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A class (or profession) is an attribute of a character in Stick Ranger. It determines the starting weapon of a character, the weapons a character can equip as well as the stats that increase when SP is invested. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. [Read more]


This page will serve as a hub to all of the fictional classes. There is an archive as well if you need some motives to create a new class by yourself.

It is advised to visit the talk page before creating an idea for a class.

List of (fanon) classesEdit

The list of all fanon class go here. Consult the archive for more inside info.  

Class Description Equipment Alignment Magic? Creator
Agent Agent A class able to defend itself - Both near and far an enemy. N Taser Tasers Ranged Yes Poisonshot
Pros: Quick access magic attacks (ranged), low-AGI, good range.
Cons: Low melee AT, ranged magic AT is cut by half.
BomberClass Bomber Tosses bombs, which explode and damage more than one enemy. N Bomb Bombs Ranged No Francisco25
Pros: Great against mobs, thrown in an arc, decent range and AT.
Cons: Most bombs take time to actually explode, and may miss the enemy.
Brewer Brewer Tosses potions, which explode and damage more than one enemy. Potion Potions Ranged No Poisonshot
Pros: ?
Cons: ?
ChefClass Chef Can function as a quick attacker, but primarily used as a healer. N Utensil Utensils / N Food Foods Hybrid No Lazro
Pros: Good healing abilities, varied melee weapon stats, also provides alt. attacks besides healing.
Cons: Can't deal as much damage as most classes, healing takes a good while.
ClubberClass Clubber Clubs the enemies to death - one at a time. N Club Clubs Melee Yes Look-a-troopa
Pros: Great melee AT, naturally increases Jump to charge extra damage.
Cons: Slow and short-ranged, can't deal mobs. [?]
CyborgClass Cyborg Wields three body parts for three times support. N Eye Eyes , N Arm Arms , N Leg Legs Hybrid Arms only HankGuideDude
Pros: Can modify its speed, capable of knocking back enemies.
Cons: Cannot equip compos, mostly walks slower, and is only capable of single-tasking during combat.
DefenderClass Defender Will keep the team alive by tanking. N Shield Shields None No Final508
Pros: High LP and defense, rushes to the front.
Cons: Cannot attack at all, exists a tie between evasion and health.
 ? Disguiser Can change its species, changing its AI.  ? Costumes Hybrid Yes Poisonshot
Pros: ?
Cons: ?
DSwordsmanClass Dual Swordsman A dual-wielding swordsman, double times at mobs. N DSword Dual Swords Melee Yes Ivan247
Pros: Balances both AT and AGI.
Cons: Lower range than gladiators.
Elemental V2 Elemental A magical-like class that depends on the elements to fight off the enemies. Element (Generic) Elements Ranged No StickyS
Pros: Wide range of attacks, especially against enemies with type strengths.
Cons: Currently overpowered.
HammerClass Hammerer A class with serious brute force. Blank Hammer Hammers Melee Yes Samuel17
Pros: High AT and DPS, provides knockback, and greater increase of AT.
Cons: Slow, slight range issues, poor mob handling.
HunterClass Hunter Prioritizes reach more than even his life. N Sling Slings Ranged No Poisonshot
Pros: High range, thrown at an arc.
Cons: Low AT. [?]
 ? Jester Mid-ranged melee class that comes with whimsical magic effects and occasional jokes. ? Scepters Melee Yes Jabenero
KnightClass Knight A lance-and-shield class that can charge at enemies with or without his mount. N Lance Lances Melee Yes Francisco25
Pros: Natural attack blocking, charges at enemies for extra damage, and can ride a mount for additional charge.
Cons: Not very stable DPS, tends to risk towards enemies, and limited to attack within lance's level.
LumberjackClass Lumberjack An advanced class that can either swing mobs down, or chop them with a little fuel. N Axe Axes / N Saw Saws Melee Axes only HankGuideDude
Pros: Natural speed increase, moderate DPS (Axe), Very low AGI (Saw).
Cons: Slightly slower and short-ranged than normal melee (Axe), uses Fuel (Saw).
MaskerClass Masker Mimics his enemies to attack like them. N Mask Masks Ranged Yes Neotornado
Pros: Wide range of attacks.
Cons: Generally have high MP requirements.
MechanicClass Mechanic Creates machines for the enemies to deal with. N Wrench Wrenches/Inventions Hybrid No HankGuideDude
Pros: Customizable stats with wrench and invention improvement stats from said class.
Cons: Invention only has one compo (or none), Costly to build and maintain in terms of items and gold.
MinerClass Miner Can not only attack, but can excavate. N Pickaxe Pickaxes Melee Yes Poisonshot
Pros: Finds compos off of terrain, Explosion Card charged.
Cons: Takes a while to excavate the terrain, not a bright attacker.
 ? Necromancer Exactly imitates the enemy's attack. N Attack Necromancy Ranged No RadiantDarkBlaze
Pros: ?
Cons: ?
NinjaClass Ninja A stealthy class with two different throwing stars to choose from. N Star Shurikens / N Kunai Kunais Ranged Yes Francisco25
Pros: Very quick (Shuriken), pierces enemies (Kunai).
Cons: Evasion causes other characters to get hit, not very good AT.
Paladin Icon Paladin A sword-wielding horse-riding ruthless warrior. N Sword Swords [!], Horse Armor Horse Armor Melee Yes CHASE248
Pros: Decent DPS, able to increase defense, along with other stats with a horse mount armor.
Cons: One compo wielder. [?]
PredatorClass Predator A scary ranged class with an idol it worships. N Blowgun Blowguns Ranged See War Cry HankGuideDude
Pros: Decent range, increases critical damage, can support all characters with AT and defense.
Cons: Weak in terms of damage and agility, only magical ability requires a huge amount of MP.
Psycho Psycho A rather violent class that throws and swabs his plank towards the enemy.  ? Sticks? Hybrid Yes Popetipap
Pros: ?
Cons: ?
RunnerClass Runner Speedy class that kicks his enemies for victory. N Shoe Shoes Melee Yes Samuel17/
Pros: Quick in both AGI and speed. Intense magic attacks.
Cons: Due to AI could lead to low range, leading to heavy LP losses.
SpearmanClass Spearman Can either throw spears to simply stab at these enemies. N Spear Spears Melee Yes  ?
Pros: Versatile against enemies, decent AT.
Cons: Slower when thrown, but weaker when stabbing.
SpiritC Spirit A combat class with an aura of projectile reflection. Curse-0 Curses Ranged No Poisonshot
Pros: Provides Aura of bounce, as well as combative support of various degrees.
Cons: Slow and generally dependent for the aura.
 ? Troll A ramming class that shreds enemies.  ? Horns Melee Yes David7015
Pros: ?
Cons: Loses slight range against bigger enemies, very vulnerable.
ValkyrieClass Valkyrie A class from the heavens, whipping maces. N Mace Maces Melee Yes Augphlosion
Pros: Intense magical attacks, average DPS, and flying capabilities.
Cons: Doesn't improve AT quickly. [?]
WitchClass Witch Debuffs the enemies with many different effects. N Broom Brooms Ranged No  ?
Pros: Lowers the enemies' stats, and can improve on them.
Cons: Low LP, isn't meant to deal damage.
WizardClass3 Wizard A magical class that deals much improved spells. N Tome Tomes Ranged Mana 1X3B
Pros: Very intense magical attacks. Great range.
Cons: Uses Mana for spells. Typically slow.

See alsoEdit

Hybrid Classes 

Undefined classes are classes which require a little more information to determine whether their attacks orient towards melee, ranged or both under hybrid.


This here archive concludes either joke classes or classes that their core purpose were not determined.
It is highly unlikely that such classes would surface from there, so any comments posted there are likely to be ignored.

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