Gridmech* (Demidemon)
Agender (They/Them)
Date of Birth
?/?/-??? ADC
Satan (Parent)

Amygea Moriam (Parent)

Mercuron Kao β (Adoptive Parent)

Chronos (Religious Figure)


Gawain as a character appears most notable as an instance from the Delta timeline, at least in the closet instance to Alpha.

Within Delta, their parent, Mori, had accompanied the other known Manic Witches on the journey to Mania, in which the group then unleashed havoc on Kuipter's forces on Mania. Some time after this, Gawain was born, and there started a plan by Mori to return back to Ludus with Gawain. This was done with assistance from Beta-Merc, who listed their transportation to Ludus from Mania as a ZedEx delivery.

Some time after this event, Satan became aware of Mori's absence from Mania, and, when s/he would not return to the planet, he transformed Mori into Demoralic. Gawain remained on Ludus, and was adopted by Mercuron, until moving on to live on their own.

Along their time on Ludus, they came to become a follower of Chronos, likely due to their interactions with Beta-Mercuron, who was a follower of the deity as well. For this purpose, they have sometimes been referred to as Temporal Gawain, a title that they seem to prefer.

During the events of To End a Miracle, they were one of the character offsprings brought to the Alpha-Doomed Timeline by Mercedes.