The Heroes of Acceptance are a group of seven people that have overcome their dark sides and gained one of the Elements of Acceptance. It was first formed in Corruption: He Comes, and while the group has remained relevant to subsequent stories, their titles were rarely mentioned again. Their status is signified by a large gem of the corresponding colour on every member's chests, save for Revelian, who gets a red crown.

During 'Corruption: He Comes', the Elements of Acceptance first appear during the heroes' fight with Zalgo. Revelian calls upon these powers, knowing them to be the only thing that they can utilize to defeat the corruption god.

The Elements are later used in Wrapping Things Up, during the battle with Celestia. Celestia has taken the elements that were once owned by the Mane Six, and the only way for her to be defeated is for the heroes to give their elements to Luna. Revelian, Zoshi, Ludicrine, and Lazro, being present at the time, release their elements into Luna. 02 and Samuel then fly by, also putting their elements into the mix. Afterwords, both the Elements of Acceptance and the Elements of Harmony are destroyed, due to the fact that all their power was used in the battle between the two Equestrian Princesses.

Revelian's element of Acceptance was the only thing keeping him alive, due to the fact that corruption had already taken him. When Revelian gave his element to Luna, he destroyed his own life and soul. (This is also the reason why Revelian's two souls, seen in the Trix stories, didn't appear after his death.)

The Heroes

  • Ludicrine, the Element of Forgiveness
  • Lazro, the Element of Uniqueness
  • Samuel, the Element of Optimism
  • Zoshi, the Element of Leadership
  • 02, the Element of Caring
  • Luna, the Element of Love
  • Revelian, the Element of Redemption
Heroes of Acceptance

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