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Ludicrine (Cousin), Elizabeth (Sister), Lazro (Platonic partner)
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Ialalita Anagram was born to a counter-cultural pair of Serrangio mates named Riotho and Zuley. She was raised in secret and was not born to a squadron of any kind, having an upbringing similar to most Gridmask societies. Learning to hate her government and growing up with a strong love of her biological family, she set off at an early age to reunite with her biological sister, Elizabeth, who was delivered to the government to be grown as a future overseer. Keeping in close contact with her while still living with her parents, she would later set off to meet Czen, Ludicrine Sr., and Ludicrine Jr., three other members related to her biologically. Czen and Ludi Sr. were less-than-thrilled to meet her and were appalled by her upbringing and behavior, though the younger Ludicrine was overjoyed in meeting her, and the two bonded with ease. Iala would spend her days with Ludicrine and Elizabeth whenever she could, which was not very frequent due to the work schedules of the two. At some point later in her life, she left her parents as to not drain them of their resources and sought out to live her life and gain a profession, but found it incredibly difficult due to her lack of interest in all subjects and limited skill in all of them in comparison to naturally-raised Serrangios. After having a poor start with relationships during her job search, she attempted to become a prostitute and briefly convinced her sister to do the same, though the latter bailed out in short order. Finding difficulty in her work, she began to travel across other worlds in search of business, but was later called home by her sister due to the Third Catastrophe taking place. Iala and Elizabeth agreed to take part in a resistance against the Doomers alongside some other homeless Serrangios and set up a resistance base on Ithion.

Story Roles

Iala was first mentioned in Absolutely Nothing: Ludicrine's Inactivity and Beyond. She and her sister, Elizabeth, agreed to do "some form of reverse-prostitution" after some of Bruidic's convincing. (This was to be done on Ludicrine, though nobody but Bruidic had knowledge of this at the time.)

She marked her first appearance in Cuts Internal. She ended up stuck in Wonder Jungle after being shot out of the sky. She joined with the rest of the gang on a search for Ludicrine, which ended up with them getting trapped in the factory by a devious robot named Nero.EXE. They fought several robots that stood in their way. She also seems to have developed feelings for Lazro, as she attempted regular conversations with him as opposed to acting in her usual mannerisms.

She possesses several weapons to use in battle, including a Superball Gun, a reference to Powder Game.

Iala appears in later stories, such as The Dark Emissary: Uprising, Wrapping Things Up 2, and Spark.


Iala is described by others as incredibly promiscuous and attempts to assert herself onto virtually anyone in an unreasonably blunt manner. She, at all times, suggests open sexual contact with one or more persons around her. Her occupation, almost fittingly enough, was formerly a prostitute, but due to her status as a Serrangio on doomer-occupied Genoskaya, she remained unsuccessful. Despite this shallow coating, Iala is actually afraid of romantic relationships and prefers immediate gratification rather than such, and only hits on everyone to avoid the chance of entering one. She is incredibly caring towards those close to her, namely her sister Elizabeth, and can become very protective of those she loves (often coating this over with "advice"). With her history of no lasting relationships and her inability to bear children, she tends to become irritated about such topics as settling down and having a domestic relationship.

She is taller than The Mistress, Ludicrine, and Elizabeth. She has green-tinted hairwings that, at full length, depict a wavy pattern with purple tips. Her style of dress under normal circumstances is rather casual, with a definite affinity for large sweaters, though when on-duty with her work she opts for more eye-catching clothing. Her wings are of a very long length in proportion to her height.


  • Iala cannot get pregnant.
  • The character of Iala was designed to mock female characters designed primarily to cater to the gaze of fanservice-hungry male youths, driving the point home with the fact that no character (except Lazro) has been shown willing to sleep with her despite her attractive appearance.
    • After a slight alteration to her character, Iala has been confirmed to be aromantic and is in a platonic, "friends-with-benefits" relationship with Lazro.