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Icon Weapon Used by [!] Magic? Primary method of attack AT AGI Range
N Arm Arms Cyborg (1/3) Yes "Stretches" the arm by creating 5px squares in a single line in a fixed rate of 5 sq/s until the enemy is hit (exceptions may apply), in which the squares disappear and return to the Cyborg. ** ***† ***
Cyborg Arm 0 Cyborg Arm 1-1 Cyborg Arm 1-2 Cyborg Arm 1-3 Cyborg Arm 1-4 Cyborg Arm 2-1 Cyborg Arm 2-2 Cyborg Arm 2-3 Cyborg Arm 2-4
N Null Arrows Superman (/4) No Fired in a line and are rapid, looking mostly like shorter arrows. *? *****? ****+
Srmap Srmap2
N Axe Axes Lumberjack (/2) Yes Swings when in fixed range, affects all enemies within said range. **** *** ** (25)
Axe 0 Axe 1-1 Axe 1-2 Axe 1-3 Axe 1-4 Axe 2-1 Axe 2-2 Axe 2-3 Axe 2-4 Axe 3-1 Axe 3-2 Axe 3-3 Axe 3-4 Axe 4-1 Axe 4-2 Axe 4-3 Axe 4-4 Axe 5-1

Mithril hatchet

Axe 5-2 Axe 5-3 Axe 5-4 Axe 6-1 Axe 6-2 Axe 6-3 Axe 6-4 Axe 7-1 Axe 7-2 Axe 7-3 Axe 7-4 Axe 8-1 Axe 8-2 Axe 8-3 Axe 8-4 Axe 9-1 Axe 9-2 Axe 9-3 Axe 9-4 Axe S-1 Axe S-2 Axe S-3 Axe S-4

Axe of chaos

Bag Bags Thief (NTW) No Smacks the enemy with said bag and can cause item drops and gold pop out. ** **
Bag Money Bag
N Baseball Baseballs Baller (/4) Yes Swings its bat while launching the baseball in a near-straight and fast trajectory (while being affected by gravity altogether) towards the enemy. The ball is not visible apart for the projectile. ***+? **? *****?
N Baseball Baller Baseball 1-1 Baller Baseball 1-2 Baller Baseball 1-3 Baller Baseball 1-4 Baller Baseball 2-1 Baller Baseball 2-2 Baller Baseball 2-3 Baller Baseball 2-4 Baller Baseball 3-1 Baller Baseball 3-2 Baller Baseball 3-3 Baller Baseball 3-4 Baller Baseball 4-1 Baller Baseball 4-2 Baller Baseball 4-3 Baller Baseball 4-4 Baller Baseball 5-1 Baller Baseball 5-2 Baller Baseball 5-3 Baller Baseball 5-4 Baller Baseball 6-1 Baller Baseball 6-2 Baller Baseball 6-3 Baller Baseball 6-4 Baller Baseball 7-1 Baller Baseball 7-2 Baller Baseball 7-3 Baller Baseball 7-4 Baller Baseball 8-1 Baller Baseball 8-2 Baller Baseball 8-3 Baller Baseball 8-4 Baller Baseball 9-1 Baller Baseball 9-2 Baller Baseball 9-3 Baller Baseball 9-4 Baller Baseball S-1 Baller Baseball S-2 Baller Baseball S-3 Baller Baseball S-4
N Basketball Basketballs Baller (/4) Yes Throws the basketball in a high arc, bouncing 10 times off the ground or until hit an enemy. The ball is although visible and constantly bounces it regardless of its walking. Upon attack, it makes a throw and then the "ball" reappears in its arms when the AGI allows it, so there could be multiple balls on screen. ** *** ***
Baller Basketball 0 Baller Basketball 1-1 Baller Basketball 1-2 Baller Basketball 1-3 Baller Basketball 1-4 Baller Basketball 2-1 Baller Basketball 2-2 Baller Basketball 2-3 Baller Basketball 2-4 Baller Basketball 3-1 Baller Basketball 3-2 Baller Basketball 3-3 Baller Basketball 3-4 Baller Basketball 4-1 Baller Basketball 4-2 Baller Basketball 4-3 Baller Basketball 4-4 Baller Basketball 5-1 Baller Basketball 5-2 Baller Basketball 5-3 Baller Basketball 5-4 Baller Basketball 6-1 Baller Basketball 6-2 Baller Basketball 6-3 Baller Basketball 6-4 Baller Basketball 7-1 Baller Basketball 7-2 Baller Basketball 7-3 Baller Basketball 7-4 Baller Basketball 8-1 Baller Basketball 8-2 Baller Basketball 8-3 Baller Basketball 8-4 Baller Basketball 9-1 Baller Basketball 9-2 Baller Basketball 9-3 Baller Basketball 9-4 Baller Basketball S-1 Baller Basketball S-2 Baller Basketball S-3 Baller Basketball S-4
N Null Basses Musician (/2) Yes Creates slightly bigger waves that travel a bit slow linearly. ** **** ***** (160)


N Null Beasts Tamer  ? Spawns enemies from a set stage - excluding the boss. TBA TBA TBA


N Null Belts Karate Man Yes Apparently kicks or punches the enemy. Citation needed *** *** * (~5)


N Null Bites Vampire No TBA TBA TBA TBA


N Blowgun Blowguns Predator War Cry The Predator's arm is locked along with the blowgun that is being held near its head. Simply points the blowgun to where the enemy is and slightly flinches every attack. *** ** ****
Blowgun 0 Blowgun 1-1 Blowgun 1-2 Blowgun 1-3 Blowgun 1-4 Blowgun 2-1 Blowgun 2-2 Blowgun 2-3 Blowgun 2-4 Blowgun 3-1 Blowgun 3-2 Blowgun 3-3 Blowgun 3-4 Blowgun 4-1 Blowgun 4-2 Blowgun 4-3 Blowgun 4-4 Blowgun 5-1

Blowgun 5-R

Blowgun 5-2 Blowgun 5-3 Blowgun 5-4 Blowgun 6-1 Blowgun 6-2 Blowgun 6-3 Blowgun 6-4 Blowgun 7-1 Blowgun 7-2 Blowgun 7-3 Blowgun 7-4 Blowgun 8-1 Blowgun 8-2 Blowgun 8-3 Blowgun 8-4 Blowgun 9-1 Blowgun 9-2 Blowgun 9-3 Blowgun 9-4 Blowgun S-1 Blowgun S-2 Blowgun S-3 Blowgun S-4
N Bomb Bombs Bomber No Makes a throwing move, but still has the "bomb" on its hand. *** ** ****
Bomb 0 Bomb 1-1 Bomb 1-2 Bomb 1-3 Bomb 1-4 Bomb 2-1 Bomb 2-2 Bomb 2-3 Bomb 2-4 Bomb 3-1 Bomb 3-2 Bomb 3-3 Bomb 3-4 Bomb 4-1 Bomb 4-2 Bomb 4-3 Bomb 4-4
N Null Boomerangs Boomeranger Yes A thrown boomerang follows a fixed trajectory of a slightly curved angle while attempting to hit the farthest point, then returns to the Boomeranger. TBA TBA TBA


N Bow Bows Sniper Yes Depending on the bow held, it either shoots in a high arc (-bow), or launches in a near-straight trajectory towards the enemy (-shot). ** *** ****
Canonical list of bows can be found here
N Broom Brooms Witch No Swings the Broom during attacks. - *? ****?


N Null Candy Books Candyman (/2) Yes TBA TBA TBA TBA


N Null Candy Canes Candyman (/2) Yes TBA TBA TBA TBA


N Null Chopswords Chopper Rally Swings its sword, attacking every enemy within range.  ?  ? ** (30?)


N Club Clubs Clubber Yes Clubs the enemy with a very swift swing of the club, with additional power from the Jump statistic if available. *****+? **? **?
Bag Money Bag
N Null Costumes Disguiser Yes Usually attacks with projectiles like the SR enemies. *? ****? varies


N Null Crossbows Crossbowman Yes Shoots arrows like a Sniper, although they tend to have higher velocities. TBA TBA TBA


Curse-0 Curses Spirit No Walks on four legs if equipped with a Curse. It raises the two added legs upon attack. ** ** **** (90)
Curse-0 Curse 1-1 Curse 1-2 Curse 1-3 Curse 1-4 Curse 2-1 Curse 2-2 Curse 2-3 Curse 2-4 Curse 3-1 Curse 3-2 Curse 3-3 Curse 3-4 Curse 4-1 Curse 4-2 Curse 4-3 Curse 4-4 Curse 5-1

Curse 5-R

Curse 5-2 Curse 5-3 Curse 5-4 Curse 6-1 Curse 6-2 Curse 6-3 Curse 6-4
N Null Disco Balls Dancer Yes Possibly swings the disco ball when at range. TBA TBA TBA


N DSword Dual Swords Dual Swordsman Yes Sways one sword at a time between each hand alternatively. ** **** * (20)
Dual Sword (art) Iron Dual Sword (art) Thunder Dual Sword (art) Poison Dual Sword (art) Fire Dual Sword (art) Ice Dual Sword (art) Long Dual Sword (art) Spark Dual Sword (art) Toxic Dual Sword (art) Dual Pointed Sword (art) Thunder Dual Pointed Sword (art) Poison Dual Pointed Sword (art) Fire Dual Pointed Sword (art) Ice Dual Pointed Sword (art) Long Dual Pointed Sword (art) Spark Dual Pointed Sword (art) Toxic Dual Pointed Sword (art) Dual Sabel

Dual Wooden Sword (art)

Thunder Dual Sabel Poison Dual Sabel Fire Dual Sabel Ice Dual Sabel Long Dual Sabel

Frozen Dual Sabel

Spark Dual Sabel Toxic Dual Sabel Dual Spikesword
Element (Generic) Elements Elemental No Raises the "staff" upon each attack. *** ** **** (95)
Element 0 Element 1-1 Element 1-2 Element 1-3 Element 1-4 Element 2-1 Element 2-2 Element 2-3 Element 2-4 Element 3-1 Element 3-2 Element 3-3 Element 3-4 Element 4-1 Element 4-2 Element 4-3 Element 4-4 Element 5-1

Element 5-R

Element 5-2 Element 5-3 Element 5-4 Element 6-1 Element 6-2 Element 6-3 Element 6-4 Element 7-1 Element 7-2 Element 7-3 Element 7-4 Element 8-1 Element 8-2 Element 8-3 Element 8-4 Element 9-1 Element 9-2 Element 9-3 Element 9-4 Element S-1 Element S-2 Element S-3 Element S-4
N Null Elements Elementer No The attacks are emitted from their hands as effects. TBA TBA TBA


N Eye Eyes Cyborg (1/3) No Itself it doesn't react other than shooting laser beams. It is also a crucial weapon to enable auto-walk. * * *** (50)
Cyborg Eye 0 Cyborg Eye 1-1 Cyborg Eye 1-2 Cyborg Eye 1-3 Cyborg Eye 1-4 Cyborg Eye 2-1 Cyborg Eye 2-2 Cyborg Eye 2-3 Cyborg Eye 2-4
N Null Flowers Wildman Yes TBA TBA TBA TBA


N Food Food Chef (/2) No Swings its arm that has the item when healing. - * ***** (110)


N Football Footballs Baller (/4) No "Kicks" the ball while launching the football in a near-straight and fast trajectory (while being affected by gravity altogether) towards the enemy. The ball is visible and even have interaction with the Baller by moving it around the stage in very small kicks, then prepares a big kick upon attack. ***+ ***† *****
N Football Baller Football 1-1 Baller Football 1-2 Baller Football 1-3 Baller Football 1-4 Baller Football 2-1 Baller Football 2-2 Baller Football 2-3 Baller Football 2-4 Baller Football 3-1 Baller Football 3-2 Baller Football 3-3 Baller Football 3-4 Baller Football 4-1 Baller Football 4-2 Baller Football 4-3 Baller Football 4-4 Baller Football 5-1 Baller Football 5-2 Baller Football 5-3 Baller Football 5-4 Baller Football 6-1 Baller Football 6-2 Baller Football 6-3 Baller Football 6-4 Baller Football 7-1 Baller Football 7-2 Baller Football 7-3 Baller Football 7-4 Baller Football 8-1 Baller Football 8-2 Baller Football 8-3 Baller Football 8-4 Baller Football 9-1 Baller Football 9-2 Baller Football 9-3 Baller Football 9-4 Baller Football S-1 Baller Football S-2 Baller Football S-3 Baller Football S-4
Canon Weapons
N Bow
N Glove
N Gun
N Orb
N Ring
N Staff
N Sword
N Whip
Fanon Weapons
N Arm
N Null
N Axe
N Baseball
N Basketball
N Null
N Null
N Blowgun
N Bomb
N Null
N Null
N Club
N Null
N Null
N Null
Disco Balls
N DSword
D. Swords
Element (Generic)
N Null
N Eye
N Food
N Football
N Null
Gas Tanks
N Null
N Null Guitars Blank Hammer
N Null
N Null
J. Weapons
N Null
N Kunai
N Null
N Null
N Leg
N Null
N Mace
N Mask
N Null
N Attack
N Null
N Pickaxe
N Null
N Null
N Null
N Saw
N Null
N Shield
N Shoe
N Star Shurikens N Sling
N Null
N Spear
N Null
N Null
S. Weapons
N Sword
N Null
N Taser
N Tennis Ball
T. Balls
N Tome
N Utensil
N Null
N Wrench

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