll never be happy. This almost obsessive need comes from the fact that Revelian was the only one who ever treated her with care and respect when she still lived at Canterlot. This isn't to say she has to be everywhere with him, per say, but if she does find out that something terrible had happened to him, it would throw her into a deep depression. She feels that she owes him her life, because he "saved" her. This isn't to say she doesn't love him, as she clearly does, and Revelian loves her back. However, it would be very difficult for her to accept if anything would happen to him, but it's easy to see why- He's done so much for her, and has given her the one thing she wants: Love. She doesn't care about wealth, money, or power. She wants to know she matters to someone, and she wants to feel loved. This isn't to say she'd give herself away to someone, as she does have common sense and self respect.

She is also known to have a "sexy"[citation needed] side. She has been known to get highly into her love-making, and has even been shown to get irritated at things, such as being teased and interruptions. For example, during TBfaU, there's a scene where Revelian is about to make love to Luna on a ship. While he's "licking" her, he jolts up when he hears Ludicrine scream at Zoshi. Luna gets irritated and literally forces him back down. Luna is also known to be actually somewhat snide during sex, as well, such as when she's letting Zoshi have some fun. She made several somewhat snide remarks to him during it, such as taunting on ow he's new at this. However, these aren't meant to be insulting, and it's simply her "sexy side" rearing it's head.

In a nutshell, Luna is a kind, caring person, who, despite having some recklessness and anger problems, is a nice person who cares for her friends and the man she loves.

She is also noticeably more agitated at the thought of going on adventures, stating she wants to live a simple life with the man she loves, and she fears that these adventures will inevitably kill either her or her husband. This new-found disliking of adventures most likely came from when Revelian actually died in Wrapping Things Up.

Shadow Luna

About Luna's shadow in The Descent. Warning, contains spoilers.


  • This is Revelian's favorite pony. (You don't say?)
  • She has the ability to bring inanimate things to life. (Whether or not this stretches into the dead is unknown. Most likely not, as that would require a lot more power to fully animate them again, as well as give them their memories and basic motor skills, where as non-living things have no memories or need for them.)
  • She is the first major female protagonist.
  • She is the first Equestrian introduced.
  • The pink socks she wears are a reference to a small FiM art fad that was started with a picture of Luna wearing pink socks.
  • Luna's weapons are based off of the game "Painkiller."