Not to be confused with either Hankvi or the user of the same name.

Hank VikGongor
Trak (He/Him pronouns)
Date of Birth
1/07/-50 ADC
Elizabeth (Mother), Foszi (Father), Iala (Aunt), Ludicrine (Cousin, Once Removed), Katharita (Child), Teteoh (Alternate-Timeline Grandchild)


The son of Elizabeth and Foszi. Ludicrine convinced Liz and Foszi to name their child Hank, after Hankvi. His pesterchum tag is hungryAstronomer.


Alpha-Unaltered Timeline Hank

Hank was born in this timeline after the end of the Unsplit timeline. He grew up on Genoskaya for a while, before later moving to Ludus, so as to help assist his cousin relative, Ludicrine, with the state of distress the planet had been thrown into upon the events of the Reckoning.

Hank later became a part of the Ones Who Went Back, traveling back to a while before he was even born. After assisting the others in the group in preventing or solving the events that plagued the "doomed timeline", he was left to exist back to the day of the initial timeline split. From this point, he later traveled to his own home planet, Genoskaya, wanting to meet up with his parents once more, though he realized that at the time it would be a bad idea, as they would not know him, since he was not even born yet.

It is later known that, in the Alpha-Fixed timeline, he met up with another Serrangio, and had a child, who was named Katharita Berekoro VikGongor. It just so happens that his child was born on the same day when he was born in the Alpha-Fixed timeline.

Alpha-Fixed Timeline Hank

This iteration of himself was born at the same time, unaltered by the Ones Who Went Back. His family later met with his Alpha-Unaltered iteration.

The version of Hank from the Alpha-Fixed timeline was the one who was taken to the Doomed Timeline in To End a Miracle.