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List of (fanon) gloves

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT BPC Creator
Blood Glove
Blood Glove 1 2-4 15-22 15 Bleed 12 AT 4-6, AGI 20-30, Time 1s 2 ?

RualStickR (image)

Note: It creates 2 long thin red needles turning the enemy red.
Flour Glove 1 1-4 5-5 7 Flour 1-4x20 ? ?
Mist Glove 1 20-40 20-50 600 Mist ? ?
Note: Is the fastest weapon of the Mist type.
Bleeding Glove
Bleeding Glove 2 2-4 15-24 15 Bleed 50 AT 5-6, AGI 3-3, Time 0.1s 10 ?

RualStickR (image)

Note: An improvement from the Blood Glove, creating 10 blood clouds. Has lower AGI and a min AT that's +1 higher, but lower time (balances out the amount of clouds).
Bump Glove 2 4-6 4-6 10 Bump ?
Ice Knuckle Ice Knuckle 2 16-24 15-30 15 Ice 75 20-30 (Slow 40%) ? Qucka777, Cola160(image)
Long Glove
Long Glove 2 5-10 10-15 40 Physical 5-10 1 ?

RualStickR (image)

Note: This Glove releases an arrow per punch with a range 25 more than the official gloves. Also easier to attack flying enemies.
Pin Glove 2 2-4 15-24 15 Physical 50 100-100 1 Aappapaappa
Note: Shoots 1 big needle, which deals lots of damage.
Quick Glove-0
Quick Glove 2 1-1 5-10 15 Physical 10-10 50 Aappapaappa

RualStickR (image)

Note: Generates 50 splash clouds around the glove.
Virus Glove Virus Glove 2 2-4 15-24 15 Virus 60 5-10 (0.7s ignorance?) ? Interdit
Note: Acts the same as the real Needle Glove 2 but with less bullets, less AT and is Virus type.
Big Knuckle 3 5-10 10-20 30 Physical 5-10 Logologologol
Note: It's range is longer because it is big (that's what she said).
Blazing Knuckles Blazing Knuckle 3 6-12 20-25 15 Fire 50 5-6 ? Final508, Cola160(image)
Note: Not very effective against enemies with a fire resistance.
Blood Knuckle 3 6-12 15-26 15 Bleed 25 AT 10-16, AGI 15-30, Time 1.2s 3 ?
Note: Like Blood Glove 1, but 3 spikes are shot instead of 2.
Fire Jump Glove 3 20-25 15-22 25 Fire 30 AT 40-50, AGI 20-30 ? ?
Note: When MP is full, the Boxer does a flaming uppercut that deals 2x damage and drops fire that deals 5-10 1s.
Long Knuckle 4 25-40 10-17 44 Physical 25-40 1 ?
Note: Like Long Glove 2 but arrows are a little further away from the glove than Long Glove 2 (29 range away).
Spike Knuckle 4 Spike Knuckle 4 5-10 15-30 20 Physical 10-20 ? Francisco25, Logologologol(image)
Note: Shoots needles.
Virus Knuckle Virus Knuckle 4 12-16 15-28 15 Virus 100 10-15 (0.8s ignorance?) 6 Interdit
Note: It shoots 6 purple spikes like the real Needle Glove 2, and viruses enemies within the virus time. Same as the Needle Glove in terms of number of spikes.
Blazing Claw Blazing Claw 5 10-20 15-20 15 Fire 60 6-8 ? Final508
Note: A stronger version of the Blazing Knuckle.
Claw V2
Claw 5 1-1 5-10 15 Physical RedHardcore

RualStickR (image)

Note: Essentially a Glove version of the Chakram 5.
Mach Tiger Claws
Mach Tiger Claws 5 15-23 5-10 15 Physical 5-10 RualStickR
Fireclaws Fire Claw 5 10-19 15-30 15 Fire 35 27-38 1 Interdit (already canon)
Note: Same effect as Fire Knuckle 3 but shoots Heat instead of flames.
Mach Claw 5 Mach Claw 5 50-100 5-10 15 Physical Poisonshot (already canon)
Poison Claw 5 Poison Claw 5 10-20 15-32 15 Poison 50 6-6 (0.4s poison) ? ? (already canon)
Trench Spike 5 20-30 10-20 30 Physical 6-8 ?
Note: A continuation of the Big Knuckle idea. Based on the WWI weapon of an 8 inch brass knuckle like spike.
Freeze Claw 6 Freeze Claw 6 12-21 15-32 15 Freeze 50 25-35 (0.3s freeze) ? ? (already canon)
Note: It has explosion damage and when you add a Diamond 3 the freeze length will double. Quick's Card 5 will decrease almost half the AGI (no shet). If you have 4 Boxers with this, you can possibly almost solidly freeze a boss!
Glacier Glove 6 10-20 125-130 15* Ice 22 150-200 (Slow 25%) 1 RadiantDarkBlaze

RualStickR (image)

Note: The attack takes on the appearance of the Magician's Big Icicle with it's exact size, though its ice-blue instead of freeze-blue, and stays dimmed until the icicle is centered on the Boxer's position (where the Boxer was when the effect was triggered if the Boxer moves directly afterward), where it brightens as it stops and deals splash damage. Although its range is 15, it has Big Card's 5 embedded to it and equipping one can generate a huge hitzone. It would take 120 DEX to minimize its AGI completely.
Would be dropped by Blue Boss Fairy Eel (Mountaintop).
Long Claw 6 50-100 10-19 47 Physical 50-100 2 ?
Note: It releases 2 arrows 50% of the time instead of 1 and doesn't use MP. This Glove will accept Bullet's Card.
Mechanised claws Mecha Claw 6 10-25 15-32 15 See Note 10 or ? Uberu
Note: Will randomly do one of the following:
Copy the last hit enemies attack.
Use the attack of the teammate with the least health.
OR Send 10 bolts of lightning out of the claw one after another.
Needle Claw 6 Needle Claw 6 12-24 15-32 15 Physical 100 15-20 ? ? (already canon)
Note: Has guide length of 5, though it can be improved using the Guide's Card.
Sonic Claw 6 Sonic Claw 6 50-100 5-10 15 Physical 1 ? (already canon)
Note: Like the real Sonic Punch 2 and Sonic Knuckle 4 but makes a large arrow similar to Thunder Glove 1 but not double arrow.
Spark Claw 6 Spark Claw 6 15-25 15-32 15 Thunder 100 1-79 ? ? (already canon)
Note: Like the real Spark Glove 2 and Spark Knuckle 4, but shoot out mines instead of sparks and they have guide length of 5.
Spark Claw 6 Spark Claw (2nd. version) 6 15-25 15-32 15 Thunder 100 ? 12 Interdit (ALREADY CANON)
Note: Note: It releases 12 bolts moving straight (not up, vertically or down) moving extremely fast and can bounce off walls up to 30 times and Bolts can last up to 30 seconds. The bolts have 20 guide length so the bolts can follow enemies.
Virus Claw Virus Claw 6 35-43 15-32 15 Virus 130 15-25 (1s ignorance?) 10 Interdit
Note: It shoots 10 Purple Guided Spikes and has the same effect as the real Needle Knuckle 4, but is Guided and Virus type.
Thunder Fist 7 45-50 16-35 15 thunder 220 1-99 10 SWORDFISHNINJA37
Note: Like thunder claw but bolts come out of the fist and 10 bolts come out instead of 6 yellow needles
Mach Fist 7 75-135 5-10 15 Physical ?
Note: An upgrade of the Mach gloves.
Claw rainbow Rainbow Claw 7 10-25 20-25 20 Poison, Fire, Thunder Poison AT: 10-15; Poison clouds:5-5

Fire AT: 15-20; Flames x5 :5-10

Thunder AT: 20-25; Bolts: 10-15

?, 5, ? ThechosenOne
Note: It will alternate between each type.
Sonic Fist 8 100-150 5-10 15 Physical 50-100 9? ?
Note: An upgrade of the real Sonic Knuckle 4.
Thermal Glove Thermal Glove 8 0-0 1-3 30 Thermal 1000 100-200 (25-25, 0.5s) ? CHASE248 (aka NutikTehWolf)
Note: Thermal glove attacks very fast, but needs tons of magic to charge. with 50 MP, the attack charges in 20-60 AGI, yet it is very powerful. In total it does 725-825 damage.
Mach Spike Ball 9 70-234 5-10 15 Physical Poisonshot
Charge Knuckle S 14-28 15-40 15 Thunder 600 1-999 x6 ? RadiantDarkBlaze
Note: Causes thunder bolts with the appearance and terrain-piercing and multi-enemy-hitting abilities of the Magician's Big Thunder 3 to spawn one after another from the Boxer's gloves aimed at the target, with a guide range of 100.
Would probably be the 38th/39th weapon (39th because the 38th is determined to be the last level 9 weapon), sold by the next Resort-style weapon shop.
Megaslappinghand LL Physical Samuel17
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