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This is the page for ideas of enemies in Stick Ranger, whether it would be just suggestions, looks, or pre-existing in stages.

When creating a new enemy, make sure to put the stats using the {{SR enemy}} template.

Other enemies


Here go enemies that don't belong to any article, but are credited nonetheless.


In there are enemies that their creators aren't mentioned. Including in there are suggestions for species and heads that either are already added, or simply left behind.

See also

Deep Cavern

Cave Adventure 1

Cave Adventure 2

Cave Adventure 3

Cave Adventure 4

Cave Adventure 5

Cave Adventure 6

Cave Adventure 7

Cave Adventure 8



Fortress Gate


Under construction.

Damned Road 1


Under construction.

Island 1

Island 2


Jungle 1

Jungle 2

Jungle 3

Jungle 4

Jungle 5


Seabed 1

Seabed 2

Dust Ground 1

Dust Ground 2

Dust Ground 3

Cliff Shadows

Olympus Mons

Impact Crater


Under construction.

Moon 1

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