This page provides information concerning all of the trolls seen in the fan-adventure Grodusbent: The Beforetime, excluding Grodus Crucex, who has his own respective character page.


Ellona Nezhod

Ellona is a burgundy-blooded troll who arguably has the most significant role in the events of the "Grodusbent" plotline. While already having caused some mischief beforehand with Grodus's appearifier, her main point of contention surfaces when, after the trolls had successfully defeated the black army and its king and had sent Liwiya along with herself to carry the news to Prospitian Royalty, Ellona seemingly out of nowhere, kills Liwiya. This act would sent Grodus into a series of rage-induced events that would eventually lead to him becoming in his current cyborg state, and to decree his never-ending vengeance.

Ellona, as demonstrated in part by her actions, is a complete anarchist, that is, having to belief of any sort of rules or regulations. This is in near exact opposition with the ideals her kismesis, Hassii. Before the session was organized, she was in a matespritship with a troll named Zekrys Adepri. Said troll was left out of the game when Grodus edited the software and thus destroyed by the eventual reckoning. It is possible this influenced Ellona to kill Grodus's matesprit later on, along with the fact that the action would cause him to cause much chaos across the universe over time, which would be a service to Chaos.

Hassii Lethos

Hasii, blood color in the "olive-green" family, was, prior to the SGRUB session, a scientist not unlike Grodus, except specializing in botany, an aspect of her heavily influenced by her plant-based lusus as well as her psychic ability to manipulate them. Hassii's ability to manipulate her parental figure at a young age over time had given her a sense of control. Although she was a bit of a control freak, her aspirations to organize order were sometimes made problematic by her intensely quiet and non-confrontive nature. Being her kismesis, Hassii is a polar opposite and as well a complement to Ellona.

Upon engaging strife with the session's black king, Hassii was able to organize a thought-out and overall successful plan that ended in the defeat of the king, but due to Ellona not properly complying with the plan, the death of herself in the process. As a memorial to the deceased troll, upon creating their ultimate rewarded universe, the trolls were collectively known as one god they named unto the universe's residents as "Ha55ii," based on her name with her typing quirk applied. This is an obvious and direct reference to Ha55ii, the head programmer of the Dan-Ball website.

Armega Rodite

Liwiya Lanzer

Tarzuk Zeupit

Uskuro Mornen

Murtaw Guidza


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