Lady Leviathan

Leviathan Upper Body

Demon, former Demidragon
Unknown (over 3,000 years)
The Seven

Caledonia (Sibling)

Berengaria (Sibling)

Ludusian Witches (Employees (Former))

Invidia (Follower)
The Prince of Envy, The Lady of Envy


Leviathan is the Prince of Envy, otherwise the sixth of seven Princes of Hell.

In the infernal chaos of the Separ Dimension, Leviathan was one of the seven souls that escaped from the dead husk of the Arca Mala. Her life prior to absorption is mostly unknown, though it is known that she was a Witch prior to demonhood, and the sister of Caledonia and Berengaria.

When she settled in Hell, she, Asmodeus and Belphegor allied together to lay siege on the plane. During the war, Asmodeus betrayed the other two, and sided with Lucifer's legion. Due to this event, Leviathan still holds a grudge towards Asmodeus to this day.

Nowadays, Leviathan is befriended only to the quiet Belphegor. She despises all other princes and will only see them again when The Brood occurs, where she will have to sacrifice herself to contain The Beast after it raises from the charred earth.

Somewhere in the future, after The Brood, Leviathan's dead husk shall become one of three homes of The Beast.


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