In this page, feel free to post your ideas for Stick Ranger types.


Made by Ludicrine and Look-a-troopa. Is identical to Physical in its entirety, though pet-exclusive, with certain pets imbued with this type or incredibly weak to it.


Similar to poison, but still deals damage even without the essence of flames and attacks once every few frames, instead of every frame. Created by TheFanMaster.


Combines Light/Thunder and Dark, but weapons that fall under this type usually have either attack active randomly along with additional properties. This type will only occur as Level C weapons separate from the canonical level lineup (0-S). Made by HankGuideDude and was made possible thanks to Look-a-troopa.


2 A rare element that usually disables the usage of items (Hex) or magic attacks (Dec).


Tends to act like thunder, but have a wider AT range, and usually is applied with:

  • LP drainage to the wielder/all (ex. drain 0.02 one)
  • A "reversed" Guide's Card effect (repels from enemies)

Made by Francisco25 with expansion by HankGuideDude.



Normally attacks with earth balls. The balls can be grabbed (up to a certain limit, which depends on the weapon and a certain Jewel) and carried. You can carry as many balls as your grab limit will allow you. If a character is holding multiple balls and attacks, all balls are used in one go to attack. When there are no enemies left on the stage screen, the character will collect balls until he is at maximum capacity of carrying balls. The character retains collected earth balls throughout the stage, but when the player returns to the world map, the balls are lost. Made by Francisco25, description corrected by Fire InThe Hole.



Energy, also known as Dream, is a sub-type of Physical that deals a tiny amount of damage at an insanely high rate. The colors are generally navy, but can also be a light green or fuchsia hue. Made by Ludicrine.


Considered a mixture of Water and Fire. Usually has high AGI, but has a very high range, and travels in all directions. Disables enemy/character attacks, whoever made the fog first. Made by Poisonshot?

Gold (Au)

Like Freeze, it will immobilize enemies. Unlike it, it can affect any enemy, even those that are strong/immune against Freeze. This type can only be used by characters, and only they can inflict the Gold ailment. When an enemy has been killed under the effect, it will result in 100% Gold drop, which can be stacked with the 33.3% normal gold drop to get a doubled Gold. Made by HankGuideDude.


Similar to Ice but acts differently by stacking its effect when an enemy touches more than one. Also, AGI remains the same, less effective on Bosses and immune against immobilized enemies such as Cacti and Mushrooms..




This type is the same as physical, but has a KO (kill in a hit) rate. The KO rate cannot KO bosses, instead, whenever the KO rate is activated, it will do 999 damage. Can be improved by Tiger's Eye. Made by HankGuideDude.


When it hits an enemy, that enemy is pulled towards the center of the projectile every 5 frames by the strength of the pull effect in pixels limited to 1.2x the enemy's current distance in pixels from the center of the projectile for the duration of the projectile's remaining lifespan. If the attack does splash damage, additional enemies can be hit and caught even after the initial impact. One enemy can be affected by more than one Magnet projectile simultaneously. Each projectile can only deal damage to each enemy it touches once, however.

The strength of the pull effect can be increased with a Magnetite, and the projectile lifespan can be increased with an Ilmenite. Useful for bringing multiple enemies that would not normally crowd together to one spot, sending an enemy away from the battle for a bit without needing a Knockback's Card, grounding a flying enemy to put it in and keep it in melee range, probably among other things. Enemies can still attack when affected by Magnet, unlike Freeze which can also be used to immobilize enemies. Made by RadiantDarkBlaze.


Can be considered an improvised Freeze type. It disables characters to use their MP bars and prevent the Magician and the Priest from attacking for 5 seconds (half the duration of Ice). Against enemies it disables their attack completely, and bosses have reduced mute effect. Can be improved by a Pearl (+1.6s/level) and be negated by the Mute Charm. Made by HankGuideDude.


Turns enemies cyan for a predetermined amount of time. Makes the enemy "produce" attacks that can damage it and other enemies. The attack is usually cyan mines. Made by Poisonshot.


2 A rare element that usually creates synergies with light to heal life, or inflicts random status ailments.


Similar to Poison, except overpowered. Made by Poisonshot.


A sub-type of Thunder, Poison and Freeze. It has a high damage range like Thunder, can do damage over time like Poison and immobilizes the enemy like Freeze. Improved by adding Tanzanite, Amethyst, and Corundum. Made by HankGuideDude.


Rust can be considered a sub-type of Poison and Physical. It can leave either debris or similar objects that cause damage when stepped over, or produce residue with a chance of poisoning those who stand in it long enough. It is usually gray, but can be tinted with dark orange. Made by Ludicrine, inspired by HankGuideDude.


Acts like Freeze, but unlike it, this type affects gravity. Inspired by Sillyland.

Other use for shock; acts like thunder but can deal chain damage on enemies (moving from one ememy to the next but while staying on the initial enemy). The amount of enemies affected or the range of the "shocking" can be changed with a shockers card. When the type is seen on a weapon (under AGI and DEX stats), additional stats will be present. These will be seen as chain length + x. Or chain number + x ("x" being the amount of range/number of enemies affected). By ThatLadThere.


An ailment that only characters can catch. Like Ice, it slows characters down by a certain percentage each attack and is permanent, as in, stacked until frozen indefinitely. If all four characters are fully stoned, the game will end. This can only be cured by going to the next sign, ingesting a Golden Onigiri, or by dying and reviving said character. Can be negated by the the Stone Charm. Made by HankGuideDude.


Can provide compo item effects but usually has no attack. Started by HankGuideDude.


Basically has no specific type, but it relies on things which can control time, such as slowing down the time for others, speeding up the time, go in the past or in the future and so on... It will not affect bosses. Made by HankGuideDude.

Whether it has significance to Chronos or Time-based weapons is unknown.


Same as lethal, but the KO rate is bigger and it cannot equip compos. Made by Francisco25, inspired from HankGuideDude.


Any weapon with a unique type is considered to have the Unique type.


Turns an enemy purple and messes their AI, sometimes attacking and distracting others. Cannot so much affect bosses. Started by interdit.


Water is a sub-type of Physical and Ice. They deal Physical damage, but either slow down the enemy in a certain percent chance, or always slow down. Also adds more damage to fire enemies or whoever utilizes fire attacks (excludes megabosses).



Does low damage, but it blows the enemies away from the characters. Cannot affect immobilized species, such as Mushrooms and Cacti. Made by Poisonshot?


??? (Wildcard?)

Mysterious, unknown, and strange. It is impossible to know which type the ranger will fire every attack. Made by Francisco25.

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