Leechum (Art)

Ao Oni Mutant
First Story Appearence
Trix: Adventures of a UFO
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Wrapping Things Up


She is a failed Prototyped Ao Oni. Rejected from the rest of the Ao Onis, she has sworn to an oath to do whatever she can to take them down. As a result, she joined Zoshi and Trix in their adventure. She also has the ability to shape shift into other Ao Onis.

RPG Info

From Trix: Adventures of a UFO

  • Health: 400
  • Attack: Varies
  • Defense: Not Amazing.
  • LV: 30

Combat Apparati

  • Latch - Attaches self onto the opponent to drain their health. Heals the user as well.
  • Drain Beam - A beam of power that resonates from the eye and drains health from a single opponent. Heals the user for the damage delivered.
  • Bite - Digs their sharp teeth into a single enemy.
  • Transform - Changes into an enemy that has been defeated precedingly. Can then use that opponents' attacks.




  • Transformer - When Leechum transforms into an opponent, she gains the increased stats of that enemy.
  • Ao Oni Power - Takes 5% less damage when attacked by an Ao Oni creature.