Jump is a fan-made weapon statistic for Stick Ranger that adds AT done by the first attack on an enemy by increments of 1 AT per Jump point.

Besides the first attack when entering the screen, there exists a cooldown between the "charges", that equals to 500% of the character's AGI. A character that hasn't attacked for that much amount of time will get his AT charged up even while walking, indicated by the shadowy silhouette of the character.

Currently, the only class that has this stat shown is the Clubber. For every SP invested in DEX, the jump power goes up by 1 (Both Min and Max AT are upped by 1). Also note that the Clubber is able to reduce the time required between jumps, by investing STR down to 200% base AGI.

Increasing Jump

  1. Equipping a Pounce Card to any melee class.
  2. Investing SP into DEX (Only Clubbers)
  • Equipping a Green Stone or a Black Stone (Only Clubbers)

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