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Tease Mechanic

Droplist of available creations.

Inventions are the Mechanic's main method of attack. Each one is unique and provides a wide range of aid towards the team; whether attacking, healing or simply defending themselves. Their appearance tends to lean towards SR enemies. Some inventions could allow to have a random head inserted in, but the species/function stays the same.


The icon for inventions (Created by JWDD for convenience)

The Mechanic can create inventions by gathering weapons and/or compo items as well as some cash. The further the progress, the more expensive the materials will be required. A combination of such would be the following (but not that limited to):

  • All must go with cash
  • 1 Weapon
  • 2 Weapons (of different classes)
  • 3 Weapons (ditto, but used in higher tiers)
  • 1 Compo (level doesn't matter)
  • 1 Weapon + Compo (ditto)
  • 1 Weapon + 2 Compos (different types of compos, higher tiers)
  • 2 Weapon + Compo (only one compo, higher tiers)

One should note that as far as stage progression go, more inventions would become available as soon as the a stage gets conquered.

Inventions have a limited life and sustains from enemy hits just like the team itself. Should an invention reach 0 LP, it will break down and cannot be recovered without building a new one. In order to control its health, the Mechanic has the option to REPAIR it if holding a wrench by clicking on the invention slot; note that the REPAIR function costs $2 per LP. Only one invention can co-exist in the stage (unless it is a spawn type), and can be put aside in the inventory for another (if one is dragged from the inventory when another already exists on the screen, that gets back to the inventory in an instant).

Each invention can hold one (1) compo item. If the Mechanic had built an invention with a wrench bought from the shop, then it cannot hold a compo item at all. Themselves they don't hold a weapon level (?), meaning they might have limitations in VS mode (??).

List of inventions (sorted by availability/relevance)

Icon Invention Material(s) $$$ Unlocked after LP AT AGI Range Type Bonus AT/Effect Creator
Available from the beginning of the game
Punching Arm Glove 150 - 50 3-5 10-20 15 Physical HankGuideDude
Note: A robotic-like stickman that acts like a Boxer, can't move.
Energy Shot Triple Shot 1 + Magic (Orb) 550 - 70 8-12 40-60 70 Physical HankGuideDude
Note: Single arrow, pierces enemies, resembles a sad walker.
Absorber 4 White Stones 90 - 200 HankGuideDude
Note: A Big Smiley Walker with no attack.
Shock Pole Staff of Thunder 1 950 - 80 1-5 6-12 10 Thunder Ludicrine
Note: A Roundhead Tree that deals rapid damage to enemies that come near it.
Flying Platform Ring 50 - 25 Poisonshot
Note: A Grey Big Cylinder Solid. It flies in the air. It serves as a platform for upside down species to hang on (ex. Hangers), while removing their auto-walk option. If destroyed, the pet will "disappear", while enemies on it will simply "fall" to their death.
Arrow Cannon Bow/
Fire Arrow/
Poison Arrow/
Indra Arrow
75 Opening Street 25 5-15 10-15 30 Physical
Fire: 8-12
Poison: 1-1 (1s)
Thunder: 1-3333
Note: A Grey Mushroom that attacks with arrows once provoked. Depending on the type of bow used, it will shoot these type of arrows and borrowing the type's bonus AT.
Kicking Puppet Knockback's Card 30 Opening Street ? ? ? ? Physical Poisonshot
Note: A fighter. Basically a moving variation of Punching Arm.
Available from Grassland/Hill Country/Castle
Spark Mine Spark Glove 2 + Topaz 750 Hill Country 3+
Grassland 7
20 1-9 5-5 15 Thunder Poisonshot
Note: A drag-able Yellow Voltage Pot (Body is Grey). It attacks with a Yellow Shock attack.
Water Platform Ice Ring 100 Grassland 4 150 Poisonshot
Note: A Blue Big Droplet Solid. You can swim in it. It can move, and even jumps!
Hot Vase Fire 1 (Orb) 3000 Hill Country 2 120 ? 30-50 ? Fire Poisonshot
Note: It always releases heat clouds that rise for 4 seconds.
Cold Cannon Blizzard 2 (Orb) + Aquamarine 1500 Castle Gate 140 5-10 180-215 90 Ice Slow 25% Samuel17
Note: An X Walker which shoots a boulder with slowing capabilities.
Available from Forest
Parasite Emerald + Yellow Crystal 500 Forest 1 20 2-3 5-10 10 Poison 0.1s Poisonshot
Note: A Green Tiny Flower Mushroom. It drains the enemies' LP.
Lamp Staff of Light 1 + White Stone + Diamond 2500 Forest 2 100 Samuel17
Note: A White Big Gel Mushroom which illuminates the whole screen in the Caverns or any dark stage, but does not attack on it's own.
Available from Cavern
Thunderstormer Thunder Storm 2 + Catapult's Card 2000 Cavern 1 150 1-66 *3 50 Thunder Samuel17
Note: A sized-down Yellow Diamond Tree which creates a thunderstorm within the whole screen with a rate of 3 thunderbolts per second. Does not work in the Cavern stages or any who has a ceiling.
Available from Seaside
Solid Boulder Stone Chain 3 + Silver Crystal 1800 Seaside 1 300 5-10 10-40 0 (D.O.C.) Physical Poisonshot
Note: An upgraded Absorber. It is a Brown Skull Boulder that can attack by rolling over and has 10 Physical DF.
Available from Submarine
Drainer Ruby + Blue Stone 15000 Submarine Shrine 100 1-5 3-5 120 Physical Lazro
Note: A Brown/Green (If there is water that's been absorbed) Flower Tree. Absorbs all water in the stage and then starts attacking with a Blue Spear. Available after Submarine Shrine (ironically).
Available from Desert/Oasis
Healing Station 4 White Stones + Black Stone 7000 Desert 2 225 70 Heal 10 LP/s Samuel17
Note: A White Fairy Snake that heals any characters 10 LP/s from Range 70.
Signal Tower Homing Laser Beam 4 + Catapult's Card 10000 Desert 2 100 Samuel17
Note: A Grey Box Tree (has always 7 segments no mater what). Although it does not attack, it serves kinda like a Book and can see the current LP of the enemy you last hit at the top the screen, and if you click an enemy it's stats is shown (LP, Gold, EXP, Drops and Strength and Weaknesses).
Magnet Magic (Orb) + Long Iron Staff 4 1250 Oasis 50 Poisonshot
Note: A Grey Triangle (Silent) Spiderbot that can attract enemies towards it. Note that if a non-moving species like a Tree is there, the Tree will be attracted but will still not move (albeit slowly).
Available from Snowfield/Ice Palace
Iron Wall Stone Flail 5 + Black Crystal 8000 Snowfield 1 500 Samuel17
Note: A Grey Big Brick Solid which has 500 LP. It does not attack on its own but it is used to absorb attacks (an upgraded Absorber/Solid Boulder). Also has a 20% chance of blocking attacks.
Flamethrower Inferno 5 (Orb) + 2 Rubies 6000 Snowfield 2 300 6-12 *24 500 60 Fire 2s Samuel17
Note: A Box Cactus with is the modified version of the Pyramid Boss' flame attack.
Weather Tower Charge Circle 5 + Blizzard 2 (Orb) + Inferno 5 (Orb) 9000 Snowfield 2 400 10-20 *20
10-20 *15
1-70 *10
200 60 Fire
3s for each attack; Slow 30% Samuel17
Note: Can use 3 different attacks (all weather-based) that last for 3 seconds. Can summon large amounts of heat clouds around him. Can summon white clouds which drops hailstones that each deals 10-20 damage and has 30% Slow. Can also summon grey clouds above him which drops thunderbolts (each dealing 1-70 damage).
Sentry Uzi 3 + Eye (Cyborg) 2000 Snowfield 3 200 6-12 10-20 50 Physical Lazro
Note: Stationary, shoots bullets. Can be dragged across the ground. Red Pointer Robot.
Thunder Meteor Ice Meteor 4 (Orb) + Spark Glove 2 2000 Snowfield 4 250 1-444 105-130 100 Thunder 1-99 *6 Poisonshot
Note: It's a Grey Roundhead Plane that emits an electric bolt and emits a flurry of sparks upon collision.
Heal-Bot 6 White Stones + Electric Shock 5 20000 "Something after Snowfield 4" 50 Lazro
Note: Grey Gear Astronaut, doubles any Onigiri it comes upon.
Dark Storm Magic + Black Stone + Topaz 5555 Ice Castle 200 1-29 15-20 40 Thunder DMSwordsmaster
Note: A Yellow Dark Bat that fires rapid electricity.
Dark Flame Magic + Black Stone + Garnet 5555 Ice Castle 175 6-6 130-165 36 Fire 10s DMSwordsmaster
Note: A Red Dark Spider that shoots a wave of heat that pierces everything. Relatively large, too.
Dark Ice Magic + Black Stone + Sapphire 5555 Ice Castle 150 5-10 30-40 32 Ice Slow 40% DMSwordsmaster
Note: A Blue Dark Tree that makes it rain constant ice on the enemy.
Dark Poison Magic + Black Stone + Emerald 5555 Ice Castle 125 1-1 *80 200-225 28 Poison Time 0.2s DMSwordsmaster
Note: A Green Dark Mushroom that floods the room with poison, similarly to the Green Big Vampire Mushroom.
Dark Freeze Magic + Black Stone + Diamond 5555 Ice Castle 100 2-5 5-10 24 Freeze Time 0.1s DMSwordsmaster
Note: A Lilac Dark Snake that launches a hyper fast beam of ice.
Available from Mountain
Ball of Surge Electric Shock 5 (Orb) + Electric Staff 5 + Topaz 8000 Mountain 2 375 1-333 80-90 60 Thunder Samuel17
Note: A Roundhead Copter that attacks by creating a large shock (it hits anything within its range).
Flare Statue Napalm Bomb 6 80000 Mountaintop ? ? ? ? Fire Poisonshot
Note: Grey Smiley Cactus. Uses the Pyramid Boss's fire attack, but with ten times the range.
Glaciate Splitter Diamond + Frozen Sabel 4 + Ice Spirit 80000 Mountaintop ? ? ? ? Freeze Poisonshot
Note: Cyan Fairy Bouncer. Uses a freezing attack. When attacked, it can "split" into more bouncers with LP equal to the enemy's AT, but the spawned splits are destroyed when you leave the screen.
Mushroom of the Infection Poison Spirit + Pyramid Arrow 5 80000 Mountaintop ? ? ? ? Poison Poisonshot
Note: Purple Cap Mushroom. Launches Pyramid Arrows when attacked.
Wishing Star Thunder Spirit + Indra Arrow 5 80000 Mountaintop ? ? ? ? Thunder Poisonshot
Note: Yellow Star Copter (Canon). Flies at the top of the screen throwing the Oasis Boss's light balls.
Canon Weapons
N Bow
N Glove
N Gun
N Orb
N Ring
N Staff
N Sword
N Whip
Fanon Weapons
N Arm
N Null
N Axe
N Baseball
N Basketball
N Null
N Null
N Blowgun
N Bomb
Chopsword 0
N Club
N Null
N Null
Crossbow Base
N Null
Disco Balls
N DSword
D. Swords
Element (Generic)
N Null
N Eye
N Food
N Football
Gas Tank Wep
Gas Tanks
N Null
N Null Guitars Blank Hammer
N Null
J. Weapons
N Null
N Kunai
N Null
N Null
N Leg
N Null
N Mace
N Mask
N Null
N Attack
N Null
N Pickaxe
N Null
N Null
N Null
N Null
N Saw
N Null
N Shield
N Shoe
N Star Shurikens N Sling
N Null
N Spear
N Null
N Null
S. Weapons
N Sword
N Null
N Taser
N Tennis Ball
T. Balls
N Tome
N Utensil
N Null
N Wrench