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Undefined classes require a little more information to determine whether their attacks orient towards melee, ranged or both under hybrid.
For the redlinks, be sure to check out the archive for the list of weapons if interested.


This here archive concludes either joke classes or classes that their core purpose were not determined.
It is highly unlikely that such classes would surface from there. Therefore, any comments posted have the tendency to be ignored (unless noted of urgency/priority).

A class (or profession) is an attribute of a character in Stick Ranger. It determines the starting weapon of a character, the weapons a character can equip as well as the stats that increase when SP is invested. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. [Read more]


This page will serve as a hub to all of the fictional classes. In the tabs above there will be a link to each subpage that consist of melee, ranged, and hybrid classes - along with a short (and witty) description as well as pros and cons for the particular class to take note of.

There is also an archive as well for classes that lost their purpose and consist mostly of "joke" classes that are just for show, but there exist undefined classes that have no description and could be picked off if you need some motives to create a new class by yourself.

It is advised to visit the talk page before creating an idea for a class.

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