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Revelian: I'm coming, I'm coming, quit your fucking knocking already!

Revelian rushed to the door of his home and opened it with a swift motion. He immediately recognized the three people standing there to be his friends, Lazro, David, and Sam. He sighed, knowing what they were here for. Though he wasn't exactly one for keeping track of dates, he knew that the snow and decorations, along with these three coming to his door, meant that it was that time of year.


And these three were going caroling once again.

Lazro: Are you ready for some holiday cheer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?

Revelian: Get the fuck off my property.

David: I'm not hearing a no!

Samuel: Happy Chanukwanzaa to you, happy Chanukwanzaa to you, happy Chanukwanzaa dear Rev-

Revelian then went enduced the Enraged effect on himself.


Lazro: Uh, should we finish the song first or-

Revelian sent them all flying with a flick of his wrist, sending them barreling off the property.

Revelian: And stop coming here every Chanukwanzaa!! FUCK.

Revelian slammed his door shut.

Lazro: Sheesh, can't Rev ever just lighten up? Especially in this joyous time of year?!

David: I know what you mean...

Samuel: Man, he's always like this during Chanukwanzaa. I mean, he usually makes us explode whenever we go in his property, but he's even more grumpy about it when he does it this time of year.

David: Yeah... It's pretty sad to see that he still hasn't gotten over what happened before...

Lazro: Huh? What do you mean?

David: You mean he hasn't told you what happened to him on the first Chanukwanzaa?

Lazro: Well, he sure hasn't said anything to me about an incident during Chanukwanzaa. Or anything about the first Chanukwanzaa, for that matter.

Samuel: I haven't heard anything like that from him, either...

David: Huh... Well, I guess it is kinda a bad subject for him...

Samuel: So...? What happened? And how do you know about it?

David: Alright, I'll tell you... It all started when Chanukwanzaa was first made an official holiday on Ludus...

Lazro: But wasn't that, like, a long time ago? We weren't even born back then!

David: I know, I know. Just hear me out, okay?

Sam and Lazro glanced at each other before nodding.

In Revelian's home, the Dark Matter sat next to the fireplace. He let out a short sigh. Cygnus asked if something was wrong, to which Revelian responded that he was fine, so Cygnus left him to his thought. He looked over to the bookshelf. On top of it was a large book filled with pictures that he'd taken, of memories that were long since a thing of the past.

Letting out another sigh, he reached over and grabbed it from where it was, and flipped to a bookmarked page. There it was, the picture he'd taken with them on that day. The memories of that time flooded back to him then...

Chapter 1 - Preparations for the Festivities

Revelian: Quit knocking, I heard you the first time! I'll be there in a second!

Revelian opened the door to his and Mura's home. He recognized the familiar faces of the two standing there in the doorway.

Revelian: Oh, hey, David, Rolie...

David: Hello, Rev!

Rolie: Hi, man.

Revelian gave a slightly distant expression for a moment. And then, just as quickly as it had appeared, it changed, replaced with a well-known one of annoyance.

Revelian: Hey, why the hell does one or both of you have to pound on my door lime that? It's so damn agitating.

David: Really? Huh, I thought that was how everyone knocked on doors.

Rolie: It totally is, though! I don't know what you're going on about, Rev.

David: Oh, okay then.

Revelian: It is how everyone on this planet knocks on doors, but just because it's common doesn't make it any less annoying.

Rolie: Okay, man. If it bothers you do much then we'll make sure to knock differently. Okay?

Revelian: Yeah, yeah. Here, guys, come inside. It's probably cold as piss out there.

Revelian stepped to the side and allowed his friends entry into the home. Revelian closed the door behind them all and saw Mura nearby.

Mura: Hello, guys!

David: Hi, Mura!

Rolie: Hello.

The four of them came together in the living room, and talked their regular small talk as they did normally.

David: Oh, hey, Mura, I almost forgot to ask about this, but are you and Rev gonna be at the Chanukwanzaa festival tomorrow?

Mura: The... Chanukwanzaa festival?

Rolie: Yeah, it's going to be really great!

Revelian: What the actual fuck is Chanukwanzaa?

David: What? You don't know??

Revelian: I asked what the actual fuck it was, so it's easy to infer that from context.

Rolie: Right, I guess that you guys aren't really up to date with the news... Chanukwanzaa is a holiday that a lot of families would celebrate on their own, and it's just recently been made into an official worldwide holiday.

David: Yeah! And they're going to have a festival going all throughout the town for it.

Mura: Wow, it sounds cool.

Revelian: So... What exactly is this holiday about, even? Could you give, like, a more detailed explanation of it?

David: Sure, okay. Chanukwanzaa is a one-day festival that takes place during the colder season, on 12/25, where it starts snowing all over the planet. It's a day where families get together and party, eating copious amounts of food and giving each other gifts.

Rolie: Carolers often go from door-to-door singing ridiculous folk songs in the hopes of being sent off with cheery blessings, food, or anything other than a few bullets in their skulls. Basically, the main points of the holiday are family, sustenance, gifts, songs, and blessings.

Mura: Ohh, that's really cool!

Revelian: Eh... Yeah, I guess it sounds alright.

Rolie: Really? You don't sound all too excited about it.

Mura: Oh, ignore Rev, he just wants to sound cool and all.

Revelian: What? No I don't, I respond to that just like I'd do anything else.

Mura: Exactly! You always try to act like a coolkid!

Revelian: I'm calling bullshit on that because everyone knows I don't have to try at all to be cool.

Mura: Hehe...

Revelian: But anyway, so the festival would be tomorrow?

David: Yeah, it will. So, are you guys going to be coming or not?

Mura: I sure am!

Revelian: Yeah, I guess I'll be going, too. I mean, it couldn't be worse than just staying bottled up inside the house all day.

Mura: Great!!

Rolie: Alright. We'll meet you guys there, okay? In the town square, tomorrow.

Mura: Right!

Revelian: It's a plan, then.

And so, the plans for going to the festival for the first official Chanukwanzaa were made, and, later, carried out.

Chapter 2 - From Joy to Rage

Mura: Revelian...? You awake...?

Mura closely examined his brother, who had his head on his desk. The day had been long for them both; getting up early for the Chanukwanzaa festival, they found themselves having gotten there much earlier than the other two, so they went out and tried to partake in the festivities themselves for a while. The allure of sweets, songs, and warmth brought them every which way, and gave them a childlike sense of excitement throughout. Getting with their friends later only made the experience even more fun, as they made memories that day and shared each other's company. Most of the time, Revelian had an uncharacteristic easiness about him. He'd really enjoyed it. It made sense that after all that he'd be so spent like this.

Revelian only mumbled incoherently. He was just barely sleeping. This was perfect, Mura thought, as he approached him. He held out a toy he'd gotten from the festival earlier, one with a string attached. Mura pulled the string and the toy shrieked out with a loud noise.

Revelian: BUH!!!

Revelian jumped up and fell out of his chair.

Mura: Hahahah...


Revelian stood up with a bit of indignance, to the sound of Mura's childish laughter.

Revelian: ... I'd be so pissed off at you if I wasn't surprised that you pulled off a prank so well.

Mura: It's a toy, see?

Mura pulled the string of another one.

He had not stood up on his own legs for quite a while now.

However long ago it was... In the place where his memories of happiness were buried. They called him Schounmund. Everyone there, who looked upon him with their happy, smiling faces. Not ones stained with disgust or despise. It was back when he only had one name. Back there and then, he would stand up very often. He remembered this. He had almost forgotten what it was like to stand up now. His legs had lost their will to do that a while ago.

Why is this? They'd never been broken before, he knew all too well. At least he didn't think so. And his body could easily support his weight. He knew very well how to stand, he still did. But he had forgot the sensation that it was not to sit indignantly as he was now, staring at the wall of his cell, with a numb mind only whispering thoughts. Why couldn't he stand?

And yes, he knew his legs certainly weren't broken. The ones who came to the place where he did stand every day, they did not break them. The long fall that he took here, it did not cause his legs to break. And the people that he'd met here, they did not break his legs, despite how hard they had tried. It was doubtful that they even had the potential to break them, in fact.

For quite a while, he'd taken on sitting indignantly as he did. But why? Why didn't he stand, he wondered.

Maybe his legs had become like him, he'd thought. Maybe they had just given up as he had. He remembered what it was like. Even after the people had come to that place, he would stand. Even after the fall he took, he could still stand. Even after arriving on this place, he could stand.

But then it all changed. He met the people. They were quite unlike the ones he'd known in the place before. The place where he'd had only one name. But the people here did not know him as one name. They knew him as several. "Freak", "Demon", "Horrid Creature", "Godless Being", and "Waste Of Matter". These were the names he was known as. He was called by these names every day. They almost became more familiar to him than his own name.

And the customs of this place were very different. On the place where he had stood every day, he remembered that he'd done a lot more with his legs, such as walking, running, jumping, skipping. He didn't know why, though. It seemed like such fun to do, though.

But here, legs were not only used for such things. And neither were hands. Legs were for violence-akin thrusts into others during the course of yelling, referring to him as one of his many new names he'd acquired on this place, and turning red, often events that took place with others who would dress similarly to one another as well as bear a similar hairstyle, done repeatedly and followed by minor acts of vandalism and searching. Knees were for a similar thing. And hands were often for driving through the air into one another. Fingers were something else; these were often curled up into the hand and then used for a thrusting motion forward or to the side. Yelling was common among doing so, and so were the names.

At first, he had, indeed, mistaken this for customs. But in his heart, he knew that they weren't. The sensation of one's own gaseous blood being excreted several times got to someone, made them realize a lot, he knew. That his names weren't just names. That they meant something. And that these customs weren't just friendly behavior.

They were lined with a burning hatred.

And soon enough, realization came pouring into him. He would speak. He would try to understand. He would try to make them understand. But he was never able to complete that last thing. It would be just like before, when ignorance was predominant.

He decided to stop letting it not be that way. His mind was now numb, full of what he did not know. It was quite a lot, even if he did not try. There was, at first, the big question, of "Why is this happening to me?" But that question was never answered. Everything just kept happening. Even after some people were kind enough to put him in a grey cement room with a metal door, they would later come and do it again. He stopped caring for the question soon enough. He knew the answer would never come.

And so came the next question. "Why can't I stand?" But at this moment, he'd decided to give up on this as well. He'd thought the same thing over and over. No reason to think about it any more. He would just come to the same conclusion. So yes, what was the next question.

"Who started this all?"

Yes, this was quite a question. It was them, from before he had fallen through. Was it, while he was in the place where he would often stand? Yes, he believed it was. Who had come to him then?

Those people had only one eye. And they wore capes, he believed. Black skin, as well? Yes, that was it... What were they called, though?

He actually believed he'd heard the term used recently. What was it? It was one of the people who brought him here that had said it, he believed. What exactly did they say again, he wondered...

"Yeah, I saw them, too. Dark Matters, they're called?"

Yes, that was it. That's what was said.

And... Yes, that was what they were called. Dark Matters.

Schounmund: Dark Matters...?

It had been a while since he had spoken, as well. But this was definitely for good purpose. His mind was very active now, thinking about the Dark Matters.

Schounmund: Dark Matters...

These were the ones who had come to his home, the place where he had stood often. These were the ones that killed all the people who would only call him by one name, and who he would gladly abide to the customs of. And these were the ones who had caused it all. The ones who truly deserved his rage.

Schounmund: Dark Matters.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, his legs did something incredible. They allowed him to stand.

Schounmund: Dark Matters...!

He started to glow. The guards came to attention, shouting out one of his many names.

Mura: Huh...?

The string that he'd just pulled came out, but no sound did.

Revelian: Eh? How come that one didn't go off?

Mura: Ugh... Must be defective or something...

Mura held it in both of his hands.

Mura: Ah, I can get it to work, maybe if I just shake it a bit...

Mura shook it. A little bit of string came out of the bottom.

Mura: Oh! It just wasn't pulled all the way.

Mura pulled the string, making sure to get the entirety of it out of the toy.


The windows of the room then exploded from a great amount of force. Surprised by this, Rev and Mura both jumped up.

Mura: Wah!!

Revelian: Shit!! Agh... What the hell was that all about...?

Mura: I didn't know that it would do this!

Revelian examined the windows.

Revelian: But wait, it couldn't have done it, the glass came into the house, not out of it...

Mura: Huh...?

Revelian: And, uh, I think I have a pretty good idea about what did do this.

Mura came to the window. From inside the town, trails of lightning were streaming throughout the sky, with an origin that appeared to be on the ground.

Chapter 3 - Magic Havoc

The prison exploded, being able to stand no ground whatsoever against Schounmund's power. Lavender streams poured out through his fingertips, hit the air, lighting up and moving erratically, even splitting into different parts. The walls around him evaporated by the touch of this controlled electric stream, and then collapsed around him.

Schounmund: F...

There was nothing containing him now. He was able to escape this place.

Schounmund: Freedom...

He didn't want to leave right now, though. There was a sensation burning within him, a strong feeling towards the place, and the people. He had something else he wanted to do.

He turned. There were people, the Gridmask onlookers. They gave him expressions of horror before running off. They hadn't done this. Running was something he hadn't seen them do often. As the electric stream was still pouring out of his fingertips, he raised his other hand towards the running Gridmasks.

And a cyan beam flew out from his hand, freezing perfectly every surface that it touched. The running people were no longer running, frozen in place.

He moved his other hand forward, allowing the lavender stream to travel to those who were no longer running. As it touched, they caught on fire, and then began to explode as their exposure to this stream lengthened.

Schounmund: Ah...

He now had his mind set on this action. He spun around, sending out a spiral of his power around him. He knew what it was time for.

Schounmund: This is my payback!

And his payback could be viewed even from the side of town that Revelian and Mura were currently residing in.

Mura: Wh... What is that?

Revelian: I don't know! But...

Revelian sighed, thought for a moment, and then continued.

Revelian: I guess it's some terrorist who's... well, terrorizing, people. I don't really know what kind of power that's supposed to be, though...

Mura: Do you think we should get involved, bro?

Revelian: What, you mean like attack whoever's doing this?

Mura: Yeah!

Revelian: I thought you were kinda, you know, a devout fucking pacifist.

Mura: Which is exactly why I think we need to stop this violence!

Revelian: Uh... Right, whatever. Huh... This looks like it'll be a tough fight, honestly. Shattering windows from the other side of town? Pretty powerful. Sure will be a huge leap forward from beating the shit out of any asshole Gridmask who tries to cross me.

Mura: Yeah, let's go already!

Schounmund: You.

Schounmund pointed a finger at a running Gridmask. This man, to Schounmund, seemed so familiar. It was like he'd had the face of someone he knew. Someone evil. Schounmund froze the Gridmask in his tracks.

Schounmund: Why were you running?

The man screamed out in terror, but provided no other response.

Schounmund: Hm.

Schounmund blasted his leg with a lavender stream, that set it aflame. The mans screams became louder.

Schounmund: You should accept this...

Schounmund spoke so softly and quietly. Even if all was silent, it would be hard to hear what he was saying, if heard from a distance. But hearing exactly what he was saying was nearly impossible with all the sounds of terrified screams and buildings breaking.

The man before him then was burnt to a black body. Schounmund walked forward, looking around. In the time that he'd spent putting focus into this man in particular, all those around him had since left. They could not be seen, only heard. Schounmund knew what would come next. The hunt. He would find them.

He ducked into an alleyway then, starting to run. His pace began to slow, then, before his mind could comprehend why. But then he felt it. There was another presence.

Mura: There!

Schounmund looked forward, and found himself facing a figure who he couldn't make out in the shadows. It did appear to be a man, though, judging by figure and voice. And he also had a large, glowing red circle right in the middle of his face.

Revelian: Hey, you! That's enough of this.

Schounmund turned around, and found himself facing a similar figure that was cloaked in shadow. It was clear that this one, who appeared to be another man with spiky hair, was also male, as judging from figure and voice. And, like the other, he had a large, glowing circle in the middle of his face, only his was a light cyan as opposed to the others' candy red.

Revelian: You're the one who's been going around killing people with that weird purple thunder and ice stuff, I know it.

Schounmund: ...

Schounmund did not respond to him. He was only barely comprehending what he was saying, absorbed in his own thoughts as he was. These people... They were oddly familiar.

And this was a bad thing, he knew.

Mura: And we can't allow you to keep doing this!

Schounmund then turned back to the one with the candy red circle, who was starting to walk forward. Schounmund's eyes, one through the hole in his cracked mask, opened very wide as the figure stepped into light, and became visible.

From the neck down, he appeared like any other Gridmask on the planet. A normal build, and wearing black shorts and red patterned leggings, black shoes, tan gloves, a dark red turtleneck sweater, and long sleeves. Looking at him from above that, though, would prove the truth to be anything but. He had red hair that seemed to glow with a faint light, somewhat like a radioactive substance. His mouth, cheeks, and parts of his neck were covered by a red scarf. And his large, glowing candy red circle of an eye was prominent behind the visor he wore on his face. Yes, this was definitely a species alien to the planet. One that Schounmund actually knew all too well.

He was a Dark Matter.

Schounmund held out both of his hands towards Mura. Energy began building up in his fingertips.

Mura: Eh?!

Schounmund: Murderer...!

Revelian acted quickly. He charged forward and grabbed Schounmund's hands from behind him, pulling them upwards. A concentrated blast of lavender energy and ice beam surged upward into the sky, continuing to go about under Schounmund's control.

Revelian: Did you just fucking call him a murderer?! You're one to talk!

Schounmund started to struggle, but Revelian kept a tight grip on him. He then started to manipulate the lavender stream and icy beam, starting to make them go towards Revelian. Revelian threw Schounmund over his head and onto the ground, to avoid the attack.

Revelian: Fuck, are you just randomly an insane murderous asshole?! Since you just attacked without reason and aren't saying shit, it wouldn't surprise me, but I at least expected more out of you.

Schounmund then raised his head to look at Revelian. And he saw his form in the light. It was more obvious that he was a Dark Matter than it was for Mura. Covering his muscular figure, he wore a grey and red shirt, dark grey shorts, and patterned red and black leggings. Everything else about him, though, made it clear he was a Dark Matter. He had armored shoulders with long ribbons attached, which more patterns of red, blue, yellow, and grey. It looked as if he were wearing metal gloves that covered from his wrists to his elbows, but these were a part of his body. His skin, though not revealed too much, was clearly a dark purple. Like Mura, he also wore a red scarf to cover his mouth, cheeks, and parts of his neck. And also like his brother, he wore a visor, though his was of a slightly different shape. His single eye was a circle of light cyan light, and his hair was big and spiked.

Schounmund was then overcome with realization and shock. It was him. Schounmund put a hand up to his face, and rubbed his fingers across the jagged broken edge of his mask. His breathing became heavier. But he did not falter in front of these two. He looked at them with an expression of pure hatred. He knew that this was what they deserved.

Schounmund: Your... Names...

Mura and Revelian looked at each other in confusion. They assumed that it was a question.

Mura: ... I'm Mura, and he's Revelian-

Schounmund: Zeronius...!

Revelian: Huh...? How did you know that was are name?

Schounmund: You... This really is all your faults...

Revelian: What? What the hell is our faults?!

Mura: Who... Who even are you?!

Schounmund stayed silent for a moment. He then held his hands out in front of him. His left hand started to glow its icy cyan. And then, a shape formed in front of him. His other hand started to glow with its electric lavender. The shape started to spill out with streams. And it began to form something itself. It became a sword of ice, with lavender energy surging through it.

Schounmund: My name is... Schounmund... But that doesn't matter.

Schounmund held his newly-created sword in both hands, pointed towards Mura and Revelian.

Schounmund: Because you won't be living long enough to care about my name.

Revelian stepped forward.

Revelian: So it's a fight you want, then? Alright then, let's go. Since you're apparently too much of an arrogant little shit to realize how much more powerful we are than you, we'll give you a beating that isn't too harsh.

Revelian turned to Mura.

Mura: I know what to do. I'll buff you up to get his attention, then break from behind, so that we can topple him.

Revelian: Got it.

Revelian turned back towards Schounmund.

Revelian: So, Clownmud, get ready to have your ass handed to you.

Battle 1: Revelian and Mura Versus Schounmund (Boss)

Mura used Compact! Allies defenses are increased slightly!

Revelian used Hate Lock! Schounmund is forced to focus attacks on him!

Schounmund's Double Time trait kicked in!

Schounmund used Lavender Stream! 1,021 damage to Revelian! Schounmund used Ice Slash! 1,019 damage to Revelian!

Mura used Break Eye! 1,033 damage to Schounmund! Break was inflicted!

Revelian used Star Kick! 987 damage to Schounmund! Schounmund was Toppled for one turn!

Revelian: Alright, he's down! Now hit him with all you got!

Mura used Innocent Eye! 98 damage to Schounmund! Allies stats were boosted!

Schounmund's Topple Spike trait kicked in! 98 Spike damage to Mura!

Revelian used Seven Slash Combo! 5,761 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund's Topple Spike trait kicked in! 5,761 damage to Revelian!

Mura: Revelian, dealing damage to him when he's toppled will give damage back to us! We shouldn't topple him anymore!

Revelian: No shit we shouldn't!

Schounmund got back up!

Schounmund used Lavender Bolt! 967 damage to Revelian! Schounmund used Power Sword Slash! 989 damage to Revelian!

Reveilan got hurt and collapsed...

Mura: Bro!!

Mura used Slight Revive! Revelian was restored with 1 Health!

Schounmund used Lavender Miles! 1,219 damage to Revelian! 1,130 damage to Mura!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

Schounmund used Lavender Drain! 1,599 damage to Mura! 1,199 health restored to Schounmund!

Mura: Uh...

Mura used Cheer Up! Inspired was cast onto all allies!

Schounmund used Ice Drain! 1,342 damage to Mura! 1,342 health restored to Schounmund! Schounmund used Aura Absorb! Mura lost some defense, and Schounmund gained some!

Mura used Smokescreen Explosion! 9,999 damage to Mura! 4,000 damage to Schounmund! Confuse was inflicted on Schounmund!

Mura's Inspire revived him with 1 Health!

Mura: Urgh... We will live now, to beat you another day!

Mura Absconds!

Battle 1 End

Schounmund: Grghh...

Schounmund looked around. All he could see was a black mist around him. But he could hear footsteps retreating from the area. He knew they were absconding.

Schounmund: I... I will find you!

Schounmund then raised his hand, and let lavender streams fill the air, clearing the screen of blackness around him. But even as the air became cleared, he could not see Mura and Revelian. They had already gone off.

Schounmund: ...

Schounmund then held up his other hand, and let beams of ice surround the ground around him. Then, he was lifted up by a platform of ice. And he set of towards the towns border.

He held the cracked edge of his mask. His mind filled with both thoughts of hatred and sorrow. An orange glow started to emerge from it.

Chapter 4 - Miasma

A moment ago, as Mura was absconding with Revelian...

Mura was running frantically towards their house, carrying Revelian over his back. Revelian then awoke.

Revelian: H-Hey! Mura!

Mura stopped in his tracks, and let Rev dismount.

Mura: Are you alright, bro?

Revelian: What the hell happened?!

Mura: That guy, Schounmund, he overpowered us... We had to get out of there before he could kill us!

Revelian: Damnit... I didn't think he'd actually be able to beat us like that...

Mura: Neither did I! Whatever he is... He's very powerful...

Revelian: Yeah, I know... And that's why I figure it has to be us to defeat him.

Mura: Yes! It's not like any regular Gridmask could defeat him, so it has to be us!

Revelian: That's right. Whoever this asshole is or thinks he is, he has some problems with Dark Matters and Gridmasks, apparently.

David: "He" who?

Revelian and Mura then turned around, to see David and Rolie standing behind them.

David: The guy who was making all that violet lightning and the ice appear in the sky?

Revelian: David, Rolie, what the fuck are you two doing?!

Rolie: We saw and heard some of the commotion outside, and I knew you two were in trouble, so we came to help you out!

Revelian: Don't you two realize how dangerous it is to do shit like that?! You're still just kids, and we've been alive longer than your ancestors! If the two of us are in something that could actually be called trouble for us, then it's going to mean almost certain death for you!

David: But, we can more than manage in handling stuff ourselves! You don't have to treat us like we're defenseless!

Revelian: Do you hear yourself right now?! You're arrogant as fuck if you think you can fight anywhere near my level!

David: But--

Rolie: David, no, he's right.

David: Huh??

Rolie: Rev is extremely powerful compared to us. We shouldn't try to get involved with his struggles, they'd be at the risk of our lives. We shouldn't try to be heroes. I know especially that I'm not a hero.

David: ...

Revelian: ... Well, that was kinda fucking depressing. The point isn't that you're completely useless, it's that I don't want the two of you to get yourselves killed.

Rolie: Uh... Right.

Revelian: And hey, don't be so self-doubting. It's unhealthy... And don't be so doubting of me, either! Just because I lost the first round doesn't mean I can't beat Cowdump. And it doesn't mean that I need you guys to endanger yourselves trying to help me. As long as I'm still standing, you'll all be just fine.

Suddenly, Revelian started to glow with a green light, all over his body.

Revelian: What the hell...?

David: Revelian?? What's going on?

Revelian: I... I don't fucking know...!

David: You're glowing green!

Revelian: No fucking shit!!

Revelian then stumbled, and Mura caught him.

Mura: Bro, are you alright?!

Revelian: Hey, I may look like shit, but I'm fine!

Rolie: Revelian, your energy is being drained!


Rolie: Revelian... You really need to sit down, just for a moment, please, or else you might weaken too quickly...

Revelian: Alright, alright. I'll sit down right now if it'll keep you all from freaking out.

Mura then helped Revelian to sit down.

Revelian: There? Are you satsfied now that I'm, quite literally, sitting in my ass while that Shitmud guy is destroying our town?

Rolie: Hm... Revelian... It's good to know that you're strong enough to still be your normal self, even in a situation like this. It's a bit calming, really... Thank you.

Revelian scoffed.

Revelian: Gee, that's the first time anyone has ever thanked me for acting like an asshole.... What the hell are we going to do about this green glow thing, anyway?

Rolie: I want to try and figure out what's doing this, and to get rid of it.

Revelian: Alright, then. Give it a shot.

Rolie stood over him, holding out her hands. A teal glow came from them. Revelian's green glow began to lessen.

David: Hey, it's starting to go away!

Revelian: Yeah, but could you hurry it up?

Rolie: Right!

The teal glow became greater, as the green glow diminished. Soon, it went away entirely.

Rolie: There... Finally... There was some sort of spiritual energy sapping yours, and I was able to ward them away.

Revelian: Alright, thanks.

Revelian tried to stand up again, but nearly fell, and was caught by David and Mura.

Revelian: Damnit...!

Rolie: I'm sorry, I wasn't able to get it away quickly enough. You'll have to rest for a while to recover your energy...

Revelian: How the hell do you expect me to rest in a time like this?! That Schoun guy is still out there!

Mura: No, you can't put yourself in danger like this, bro! You're too weak!

Revelian: Who do you expect to fight him, then?!

Mura: I'll do it!

Revelian: You're not strong enough to fight him alone, Mura! He wiped the floor with both of us last time, remember?

David: Then we'll help him!

David took out his dual swords.

David: Right, Rolie?

Rolie: Sure...

Revelian: Fuck no! I just said I'm not going to put you two in danger like this!

David: Come on, Rev! Put together, we're at least as powerful as you! Probably even more powerful! We can take him!

Revelian: I said no!!

Rolie: Revelian, there isn't much of a choice! We're going to go, and you can't stop us! Just save yourself from the danger...

Revelian looked around at everyone, examining them in conflict. He wondered what to do for a moment, and then sighed.

Revelian: ... Alright, fine. You go, I'll stay behind and rest. But only because I'm too weak right now to try and stop you all...

Mura: Thank you... Now, let's get you home to rest up!

Revelian: ...

Chapter 5 - Spirit Track

The three are able to carry Rev a short distance to his and Mura's house, where they got him into his bed and allowed him to rest. Though he wouldn't say it, he could barely move at the moment. It was a miracle that he was able to speak. The three then prepared for the fight they would be getting into.

Revelian: Guys... Everyone be careful out there, got it?

David: Yeah!

Mura: Got it.

Rolie: Okay...

Revelian: I don't want anyone dying out there or getting hurt, you hear me?

Mura: No way!

David: We'll be fine, Revelian.

Revelian: Right... I wish that I could believe that myself...

Mura: Well, we should get going already. Goodbye, bro!

Revelian: ... See you later...

Mura, David, and Rolie then left the building.

Mura: Right, so is everyone ready for this?

David: Right! I got my swords sharpened. And, I've really perfected some good moves! I can give a good defense and attack if I want to. Plus, I've got some good attacks for fire damage and earth damage. I've even got something to daze and topple if I want to.

Mura: Well, you won't really want to topple this guy. If you do, then it will do damage back to you! Rev and I made that mistake in our first battle with him...

Rolie: Hm... I had a good topple and daze attack, but I guess those won't be put to use... I'll rely on my magic, then.

Mura: Right! We'll be needing that for the battle.

Rolie: Okay...

Mura: So...

Mura turned around.

Mura: We know where he is... Near the front gate of the town. We'll go to him and try to defeat him there. Then hopefully all this can end...

Mura turned back to the group.

Mura: Alright, guys, let's get going.

David: Okay!

And so, they set off towards the front town gate.

Schounmund: ...

Schounmund looked up at the large wall surrounding the town. He was currently at the front gate of the wall, examining it, as it was apparently of some importance.

Well, he knew it was of importance. It served a purpose for the Gridmasks, to protect the town from the monsters of the outside. But this was definitely not why he was called here.

Schounmund: Why...?

Yet the spirits gave him no response. For the moment, at least. Their energy only followed him and lingered for the time being. Yet they had protected him in battle, and led him here. There must have been reasons for this, he knew.

Yet he did not know what these reasons were. He'd yet to directly communicate with these familiar spirits.

He sat down for a moment. He started to think. These spirits were indeed familiar. Someone he knew, perhaps? Yes... He was sure of it. Though he was unable to reach memories of his past very well at the time, he knew that these spirits had interacted with him in their lives. Family, maybe?

But he didn't have any more time to think about it. Something was now happening. Some of the spirits started to move.

Schounmund stood up, suddenly alert.

And then he saw the three people who were going over to him.

Schounmund: Ah...!

Mura: We're almost there! I can see him from here.

Mura called out to the others as they went forward.

David: This guy? Who is he, again?

Mura: His name is Schounmund, I think.

Rolie: What an odd name...

Schounmund: You...!!

The group stopped in their tracks in front of him.

Schounmund: No more of this...!

Schounmund drew his sparking ice sword, and pointed it towards the three.

David: Huh, looks like this guy is quick to the point...

Rolie: Let's just do it, then. And we can't be careless about it!

David took out his dual swords, and the three entered positions for battle.

Battle 2: Mura, David, and Rolie versus Schounmund (Boss)

Mura used Compact! Allies defenses are increased slightly!

David used X-Flame! 1,081 damage to Schounmund! Burn was inflicted!

Rolie used Steel Light! 1,075 damage to Schounmund! Bleed was inflicted!

Schounmund's Double Time trait kicked in!

Schounmund used Lavender Miles! 1,130 damage to Mura! 1,421 damage to David! 1,326 damage to Rolie! Schounmund used Lavender Drain! 1,599 damage to Mura! 1,199 health restored to Schounmund!

Schounmund was Burned! 423 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund started Bleeding! 398 damage to Schounmund!

Mura used Armour Eye! Talent and Art Defenses increased by 50% for all allies!

David used Poison Strike! 687 damage to Schounmund! Schounmund resisted the Poison!

Rolie used Light Orb! 1,021 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund used Prism Strike VII! 2,165 damage to Mura! 2,566 damage to David! 2,578 damage to Rolie! Schounmund used Icy Beam! 432 damage to David! David was Frozen!

Schounmund was Burned! 423 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund started Bleeding! 398 damage to Schounmund!

Mura used Innocent Eye! 98 damage to Schounmund! Allies stats were boosted!

Rolie used Red Sun! 500 damage to Schounmund! 100 damage to Mura! 200 damage to David! 100 damage to Rolie!

David is no longer Frozen!

David used X-Strike! 1,238 damage to Schounmund! Double Attack! 1,238 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund used Lavender Drain! 1,599 damage to David! 1,199 health restored to Schounmund! Schounmund used Lavender Miles! 1,130 damage to Mura! 1,421 damage to David! 1,326 damage to Rolie!

Schounmund was Burned! 423 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund started Bleeding! 398 damage to Schounmund!

Mura used Final Muse! 1,000 damage to Schounmund! 333 health restored to Mura! 334 health restored to David! 333 health restored to Rolie!

David used Sword Driver V! 1,567 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund backed up...

You win!

Battle 2 End

Schounmund: ...

David: Ha! It looks like we've finally wore him down!

Schounmund: This... Can't...

Schounmund turned toward the front gate.

Schounmund: Why have you done this...?! Why have you chosen to lead me here...?!

Suddenly, the air around them began to glow. Orbs of thin light emerged, seemingly from nothingness, all around them.

David: What the...?!

Mura: These things are... What's going on?

Rolie: These spirits are building up energy... I couldn't detect them before...

Schounmund: I... I see now...

Schounmund held up his hand, letting the lavender stream flow through it. It built up in size, soon reaching above the tall gate. And then, with a swift motion, the stream enveloped the gate, turning it to rubble quickly.

David: The gate!! Now there's nothing to keep out the monsters!

Rolie: No, that's not what he's trying to do! He's trying to keep us in!

Light suddenly flooded into the gap left by where the large gate once was.

Rolie: We won't be able to go past that!

Schounmund: Hm...

The orbs of light that had gathered around then began to form shapes, somewhat human in their forms. Schounmund was lifted up by the lights, and began to ascend.

David: Hey!

The lights then swirled around in front of them. In their forms, they appeared as if ready to attack. Schounmund ascended with the lights and went off.

Rolie: Guys, we're going to have to defeat these spirits. These things are definitely hostile!

David: And I thought we'd be done after the last fight...

Battle 3: Mura, David, and Rolie versus Three Hostile Spirits

Mura used Multi Charm! Party Members can use a single attack that hits every enemy!

David used Sword Slammer! 3,231 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 3,321 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 3,312 damage to Hostile Spirit 3!

Rolie used Grey Shower! 3,216 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 3,126 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 3,162 damage to Hostile Spirit 3!

Hostile Spirit 1 used Charge!

Hostile Spirit 2 used Charge!

Hostile spirit 3 used Charge!

Mura used Tan Gaze! 1,675 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 1,675 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 1,675 damage to Hostile Spirit 3! Hostile Spirit 1, Hostile Spirit 2, and Hostile Spirit 3 were inflicted with Stun!

David used Wild Down! 1,000 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 1,000 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 1,000 damage to Hostile Spirit 3! The Stun effect was broken!

Rolie used Guardian Stars! 3,662 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 3,661 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 3,664 damage to Hostile Spirit 3! Hostile Spirit 1, Hostile Spirit 2, and Hostile Spirit 3 were inflicted with Stun!

Opponents are Stunned!

Mura used Talent Art VIII! Allies stats are increased!

David used Black Lariat! 6,462 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 6,642 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 6,624 damage to Hostile Spirit 3!

Rolie used Energy Slice! 6,432 damage to Hostile Spirit 1! 6,252 damage to Hostile Spirit 2! 6,324 damage to Hostile Spirit 3!

The Hostile Spirits faded away!

You win!

Battle 3 End

Rolie: Good, it looks like we've gotten them to fade away... For now, at least.

David: What was that all about?! Why are these 'hostile spirits' coming out of nowhere all of a sudden and attacking us?

Rolie: I'm sure it's because of this Schounmund... Though I can't really be sure, I've actually heard of something similar happening before. He has a connection with these spirits, and both he and these spirits believe that they were wronged in their lives, and are trying to do something to make up for it, possibly by getting revenge...

David: So, they're just angry at people? Who? And why?

Rolie: Well... Mura, have you seen anything from this Schounmund that would make it seem like he holds negative feelings towards anyone?

Mura: Well... I know that he did get all angry around Rev and I... And he has been attacking Gridmasks along the way. I guess he could be angry at Gridmasks, but why exactly he would be angry at us, I...

Mura then came to a realization.

Mura: Oh, wait! He, and the spirits along with him, actually would have a reason to be angry with us!

Rolie: Why is that?

Mura: Well... We have told you guys about the conquests, right?

David: Yeah, you have. Why?

Mura: Well, I think he might be a survivor of a planet that was taken over by Zeronius' forces... Or maybe a descendant of a survivor, or something like that. And he somehow ended up on Ludus.

Rolie: Right... Having your planet be destroyed is definitely something that one would want to get revenge for.

Mura: Mhm...

Rolie sighed, and then turned around. The others followed her gaze. Hostile Spirits just like the ones they'd been fighting seconds ago were now all over the town. They'd started attacking people, though at this point it seemed like a lot of the people weren't in their homes at the time, possibly away somewhere else in the town.

Rolie: Well, we sure do have a lot to do now...

Mura: W-wait a minute! Revelian!

Rolie: Eh?

Mura: Well... Ugh, he wasn't really as uninvolved as I was in the thing that they want revenge for! They'll probably be trying to attack him right now! Hell, they attacked us, so they would definitely go for him, too!

Rolie: Right, that does sound likely, unfortunately.

Mura: Yeah! Then we have to go to him! If they try and attack him... Well, he can't hold his own right now!

David: That's right, we should go after him!

Rolie: Guys... The rest of the town is being attacked. What about our focus on that?

Mura: We can just go and get Rev. Maybe if he's well enough, he could help us out! We'll even help out the place on the way, but we really should go to Rev as soon as we can!

Rolie: Well, you're right about that.

Mura: Yeah! So let's get going!

The three then headed off into the chaos of the town.

Chapter 6 - Dreams

Revelian: Well? Are you going to answer me?!

The orange old man stayed silent, apparently firm to his position. Revelian held by his hair, lifting him above the ground.

Revelian: Talk already!

Revelian gave him a hard punch to the side of his face.

Revelian: Where is it?! Where is the planet Vestiba?!

???: ...

Revelian: Tell me!!

???: ... Y...

Revelian tensed up with anxiety. He so dearly wanted answers. Hell, he thought to himself, it was the only thing they'd came to this planet for.

Revelian: Yes...?

???: Y... You... Will... Never find it...

Revelian gave him a hard glare, before breaking into a laugh.

Revelian: You just really get on my nerve, you know that?

Revelian slammed the old man into the ground with powerful force.

Revelian: I know how it is! Everyone here who knows it wouldn't say a word! Even when they were threatened with death, they wouldn't say a word! You all could've lived through this, you know! All we wanted was to know where it was, how to find it! But instead, you refused!

Revelian retracted a sword and held it over the man.

Revelian: But you were just too damn stubborn!

With a swift motion, Revelian sliced through the old man.

Revelian: And now your entire planet is nothing but a lifeless, bloodied rock.

Revelian surveyed the area around him. The planet was now seemingly desolate.

Revelian: Hm... We didn't get anything out of them, then...

Revelian let out an annoyed sigh.

Revelian: I guess it's time to report back.

Revelian turned. All of a sudden, someone jumped onto him.

Revelian: ?!

An oumeth had jumped onto him, and had tried to tackle him. The oumeth then resorted to punches and kicks to Revelian.

Revelian: Get the hell off me!

Revelian gave a hard punch to the oumeth, knocking him off. The oumeth went flying a few feet. Revelian turned, and saw something dropped on the floor.

Revelian had hit the man in the face so hard, that it had broken the mask he was wearing in half. Revelian picked it up, and put it on his side.

Revelian: Tch... Looks like this insect doesn't know when to quit.

Revelian slowly walked over to the oumeth, drawing his sword.

Revelian: ...

The oumeth suddenly sprung up again, this time moving backwards.

Revelian: Hey!!

???: ...

The oumeth then summoned a dark orb. The orb began to grow, and pulled Revelian into it.

Revelian: Ahh!! What the hell...?!

The conjured wormhole then absorbed them both.

Revelian: Mura!!

Revelian called out to what he could make out as just a dark red spot in the darkened sky.

Revelian: Over here!!

Mura: Bro, you're yelling is really loud and right in my ear.

Revelian: Oh, sorry. Forgot this was still on.

Mura: Okay...

Revelian: But yeah, I can see you above me. Come on and head down.

Mura: Got it!

After a short time, Mura was able to locate and go to Revelian.

Mura: Rev!

Revelian: Took you long enough.

Mura almost ran forward and embraced Revelian, but he took a step back.

Revelian: Hey, could we skip the heartfelt reunion for now? I kinda have a lot of questions.

Mura: Oh, a-alright!

Revelian: First of all, what the fuck happened to me?!

Mura: Well, for a really long time, you were sent floating around aimlessly through space, all while unconscious! I've been going around for so long trying to track you down. Thank goodness I actually found you! I was scared that I'd lost you for good...

Reveilan: What? Why the hell was I floating around through space while I was asleep?

Mura: Well, you did get beat up pretty badly by that one guy, and he did send you off into space...

Revelian: That one guy...?

Revelian tried hard to remember what had happened. He just barely grasped at memories that were there.

Revelian: You mean, the Binareller with the weird eyes? Was it him?

Mura: Eh? N-no... This happened over a century or two after you fought against any Binarellers...

Revelian: Well, I don't remember anything else after fighting some Binarellers!

Mura: You... Oh! I knew it!

Revelian: Eh? What?

Mura: It was Lord Zeronius! I knew that she'd altered your mind, so that you'd obey her! I couldn't prove it before, but now I know it's true!

Revelian: ... What the hell are you on about?

Mura: Well, right after the Binarellers, you wanted to go confront Lord Zeronius, but the next time I saw you, you were acting with complete loyalty to her. I did suspect that she'd done something, but the way you'd passionately acted about doing what you were for her... I was a bit conflicted on what I'd thought had happened. But if you don't remember anything that happened, then none of your doing afterword would have been your choice...

Revelian scratched his head.

Revelian: I... Don't really remember any of that... But, wait a minute... What do you mean 'my doing afterword?' What exactly did I do afterword? And why would it be a question of it being my doing?

Mura: Well, even though you'd no longer wanted a part of it all before, you were taking a major part in the planetary conquests that went on.

Revelian: I did what?!

Mura: Yeah... You spent over a century or two joining in with the conquests, leading Lord Zeronius' troops.

Revelian: Tch... Damnit...

The two became silent for a moment.

Revelian: What exactly happened? What things did I do after the whole mess with Lord Zeronius??

Mura: Well, I do know that there was mostly a lot of traveling about... But...

Revelian: I mean the conquests! What did I do?

Mura: There were... A few planets, where the populations were suppressed and taken over by Lord Zeronius' forces... But they're no longer like that, I believe... And, there was another planet, that... Well, it was like the same thing with the two that came before it.

Revelian: I did... Damnit, why the fuck did Lord Zeronius do that to me?!

Mura: I know, it was very selfish... I don't really know why Lord Zeronius would choose to do this to you, bro.

Revelian: And I got involved in all of that, again, even after I no longer wanted to!

Mura: But, Rev...! It doesn't really matter, because I know that you didn't want any of it! It wasn't you... And it's not you anymore, right...?

Revelian: No, it wasn't who I wanted to be. As for who I am anymore? We'll just have to see if Lord Zeronius' actions have any side effects...

Revelian sighed, and looked around.

Revelian: Where the hell are we, anyway?!

Mura: I'm not sure...

Revelian: I figured. Let's just try to find out already.

Revelian: Are you sure that this is a good place for, well, sight-seeing?

Mura: Of course! It's a really good nature scene!

Revelian looked around, disappointed by seeing an environment he was all too familiar with.

Reveilan: I mean, sure it was pretty and all, the first time around, but this entire part of the continent is covered with grass and flowers and trees.

Mura: Well, that's not exactly what I wanted you to see...

Revelian: Eh? What is it, then?

Mura: Oh, oh, it's really great! There's this castle around here, a really big one!

Revelian: A castle...? Who owns a castle here?

Mura: I'm not really sure, to be honest...

Revelian: So I'm guessing they won't exactly be rushing to roll a read carpet out for us, then?

Mura: I mean, it might just be deserted or something. A lot of establishments and buildings that weren't well protected back in the day are like that now...

Revelian: Well, I guess you're right about that... But I don't see why you're so eager to show it off to me.

Mura: But it looks really cool! I know you'll like to see it, bro!

Revelian: Well, if you say so... Where would it be, again?

Mura: Just a little bit further now. The gate should be just up ahead...

From the distance, a light blue stone structure could be seen.

Mura: Yeah, it's right up there!

Revelian: Hm...

Revelian tried to get a good look at it. As they went onward, however, it seemed that doing this was going to be hard.

Revelian: This entire place is... Crawling with those weak monsters.

Mura: Yeah, I know... They were here the last time I saw this place, but there wasn't this many of them...

Several creatures roamed across the grounds of the castle, consisting of two types-- one of the types of these creatures had large, exposed skulls as heads, and brown, vaguely human bodies, and the other creatures were circular rolling beings with round heads in the middle of them, the heads showing an expression of indifference. They seemed to be merely dancing around, without any sense of direction or purpose. And their numbers were plentiful, though they were weak monsters compared to Mura and Revelian.

Revelian: It's a nice place, anyway. Even with the monsters. Though, it would be a lot nicer without them.

Mura: Yeah, it would be...

Revelian and Mura took a moment to look at the castle, before Revelian then noticed something.

Revelian: Hey, look over there! Are those... Kids?

Sure enough, there were two children near the castle.

Mura: Ah! What are they doing here??

Revelian and Mura saw the children, as the monsters became drawn over to them. The children were armed with simple weaponry, and were attacking the monsters around them.

???: Come on! Is this all you got?

???: Yeah!

It seemed that the children were too focused on the monsters to notice Rev and Mura from the distance.

Revelian: What the hell are these kids playing at?? Don't they know it's dangerous out here?!

Mura: They must just be treating this like a game, I think... But, we should stop them, because they could get hurt like this!

Revelian: Right. Hey, you kids!

The two children then went inside of the castle.

Mura: They went inside the castle!

Revelian: I can see that!

Mura: It's really dangerous in there! There's a large and powerful monster that roams in that castle! And if those kids were to run into it...

Revelian: Let's go in and get them out of there already, then!

Revelian and Mura ran forward to the castle, swatting away the monsters that tried to attack them along the way.

They then went inside the castle, but did not see the two children that had gone inside.

Revelian: Where the hell are they?!

Mura: I don't know!

They suddenly heard the sound of screaming children.

Revelian: Shit!

Mura: It came from over there!

The two ran over towards the direction of the sound, and, sure enough, they found the two children cowering in fear as a large figure standing over them covered them in its' shadow.

Standing over them was a large creature with a grey, beast-like skull for a head, and black, glowing eyes. It had a large and muscular body, that was some shade of tan.

The large creature started moving around spastically, scaring the children as it came closer to them. Mura and Revelian then got in the middle of it and the children.

Mura: You kids need to get out of here, now! We'll get this thing, don't worry!

The children didn't raise any arguments before leaving as fast as they could. The large monster started to dance around more spastically. Revelian drew his sword.

Revelian: Alright, let's show this monster who's boss!

The large monster let out it's death cry as it collapsed into a heap on the ground.

Revelian: Tch... The damn thing's finally dead.

Mura: Yeah... And those kids...

???: That was amazing!

Mura and Revelian turned around to see that the children hadn't actually left.

Revelian: Hey, kid, what's wrong with you?! We told you to get the hell out of here!

???: W-we're sorry, sirs... We were just playing around here, pretending to be like the heroes of the old days... We're sorry for causing you this trouble.

The young girl bowed in respect to them.

???: Yeah! We're really sorry.

Mura: Just be sure it doesn't happen again! Next time, we might not be here to save you two... And that would be terrible!

???: It definitely would!

Revelian: Right.

???: Uh... Anyway, my name's David Lois. Hi! This is Rolie Moriam, by the way.

Rolie: Hello...

Mura: My name is Mura Zeronius.

Revelian: Revelian. Same last name as his.

Mura: Yeah, we're brothers. It's nice to meet you!

David: It's nice to meet you guys, too! Thanks again for helping us out there.

Rolie: Yes, thank you...

David: Uh... It's getting pretty late now, so I think that we should just head back to the town before our parents get too worried about us.

Mura: That's right! They must be worried sick right about now! Do you want us to walk you home?

Revelian: Hm?

David: Oh, sure. Thanks.

Rolie: Hm...

Rolie picked up a flower that was covered in pretty blues, examining it.

Rolie: This flower... It really resonates with me. You know, it's a lot like the flowers that used to grow in the homes of my ancestors, before they had to leave the lands.

Revelian: What do you mean they used to grow there? Do they not grow there anymore or something?

Rolie: Sadly, I believe that the plant life in that area has taken a drastic turn over the years. But it appears that the flora has dispersed its seed all the way to here. Hm... Isn't nature beautiful?

Revelian: Heh... I can see you really like flowers, Rolie.

Rolie: Yes, I do quite like the plant life that Ludus has to offer. Much of it is very diverse, and quite beautiful, in fact. But, how about you, Reveilan? Do you like flowers, as well?

Revelian: Uh... I'll be honest, not really.

Rolie: Hm... I don't really get the impression that you don't like them all that much.

Revelian: Aheh, maybe that's just because you like them so much yourself. And because of that, you just can't think that someone might not like flowers one bit. Like me.

Rolie: Er, that is not really what I meant, Rev. It's just that, well, if you truly disliked flowers, you would not tread as carefully as you do around them, from what I've seen.

Revelian: Well... Yeah, you're right about that. I guess you got me there.

Rolie: I can always observe and see the nature of a person from how they act in public, and around others. Hehe, I have even been studying you and your brother since we first met, so long ago.

Revelian paused for a moment to think.

Revelian: Then... Tell me about David.

Rolie gave him a sideways look.

Rolie: Why David? We were just talking about you, Revelian.

Revelian: Well, David is a strange one. He plays around with swords and magic, kind of like a little kid would be with his curiosity, and yet you seem to be pretty trusting of him. I just wanna know why.

Rolie: Oh... It's not just David. I trust all of you, equally.

Revelian: Right, and I appreciate it, Rolie. Even though I know that, in your book, I'm second to another...

Rolie: What are you saying? I would never suggest that David is first in my estimation.

Revelian: Uh, I think you just did.

Rolie: Enough of this. You are not second. Nor third! You are last!

Revelian: Heheheh... Ah, calm down. I was only joking.

Rolie: ... Right...

Revelian: Why am I... Remembering these things...?

Revelian thought to himself, in a slightly subconscious state.

Revelian: I can't do anything... The others...

He remembered the others. In his heart, he knew that they were in danger. He wanted to help them.

Revelian: I must... Protect... The others...

???: No!!

A loud voice rang out all through his mind.

???: They have no need for protection! Yours especially!

It seemed as if the reality around him was breaking as the voice continued on. His head began to hurt.

???: Their fate will be mine to decide! Not yours!

Everything was then engulfed by a bright light.

Revelian awoke with a start. He looked around him, and just saw his regular room.

Revelian: ...

He took a moment to contemplate his thoughts. He knew he was just dreaming then.

But his dreams, then, had felt so real. Like they were his actual memories.

Revelian sat in silence for a while.

Revelian: ... Tch... I can't take any more of the shit someone else got me into...

With that, he turned back into his bed.

Chapter 7 - A World of Colour

Stickbeard: Oy!

Stickbeard ran forward and drew his sword, waving it around in front of the beings of light in front of him.

Stickbeard: Get away from that! This treasure ain't yours!

The light beings began to glow and surge. Stickbeard was pushed backwards, off his feet.

Stickbeard: Argh!

Stickbeard got back up, as the spirits began to approach him. He swore at them, and held up his sword.

Stickbeard: Is it a fight ye want, then?! Fine! Then it's a fight ye'll get!

Stickbeard charged forward, and was then blasted backwards.

Stickbeard: Ouh!

Stickbeard was then caught by someone.

Droy: Watch ye'r back, mate!

Stickbeard: Aha! I knew I could count on ye!

Stickbeard stood back up.

Droy: Where 're the others?

Stickbeard: The damn cowards ran off! Too scared of this lot, I bet!

Glory: A coward, you say? Ha, I'm far from it!

Another one of Stickbeard's men joined them.

Glory: Believe me, sir, I was merely being held up by these shining creatures!

Stickbeard: I don't care, I just need ye now! These pests are hoverin' round me loot!

Stickbeard pointed towards the spirits.

Glory: Ah! This won't do at all!

Droy: I'll be showin' 'em ta' keep their hands off!

Battle 4: Stickbeard, Glory, and Droy versus 4 Hostile Spirits

Lol they won.

Battle 4 End

Stickbeard: Aye, what in hell were those buggers anyway?

Droy: I 'unno cap'n, but it weren' no natural thing, that's fer sure...

However, another strange being came to them, looking a lot like the light things they had just got rid of, except that it wasn't luminescent.

???: Enough of this! Your senseless violence shall be punished!

Stickbeard: No violence is senseless if it's fer tha' sake a' treasure!

???: Foolish barbarian of a man, you know not what our kind had to suffer through! But, our last hope, Schounmund, as my witness, I--

Stickbeard: Shoe man?? What're ye babblin' about, ya' ghostly twit?!

???: Be silent, ignorant pirate! In my time, the ruthless Dark Matters attacked our planet and our kind, all for the sake of finding our true home! My brother in arms, Schounmund, is our light for salvation! It would be very foolish for someone like you to stand in his way. And the spirits that you choose to attack are our people! Attack them again, and you will pay!

Stickbeard: Ah, blah blah blah! Just get over yer' damn problems and let us out a' tha' city already.

Glory: Yeah, we don't have time for small fries like you.

???: I will not! It is the will of Schounmund that you stay here, so I will not allow it!

Stickbeard: This Showdrunk be gettin' on me nerves! Men, let's wail on this scumbag 'till he let's us out!

???: Fools! You will never beat me!

Battle 5: Stickbeard, Glory, and Droy versus Supreme Spirit 1 (Boss)

They beat him

Battle 5 End

Stickbeard: That oughta settle things. Now, let's get me treasure and go!

Droy: Ye' got it, cap'n.

Stickbeard heads to his treasures and starts packing them. When he looks back at his two men, they have been encased in ice.

Stickbeard: Oy!! What's this all about?! Come out, ye' damn coward! Fight me, if ye dare!

Schounmund appears in front of him. He glared furiously at Stickbeard.

Schounmund: You and your men...

Stickbeard: Eh?!

Stickbeard started to run towards Schounmund, with his sword drawn, as Schounmund charged up an icy power in his hand.

Schounmund: Like pitiful bugs under my foot, you will be crushed!

Stickbeard: Wha--?!

Before Stickbeard could finish his sentence, Schounmund froze him into a large block of ice. He looked over the fading shadow of his friend one more time and left.

Chapter 8 - Healing

Mura, David and Rolie are hurrying back to Revelian, amidst the surrounding chaos. They see that the path is clear, and are hopeful for a moment. However, at that moment, a building collapses and blocks their way, dashing their hopes. Moreover, more hostile spirits have come to them.

Mura: Ergh... It looks like we have to fight even more of them... How are we going to get to Revelian before it's too late?

David: I don't know, man... Are we really trapped right now?

Rolie suddenly brightened up.

Rolie: Guys, I have an idea! I'll need you two to keep the spirits busy outside, I'm going to Rev's house!

Mura: What? Are you sure?

Mura seemed to blush for a moment.

Mura: I can go instead! He's my brother, after all...

David: I need you here, though, man! I don't think Rolie and I could defeat these spirits alone...

Mura: You're right... You two are just kids, anyway. But, what exactly is your plan?

Rolie: There's no time for me to explain, but you'll just have to trust that it will succeed. And I know it will.

Mura: Alright, I trust you! You go do it, then!

Rolie starts climbing the pile of rubble and soon disappears from their sight.

David: Well, here we go...

Three more spirits approach them.

Battle 6: 3 Spirits

[ It's a hard fight, but they win. ]

Battle 6 End

David: Man, that was hard... I wonder, though, where's Rolie? She's been gone for so long now, shouldn't she have gotten back with Rev?

Mura: Was... Was that even what her plan was supposed to be, though?

While David and Mura fought the spirits, Rolie had finally arrived at Revelian's house. She quietly enters, careful to avoid making unnecessary noise that would wake Revelian. After a thorough search of all the rooms, she still didn't find what she had come for. At last, she discovered a bundle with the right shape and size and picked it up. She then accidentally knocked something over in surprise because Revelian was knocking on the door. He proceeded to open it and look at Rolie, slightly surprised to find her in his house at this moment.

Revelian: Huh... What are you doing here?

Rolie: Oh, hey! I just came to check if you were okay. We'll all come back later, though!

Revelian: I'm... Fine...

Revelian gazed at her side, where she has holding something. Seeing his gaze, she hid it behind her back.

Revelian: Hey... What is that...?

Rolie: It's nothing you need to worry about. Just return to your bed.

Rolie began to walk away.

Revelian: Wait a minute!

Revelian began slowly walking towards her.

Rolie: Please, just leave this all to us. Don't strain yourself, you need to rest.

Revelian: I... I can...

Rolie: Everything will be fixed before you know it.

Revelian: Just...

Rolie: Alright. Bye, Revelian!

She quickly exits the house and opens the bundle. Inside was the broken half of Schounmund's mask that Revelian had talked about.

Revelian: You're not... Safe...!

Revelian stumbled forward.

Revelian: I have to... Get back to them...

Rolie increased her pace, running along the back side of the area. She was going to where the others wouldn't see her, and wouldn't follow.

Rolie: (Now... I just need to find him.)

Rolie gazed at the item in her hands.

Rolie: (The owner of the other half of this mask.)

Lights began to form around David and Mura, appearing to form a barrier around them. The two began to step back, not wanting to come into contact with the lights, as the barrier began to shift.

Mura looked around, trying to see over the barrier.

Mura: Where is Rolie? Should she have come back to us by now?

His companion merely shrugged in response.

Mura: I'm getting worried about her...

Another light, this one larger and brighter than the ones around them, began to form above the two of them.

David: I'm worried, too, but I think we should worry about ourselves for a second now...

The two of them gazed towards the greater light, as it began to lower itself to their level, and took on a different form. It's form was like a ghost, slightly transparent and colored, and humanoid, to an extent.

Mura: Who are you?

The ghost-like being spoke in a deep, masculine voice.

???: My name is unimportant... You both shall not live long enough to need know it.

The ghost-like being then entered a position, as if ready to fight.

David: You want to fight us?

They were met with a nod in response.

David: Why??

???: It is the will of my master that I fight and kill the residence of this place. I am in no position to question his word.

David: That's a stupid reason! How about don't kill us!

The being furrowed its brow to them.

???: Silence! Do not attempt to persuade me into disobeying my kin! Now, be gone with you!

Battle 7: Mura and David versus Supreme Spirit 2 (Boss)

The Supreme Spirit began to glow!

Mura used Soul Read! Evasion increased!

David used Fireball! 982 damage to Supreme Spirit!

The Hostile Spirits around them began to glow...

Battle 7 Interrupted

On one side, a red line slashed through the entire barrier formed by the lights. Everyone turned to the side, to see a figure standing there.

David: Revelian!

Mura: Brother?

Revelian looked up towards them.

Mura: Hey! What are you doing out of bed?

Revelian: I can manage, dammit... Where's Rolie?!

Revelian began walking towards them.

Mura: We don't know. We thought she'd be with you right now!

Revelian scoffed.

Revelian: Are you telling me... she's all alone right now? Why... Why the hell did you two let her go off like that?!

???: Be silent!!

The group turned their attentions back towards the ghost-like being.

???: Your debates are a waste of my time!

Revelian crossed his arms, facing the being.

Revelian: Tch... Looks like I need to shut someone up.

David: Let's all of us, defeat him or it or whatever, together!

Battle 7 (True): Revelian, Mura and David versus Supreme Spirit 2 (Boss)

Mura used a Heal on Revelian.

[They defeat it]

Battle 7 End

???: How can this be...?!

The being's light began to fade, and it eventually disappeared. Along with it, several of the lights around the three began fading and darkening, before most of them started to dissipate or move away.

Revelian: Well, I feel better knowing I'll never get to know that thing more than I already had.

Mura stood in front of Revelian.

Mura: Bro, are you okay?

Mura began to look all over Revelian. Although he'd recently been healed, Mura seemed intent on finding some injury on him.

Revelian: I'm perfectly fine.

Revelian started to push his older brother away, but Mura grabbed onto his arms.

Mura: How can you be fine?? Not even a few hours ago, you could barely stand! And now you're trying to take all the hits for us?

Revelian: I'm telling you, after getting healed by your power I'm... fine.

Mura stared into his brother's eye, as if trying to weed out any hint of uncertainty or dishonesty in his words. Apparently, he could find none, because he turned away.

Revelian: Don't worry so much, sheesh.

Mura: I have perfect reason to worry!

Revelian's eye seemed to narrow.

Revelian: Don't worry anyway.

Mura pouted and crossed his arms. Revelian turned away for a moment, so as not to look at him.

Revelian: ... Anyway. We need to go and find Rolie, now.

Revelian looked towards the both of them.

Revelian: She left our house just a few minutes ago. Did you two see where she went?

Mura: We haven't seen her since she went to our home, sorry.

Revelian sighed.

Revelian: We'll have to find her some other way, then. Hopefully she's still in the city... Come on, we're going to find her and stop this mess!

Chapter 9 - Encounter

Revelian, Mura, and David rushed as quickly as they could through town. However, their path was blocked by a figure standing on the path. He had an almost supernatural look to him; He looked old and decrepit, as he turns towards the three. He raises a hand towards them.

???: Halt, kind of gridmask and negative.

Behind him, several orbs of light began to move around, drawing closer towards him. He began to rise slightly above the ground. He held a stern expression towards them.

Revelian: This guy looks just like that other thing, the one that was all high and mighty. Talks just like it, too.

Revelian quickly conjures a sword from his hand. Revelian held the sword with both hands, pointed towards the old man.

Revelian: Let me guess, you, you're with all these shitty haunted house effects. Am I right?

The glowing man nodded, but Revelian had already begun to continue.

Revelian: Why the hell are you terrorizing my town?

???: You, along with the Ludusians, have continually done harm and wrong to my family and my loved ones.

The eyes of the elder figure seemed to narrow, and he started to clench what appeared to be his teeth while talking.

???: Particularly, my son, Schounmund...

Behind the man, the lights began to draw closer, coming into and around him.

???: The people I knew in life were kind enough to lend me their hands. They gave power to Schounmund... And they also allowed my son, Neattohr, and my child, Gaunzauge, to attain forms close to physical.

The man opened his eyes wide, as they shined brilliantly in the darkness of night. The lights around him continued to draw closer.

???: These spirits put their trust in me, the old man Rsifvolk, in order to attain a peace of their own. They cannot be appeased until my last living son, Schounmund, enacts his vengeance on the people of this planet.

Revelian: Hold the fuck up for a minute!

Rsifvolk regarded him with an annoyed expression.

Revelian: Why the fuck are you letting your kid throw a temper tantrum like this? Why doesn't he just get on with his fucking life or do something useful, instead of killing all these innocent people, because they had the audacity to hurt his feelings?! I don't even know what these people even did, or why every single one of them deserves to die because of it! Or why you think that Mura, or Rolie, or David, or I deserve to--


Rsifvolk's booming voice silenced Revelian.

Rsifvolk: You are the one who destroyed the home of these spirits, who killed every last one of us, and who led Schounmund to suffer here on this planet!

Revelian growled at him.

Revelian: You don't understand! I don't remember doing any of that, and I certainly wasn't in control of myself if and when I did! And whatever I was forced into doing, it doesn't mean you get to do the same! If you have a fucking problem, take it up with me, and I'll treat you with honor. But mess with the people I care about, and your honor is worth nothing to me!!

Rsifvolk: SILENCE!!! If anything, you should deserve no say in our actions of vengeance! Think yourself innocent as you may, but the just do not receive divine punishment!

Revelian: Yeah, we'll just see if I receive "divine punishment" from the likes of you!

Battle 8: Revelian, Mura and Davis versus Rsifvolk (Boss)

[They fight for a bit and the good guys win]

Battle 8 End

The lights of the spirits began to escape from Rsifvolk, going away from him. He yelled out as if in pain, and began to slowly descend to the ground.

Rsifvolk: This... Can't... Be! How can you all be so powerful...?!

The man reached the ground, placing both his knees and hands on it, leaning over and breathing heavily.

Revelian: Tch. All that talk about giving us our "divine punishment", and this is what you have to show for it.

Revelian began to approach the man, sword slung over his shoulder.

Rsifvolk: N... No! I still have some of the spirits' power! I can still fight!

Rsifvolk began to rise up, only to be stopped by Revelian's foot. Revelian stomped onto the ground, and Rsifvolk's limbs slipped as he was forced into the stone.

Rsifvolk: And... My son... Schounmund, he is still alive! He will carry on our fight! I know he can!

Revelian: That's touching, really. I'll be sure to tell him you said that.

Revelian raised his sword above his head. He then brought it downwards, to finish off Rsifvolk.

Schounmund: No!

Mura: Revelian, look out!

Revelian looked up, only too late. With a surprising amount of force, Schounmund slammed into Revelian, sending him flying back.

Rsifvolk: S... Schounmund...

Rsifvolk shakily began to raise himself. Schounmund raised a hand and aimed towards Revelian, who was trying to get back up. His hand glowed a light cyan color.

David: Look out!

David instinctively jumped in front of Revelian, and the cyan beam that came out from Schounmund's hand struck him instead. Schounmund screamed with fury as he put power into the ability. When he stopped, he'd made a large crystal, which surrounded David completely.

Revelian: David!!

Revelian stood up and sliced the crystal with his sword. It failed to cut through it.

Revelian: Rrgh... You bastard!!

Revelian leaped over the crystal prison of his frozen friend, with a fury that shone in his eye. He met the gaze of Schounmund, who replied with a similar look of distaste.

Revelian: I'm gonna make you pay for that!

Revelian looked over to Mura. Mura nodded towards him.

Mura: I have your back, brother!

Revelian: Now... Let's end this, once and for all!

Battle 9: Schounmund (Final Boss)

Neattohr suddenly appeared on the field...

Mura used Soul Read! Evasion increased!

Revelian used Sonic Swords on Schounmund!

Neattohr stood in front of Schounmund, taking the attack! Neattohr disappeared from the battle...

Schounmund debuffed Mura's Evasion.

Schounmund's Double Time trait takes effect! Schounmund used Mega Slashes! 1,092 damage to Revelian! 1,109 damage to Mura!

Gaunzauge suddenly appeared on the field...

Mura used Lullaby!

Mura's Lullaby causes Schounmund, Ganzauge, and Revelian to fall asleep!

Mura uses Seal Stopper!

Ganzauge's sleeping form suddenly moves in front of Schounmund, taking the attack! Ganzauge disappeared from the battle...

Ganzauge's sacrafice wakes up Schounmund!

Schounmund uses Linear Laser! 2,083 damage to Mura! 2,304 damage to Revelian!

Revelian wakes up!

Rsifvolk suddenly appeared on the field...

Mura used Vortex!

Rsifvolk absorbs the damage for Schounmund! Rsifvolk disappeared from the battle...

Revelian: Now, are we done wasting time on punks we've already killed before?!

Revelian uses Seven Slash on Schounmund! 4,862 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund stands still for a turn!

A new player appears on the battlefield!

???: We shall not be silenced yet! Behold, a fused form of our spirits, known as Schounmund's Hope!

Schounmund's Hope attacked Revelian! 3,548 damage to Revelian!

Schounmund's Hope attacked Mura! 4,091 damage to Mura!

Revelian: Ack! What the hell... They fused to gain more power!

Mura: I didn't know they could do that...

Revelian: Hmph. Well, doesn't matter! They've been killed off before, so it's not impossible. We'll just have to make it happen again!

Mura: ...

Revelian used Death Ball!

1,209 damage to Schounmund's Hope! 2,483 damage to Schounmund!

Mura used Vortex!

979 damage to Schounmund's Hope! 1,784 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund's Hope used Strike Cyclone!

2,408 damage to Revelian! 2,019 damage to Mura!

Schounmund's Hope used Blast!

3,902 damage to Revelian! 1,205 damage to Mura!

Schounmund used Strike!

Revelian deflected the physical attack! Schounmund flinched!

Revelian attacked! 1,011 damage to Schounmund!

Schounmund used Strike!

987 damage to Mura!

Mura: Brother, let's try and defeat the fused one first. It's much more powerful than Schounmund!

Revelian: Right!

Revelian used Seven Slash Combo! 3,924 damage to Schounmund's Hope!

Mura used Seal Stopper!

579 damage to Schounmund's Hope! Schounmund's Hope was frozen!

Schounmund used Static Shot!

1,092 damage to Revelian! 567 damage to Mura!

Schounmund used Frosted Shot!

992 damage to Mura! 566 damage to Revelian!

Mura used Final Muse!

Revelian and Mura were healed!

Schounmund took 1,000 damage!

Revelian used Ice Beam!

Schounmund's Hope took 987 damage!

Schounmund stood still for his turns...

Revelian: What's'a matter? Ready to give up, now are we?

Revelian attacked Schounmund!

Schounmund began shaking violently...

Final Last Resort has been activated. Schounmund's aura explodes around him!

5,208 damage to Revelian! 5,186 damage to Mura! 4,674 damage to Schounmund's Hope!

Revelian got hurt and collapsed...

Mura got hurt and collapsed...

Battle 9 End

Revelian: Argh... What the hell...? We... Lost?

Schounmund's Hope: It matter not whether you be god or mortal. All who oppose the wronged innocent shall suffer a just fate. Such as you both, who will be made an example of!

Rolie: Wait!!

Schounmund's Hope suddenly looked up from the two dark matters, to see a gridmask in front of them.

Revelian: Rolie?? What the hell are you doing here?

Mura: It's not safe for you...

Rolie was holding up the broken mask in front of her. Schounmund and his fused family looked at it, as if entranced by the object.

Rolie: This is yours... Isn't it?

Schounmund's eyes lighted up.

Rolie: Please... I don't want to fight you, or bring you any harm...

Rolie began slowly walking closer to the owner of the mask.

Rolie: As I give you this... Know that I wish for you to want the same, to be benevolent towards me, and towards everyone else here...

As Rolie drew closer, she steadily inched slower and slower towards him, as if not wanting to scare him away. The fused being floated out of Rolie's way, almost as if not in control of their own body.

Rolie: I want to appease you... And I think this will help...

Rolie was now in front of Schounmund. The Oumeth stood completely still for a while, though Rolie had the half of the mask held out in front of her. After a while of this, Rolie slowly grabbed the Oumeth's hand and placed the mask in it.

Rolie: And in the future... You won't be treated as you have before...

Rolie slowly helped Schounmund bring the mask closer to his face. He merely stood and allowed her to do so, confused.

Revelian: ... Hey.

The Oumeths looked over to Revelian.

Revelian: Listen. I feel bad for you guys. Losing your home, having to make a life in a whole new place... I know how that is, I've been experiencing that myself for years and years now. I don't think I was treated as shitty here as you must've been, but... For whatever involvement I had in causing all that, I'm sorry.

Revelian shakily stood up. The fused being jumped for a moment, and glided over to help him up.

Revelian: And I don't just throw that word around. Sorry, I mean.

Revelian sighed.

Revelian: I sympathize with you... And it's still a holiday, isn't it? Let's just... Put this all behind us and try to fix this mess, alright...?

Mura: Ah...

Schounmund: ...

Rolie suddenly jerked her arm back from the half of the mask she was holding. It fell from Schounmund's face, hitting the pavement with a soft sound. Rolie suddenly clutched her stomach.

Revelian: Rolie...?

Rolie took a step back from Schounmund, and turned around. Schounmund's blade was sticking from her chest. Schounmund's hands were glowing lavender and light cyan with energy.

Revelian: !!!

Mura: Rolie!

Schounmund's Hope: Schounmund!!

Schounmund: I will... Never forgive you for this! Your words and sentiment are... meaningless to me! All that matters is the blood to be spilled... for the lost lives of... Of everyone I used to know!

Schounmund sent a lavender blast to hit Rolie. She jumped, before crumpling to the ground.

Schounmund's Hope: How... How could you do this?!

The fused being floated away from Revelian, who stumbled forward a bit, and got right in Schounmund's face. They seemed furious, but that may have been nothing compared to Revelian.

Revelian: You...

Schounmund's Hope: Schounmund, this was an offering of peace...

Schounmund didn't respond. For a moment he only looked at the fused being, as if in curiosity. Then, he only showed anger in his eyes.

Schounmund: You... You are here to serve my purposes! To help my avenge all of the lost souls... That is why they are here! What others say should mean nothing to you...

Schounmund's Hope: We cannot allow you to act like this...

Schounmund held up his hands, as they shone with energy. He growled, as they looked down on him in disdain.

Schounmund's Hope: You have wasted the wishes and hopes of your people by doing this... You may not have wanted appeasement, but we all did. That was why we could not rest...

Orbs of light suddenly began darting out of Schounmund's Hope. They began to change their form... And eventually became Rsifvolk again.

Rsifvolk: If you cannot allow us peace... We will do nothing to serve your will... There comes a punishment with the choice you've made. You will no longer have us...

Rsifvolk then faded away from vision. Schounmund merely growled in anger, before realizing who was standing behind where Rsifvolk was.

Revelian: HEY.

Schounmund jumped.

Revelian: Your dad calls that a punishment? He's fucking spoiling you for something like this.

Revelian's eye conveyed a fury that his face could not. Schounmund started to step back, though Revelian seemed to only grow larger to him.

Revelian: But, you should know, I'm not as lax with my punishments.

Mura: Brother...?

Schounmund lifted his right hand, ready to blast Revelian. Too late for him to draw it back, Revelian delivered a powerful blow to Schounmund's arm, with a fist that was larger than usual. The arm broke off like it was attached by glass.

Schounmund: GAAAH!!

Schounmund called out in pain, and instinctively held up his other arm in defense. Once again, a powerful blow from Revelian detached the limb from where it was. Schounmund stumbled back for a moment, before falling over. Schounmund looked into the dark matter's eye like an animal in headlights.

Revelian held out something in his hand. He'd picked up the mask that Rolie had dropped.

Revelian: This must be yours.

Schounmund looked on with disbelief and fear. Revelian dropped the mask onto Schounmund's, as it landed well on the side that wasn't covered.

Revelian then brought his leg up, and brought his foot down hard onto the center of Schounmund's face. The mask, among other things, shattered into dozens of pieces.

Schounmund: Kh... Gahhh...

Revelian: Hn... You know, I hope you're not the least bit sorry about killing my friends, or anyone else. Because I'm not going to be when I return the favor.

Revelian held out his hands, as they shifted and grew, impaling Schounmund in the chest, which was met to the sounds of screams of agony.

Schounmund: I... You...

Schounmund held the part of Revelian's flesh that had impaled him.

Schounmund: I... Curse you...

Revelian: ...

Schounmund: You... The Dark Matters... Ludus...

Revelian twisted his arms, causing Schounmund to cry out again.

Schounmund: I won't rest... Until I've killed every last one of you...!!

Mura: ...

Revelian: I can't stand hearing your voice anymore...

Schounmund cried out one last time, before his body went limp.


David: And that's the story.

David's two friends tilted their heads at him.

Lazro: And that's... All true?

David: Yeah, all taken from my personal experience.

Samuel: Then how did you know about the parts after you were frozen?

David: Well, Mura told me about those parts.

Lazro: And how are you still a teenager if this happened nearly thirty years ago?

David: I was frozen.

David pounded his chest.

David: Don't remember a thing about that.

Lazro: Seems legit.

Samuel: How would you even be reanimated if you were frozen for so long?

Lazro looked at Samuel.

Lazro: Details like that aren't the kind of thing you should question.

David scratched his head.

David: Uhh, right. But yeah, that's why Revelian doesn't celebrate Chanukwanzaa. Probably.

Lazro: Revelian hates holiday fun because a clown ruined his day.

David: That guy ruined everyone's day.

Samuel: Eh, still, not the best way to kick off the holiday, though.

David: I know! It's a miracle that they even continued celebrating that after what happened the first time.

Samuel: Kind of a shame that Revelian's still like this, though...

The three looked back towards Revelian's home, all feeling solemn.

Lazro: Maybe one day he'll be feeling up enough to join us.

Lazro shrugged, and then started walking off. David and Samuel looked over to him.

Lazro: I mean, anything can happen, right?

Revelian sighed, while reminiscing of the past.

Revelian: ((After everything that happened, it was hard to ever get back into the "holiday spirit" again... People lost their lives on that day...))

Revelian seemed to tighten his eye closed.

Revelian: ((I've felt like it would've been an insult to all of them to do that. The memories of it would always hang over us as a reminder, too... And... I've always had a bad feeling about Schounmund. Thinking about him has always been unsettling...))

Revelian looked around for a moment. Mura had come to watch over him as he sat there, not wanting to interrupt his thoughts.

Revelian: ((But, it's strange... Even Mura and David have gotten over it. They both enjoy themselves whenever the holiday comes around... it's just... odd...))

Mura: Rev?

Revelian: Yeah?

Mura: What were you thinking about?

Revelian sighed.

Revelian: It was nothing.

Mura knew that this just meant that Rev didn't want him to know. It would actually be concerning if Revelian had not been thinking about anything all the times that he'd said he wasn't thinking about anything.

Mura: How are you feeling?

Revelian grunted in reply. Another way of saying he didn't want Mura to know.

Mura: Hey? If it's alright...

Mura stepped into the room, carrying something with him.

Mura: I know you don't really celebrate anymore, but I got you something.

Revelian turned around, as Mura presented the gift to him. It was a large, dark sword. Revelian's eye widened, as he examined the weapon.

Mura: Uh... I don't usually give you such violent items, but... I know that you really like swords, so... I just thought you'd like this!

Revelian: ...

Mura gulped.

Mura: I-I'm not sure if you're going to use it or anything, instead of a sword that you'd create yourself. Or if you need to use it at all... Hopefully not, aheh!

Revelian: Mura...

Mura: ... Hm?

Revelian: I keep thinking about the first Chanukwanzaa...

Revelian slumped down slightly. Mura leaned forward, a feeling of worry coming over him.

Revelian: I'm not sure how you can even bring yourself to celebrate it again, after what happened... After those people were lost. Don't you think about them?

Mura gulped once again.

Mura: Well, I do, yes. But I don't think about the sadness their losses brought me. I only really think about the happiness we shared. And how they'd probably want us to keep being happy, even without them.

Revelian looked up at his brother.

Mura: I mean... It would be pretty selfish if you didn't want others to be happy, even if without you, right? I don't want to think that any of the people back then were selfish... Especially not Rolie. So...

Mura avoided his gaze for a moment. Revelian hesitated for a moment, and then stood up.

Revelian: You... You're right.

Mura looked back at his brother again.

Revelian: Thank you, I...

Revelian paused for a moment, and took the gift that Mura was still holding out for him.

Revelian: Thanks, for the gift. But, I won't be staying home this Chanukwanzaa.

Mura: Eh?

Revelian: It's time for a change...

Revelian then ran out the front door.

Mura: Brother...

Revelian: Hey, you guys!

David, Lazro and Sam looked back to the sound of Rev's voice. They stopped walking, and all expressed surprise, along with confusion. Sam and Lazro expressed their thoughts aloud, as the dark matter drew closer.

Samuel: Is that Revelian?

Lazro: What's he doing here?

Samuel: Did we forget something at his house?

Lazro: Maybe he's here for another go at beating up carolers?

David was silent, looking on towards his friend. Revelian was then in front of them all.

Revelian: Guys... If it's not too late... I want to join you all. For the Chanukwanzaa party...

They all stood in silence for a moment. Then, David gave a warm smile, and held out his hand for Revelian.

David: Sure thing! ... It's good to have you back.

Chapter ???

Within a simple residence within the planet Vestiba, roughly seventeen years after the first official celebration of Chanukwanzaa on Ludus...

An older Oumeth woman tightly gripped the cord of a communication device, speaking in a Vestiban language, offshoot from the nearly universal common, to the receiver on the other end in a hushed tone.

"Yes, I've given my son the medicine," she spoke. A moment passed as she gulped to herself. "He hasn't wanted to take it, but I've made him, anyway, as you've requested..."

"Ah, good..." The masculine voice on the other end let out a sigh of relief. "And, your son has been more calm now, yes?"

The woman bit her lip, leaving the man in silence. The man seemed confused.

"More sociable, perhaps?" The man suggested, with a curious tone. After a time of receiving no response, he spoke again, "Has your son... shown any signs of behavioral improvement?"

The woman whimpered slightly, and put a hand up to her mouth to stop herself.

"... I'm sorry," the man offered.

"I..." She started once more, "I am worried for him... He..."

The man sighed.

"This is the most I can do for your son at the time, ma'am." He sighed. "I don't have much available to me, anyway... And your son is quite the unique case, indeed... I'm sorry."

The mother closed what would be her eyes tightly.

"I... I'm really sorry for you, ma'am," The man repeated.


The man sighed.

"Listen... If there's anything else I can do for you, just ask... You'll have a happy and healthy son one day, I promise you. It's what I'm certain of. Alright?"

The mother nodded, forgetting that she couldn't be seen by the man. "Y-Yes, sir, thank you very much."

Suddenly, a loud thump could be heard from above the room the woman was in. She jumped, letting out a gasp. The thump was followed by the sound of something breaking.

"Hey? What was that?!" The man demanded. Even he must have heard it.

"It's nothing, nothing!" The woman insisted. "I need to check on my son. He must be awake now..."

The mother hung up the device, placing it down on the table. With a nervous look on what must have been her face, she turned around. She stood for a moment, listening for other sounds. For quite a while, she heard nothing. But she still knew her child must have been awake.

She steadily rose up to the second floor of the residence. She approached the door to her sons' room. Looking down, she saw shattered pieces of glass and metal lying on the floor, with scattered pieces of charred cloth lying with it.

"His medication..."

This device was meant to hold and release medicinal gasses into patients. Her own son was prescribed a depressant, but his violent outburst had not truly been calmed. After this had been noticed, he was prescribed sedatives.

Clearly, both had worn off at this point.

The mother opened the door to her sons' room. He was facing towards the window at this point, away from her, and being completely still in a standing position. The window itself had a brick wall no further than six feet away from it, doing the best to obstruct anything that could be viewed from it at the time.

"Hello," The woman spoke to her son. She waited for a long time, to hear a response, but received none from him for a long while.

And then, he did make a sound. He began to laugh. The entire world seemed to become silent as the sound of his laughter echoed throughout it.

"Ahahahaha.. Ehehehe..."

"Ah... Sch... Schounmund...?" The mother spoke to him again, even through his laughter. She felt as if this was the right thing to call him. Her son had almost never replied to the name she'd given him at birth, and, if he had, he would always deny its' claim to him. As he would always say, that is not my name. Schounmund is the only name I have ever known!

Her son suddenly turned around, stopping his laughter. His face was contorted with anger. He started to growl at her.

"Schounmund... My son..."

"Don't call me by that name..."

The woman was silent for a moment.


Her son suddenly extended a hand. The mother was shot back by something invisible. A current ran all through her system. She fell back against the door of her sons' room.

"Not anymore..."

Her son reached towards something on a nearby shelf. A yellow mask that covered half of one's face. He donned the accessory, as his mother watched, unmoving.

Her son turned his face, so that all his mother could see was the mask he was wearing. It bore the image of a sinister grin, making it look like he was making that face.

"My name is Shenanigans... The World of Reversal... The one who will be the bane of Ludus, and the Zeronius clan..."

The woman's son let out another laugh.


The end...?