Hankvl Guldza

Symbolic Hankvl

Golem (Mimicking Alternian Troll)
Genderless (No pronouns)
Unknown (Theorized over 6230 years old)
Aura Color
Kiril and Llygaid (Creators)

Seren ("Sibling")
Hankvi Guidza (Base)
Desmin U. Latvis (Delta-Base)
Josedong, Ludicrime, Clownmud ("Siblings")

Caledonia (Leader)


Hankvl was created by Kiril and Llygaid, originally meant to be the base of the beings that they would put in their Bizarro universe. By Chance, the first clone they tried to create was of Hankvi. Hankvl is a golem mimicking the form of an Alternian troll.

Hankvls typing quirk consists of replacing o with (), q with (,), l/l with li/Li, i/I with IL, and 1-6 with (,)-(;;;). Hankvl always doubles punctuation marks. Hankvl does not capitalize proper nouns or first letters of sentences. Other than this, Hankvl uses regular syntax and grammar.

Along with a number of other golems created by Kiril and Llygaid, Hankvl was sent to Ludus. Most of the society was introduced to their place on the planet by Caledonia, and went into hiding during the Zeronius clan's invasion of the planet. Hankvl was later outcast from the golem society for currently unknown reasons, but was later met with Caledonia. Hankvl later went to live on the mainland, and would act to serve Caledonia and her intentions.

At some point, Hankvl is known to have created Ludus' moon.

By some act of Chance, Hankvl found out about being a "clone" of another being native to the universe they both lived in, Hankvi Guidza, and would go on to try and learn about Hankvi. Caledonia served as a bit of a contributor to this quest, being able to find wormholes from later times and places surfacing information about Hankvi. Hankvl later shared some of this information with Issus, who used the knowledge to go and meet the future Hankvi.

Hankvl later proclaimed Hankvi as a form of dancestor.

In -42 ADC, during the Reckoning, Hankvl appears in Hankvi's dream as he's dying, being the representation of Hankvi's shadow, who then kills Issus within his mind. Hankvl then gives him the Fruit of the Forget Tree, which was given to Hankvl by Caledonia from Ishtar, and let him wait until s()me specIlaLi event, which would be the coronation of Emporer Ludicrine in 0 ADC. It would be then that Hankvl would come to Hankvi in person, instead of in a dream.

RPG Info


Hankvl Stats

  • Health: 52
  • Attack: 42
  • Magic: 48
  • Defense: 53
  • Speed: 26

Combat Apparati

  • Attacks
    • Golem Punch - Delivers a heavy punch. Hankvl's best physical attack. Has 95% accuracy.
    • Soul Read - Gives 95% Evasion to Physical attacks.
    • Transcendent - Automatically casts when inflicted with Confusion. Removes Confusion from self and grants +20% Attack for two turns. Cannot be activated when not inflicted with this status.
    • Haze - Increases Critical Hit chance to 90% for two turns, but halves current health.
    • Spiritual - Automatically casts when inflicted with Freeze. Removes Freeze from self and grants +10% Speed for two turns. Cannot be activated when not inflicted with this status.
    • Healing Energy - Regenerates 10% of Max Health for two turns.
    • Power Effect - Increases Accuracy by +55% for two turns.
    • Discharge - Unleashes an auric power.
      • Icy Spread - Has a 70% chance to hit each individual enemy. Has a 40% chance to inflict Slow.
      • Vertical Bolt - Hits a single enemy for electric damage. Has a 65% chance to inflict Paralysis.
      • Flame Impulse - Has a 70% chance to hit each individual enemy. Has a 35% chance to inflict Burn.
      • Healing Aqua - Drains part of a single enemy's health over a period of time and gives it to the caster.
      • Linear Lasers - Has an 85% chance to hit each individual enemy.
      • Poison Earth - Has a 70% chance to hit each individual enemy. Has a 35% chance to inflict Poison.
    • Aura Burst - Hits all enemies with a small unleash of Hankvls auric power. Lowers enemy Defense by -5%.
    • Mind Blast - Inflicts Art Seal and Aura Seal, at a 55% chance.
    • Burst Edge - Releases concentrated auric power from Hankvls arm. Hits a single enemy. Can lower Critical chance.
    • Hypnosis - Has a 50% chance of inflicting Sleep on a single enemy.
  • Armament
    • Golem Body - Allows for physical attacks to be carried out.
  • Traits
    • Ethereal Form - Immunity to physical attacks. Is not in this form when inside of Golem body.
    • Simulated Aura - Has immunity to Art Seal.


  • This character is based off of ZoshiX's character Nox by misinterpretation.