LAT Incorporated

This service is property of LAT Incorporated.

LAT Incorporated is a company started by Look-a-troopa in the second year of Fan-Ball. It started out with being the anonymous company owning the Cell Center.


Cell Center

  • Combine cells in order to make new creatures. Many species and heads found here are found almost nowhere else.

Aquatic Center

  • Explore different bodies of water to find undiscovered creatures. Most often, you'll find aquatic creatures.

Tinkering Workshop

  • Make Mechanical creatures with various metals.

Ancestral Investigation Center

  • Find out what the family trees of your pets look like.

Theoretical Offspring Facility

  • Find out what the child of two compatible pets would look like.

Breeding Comb

  • Send a pet for a DNA scan and with a group of other pets' DNAs will combine and create a group of new pets with their genetics inherited.



  • Founder, current leader


  • Works at the Cell Center, founder of the Aquatic Center

Unofficial Empoylees


  • Has fused some cells at the Cell Center


  • Also fused some cells at the Cell Center


None yet.

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