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ZoshiX's world map
Jungle 1Jungle 2Jungle 3Jungle 4Jungle 5Volcano TempleZXmap
World Map word
Jungle (1,2,3,4,5)
Sea Cove
Lava World
Volcano Temple
Deep Cavern • Hell • Mars • ZoshiX (Jungle • Lava World • Ocean • Sea Cove • Swamp • Volcano Temple • Woods)


The Jungle Series (consisting of 5 stages) is located after Ice Palace and connects to Lava World and Sea Cove. It is the first series in World 5.


The Jungle Series stages have floor landscape from the grassland series and have ceiling. The "ceiling" is really trees, where Vines hang from occasionally. Many of the enemies here have poison-type attacks.

New Heads and Species


  • Pentagon H F26
  • Mint H F2


  • Vine Blank vine
  • Butterfly Blank butterfly

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