The High Tide series is located after the Snowfield/What is currently being worked on series.


High Tide Series Landscape(Click to enlarge)


The High Tide series have either barely any ground or lot of blocking ground, and VERY high water level(the ENTIRE screen is filled of water). You just need to touch the right side of the screen to pass a screen.

  • High Tide 1
  • High Tide 2
  • High Tide 3
  • High Tide 4
  • High Tide 5
  • Sea Reef 1
  • Sea Reef 2
  • Sea Reef 3
  • Coral Tower(MB)

The Sea Reef series have ground unlike the High Tide series as well as a different ground texture.

New Heads and Species


  • Brain(HT2)
  • Spade(HT4)


  • Mermaid(HT1)
  • Coral(SR5)

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