Lilypad Swarm 1 is the first stage of the Lilypad Swarm Series in Fan-Ball Stick Ranger that is obtional, but contains a megaboss. It's part of World 6 Beta(since there three megaboss in World 6). (Made by Poisonshot)


  • This stage use the same tileset than Hill Country, and the same landscape as lake.
  • All enemies in this stage have the Fairy head.
  • This stage, along with Lilypad Swarm 3, have the 2nd most long number of screens, in this case 9.
  • All enemies in this stage have differents colors.


  • Green Fairy Frog
  • Blue Fairy Walker
  • Red Fairy Tree
  • Purple Fairy Walker
  • Yellow Boss Fairy Walker


Green Fairy Frog:

  • Flare Arrow 9
  • Peridot 7

Blue Fairy Walker:

  • None

Red Fairy Tree:

  • Beamsword 9
  • Triangle(Small) Mask

Purple Fairy Walker:

  • Aqua Cristal 8

Yellow Boss Fairy Walker

  • Fossilize Card 8

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