Jovialus Kao


Insight (Demidemon)
Mercuron α (Parent)

Linthe (Mother)
Convivide (Sibling)

Socilious (Brother)


Jovialus Kao is the thirdborn daughter of Mercuron Kao and Linthe. She is considered an Insight, a cross between an Oumeth and a Martedian. Her pesterchum tag is jocoseVinaceous.


A rebel at heart, Jovialus sports a very defiant nature. She enjoys toying with her inherent magic, being a user of self-educated Energy-based powers.


Being the daughter of two outlaws in the predominantly Nazcan society of the Nazcan Timeline, she has spent her youth in secrecy. She therefore has limited social abilities. Once Lord Nazca was slain by The Creator, her parents escaped with her to Ethor, where she spent her life in Oumeth society up until she was sent to 400 ADC (Miracle Timeline).


Besides with her parents, Jovialus shared residence with two siblings.

Main story

Firstborn of Mercuron and Linthe. A very calm and caring individual. Convivide attended the Ludusian Witch Academy, where he was taught a vast number of magical spells. They specialized in illusionary magics, inspired by Mainyu of the Nightday, whom they chose to be their "ancestor". When the Nazcans took control of Ludus, Convivide was one of the founders of the ensuing resistance. Unlike their brother, they survived the Nazcan oppression. Didn't go to the Miracle timeline in favor of staying behind and furthering his magical capabilities.


Secondborn of Mercuron and Linthe. Pushes the rebellious personality of Jovialus to an extreme, Socilous grew up to hold anarchistic beliefs taught to him by the late Stickbeard. Being a bit more extroverted than his siblings, he would often independently go out to steal supplies and other wares from Nazcan-occupied locations. Though this ultimately cost him his life, he had a critical part in the rebellion. Formerly carried Jovialus' rifle, and his soul is bound to this artifact to this day (This day being the future, of course.)


RPG Info

Stat Trend

  • H: |||||||
  • A: ||||||||||||||
  • M: ||||||||||||||||
  • D: ||||||
  • S: ||||||||||||||

Combat Apparati

  • Tempus Shot - Fires a shot with Chronomantic properties.
  • Icy Nebula - Uses spacial gases to inflict ice-based damage.


  • Type-95 Automatic Rifle Type-95 Automatic Rifle - Constructed by the rebels on the Nazca-overtaken SRWorld.
  • Type-95 Bayonet Type-95 Bayonet - Extension for the Rifle, allows for a stabbing attack.
  • Kao Timepiece - Masks the aura of whoever holds it. Inherited from Asmodeus, founding member of the Kao bloodline.


  • Defiant Aura - Ignores any status effects that would normally lower stats.