The Gardener is a fictional class that uses Trowels to build walls that rangers' attacks can pass through and enemy attacks cannot.


Stat effect per SP invested LP
LP no effect

+ 8

STR Max bricks +0.5, most 50

+ 3

DEX Wall health +1

+ 2

MAG -0.1 brickmaking speed, least 1

+ 2


The Gardener uses Trowels as weapons. They are not very powerful (starter has 2-3 AT and 40-60 AGI), but this is compensated for with the ability to build walls. The starter Trowel can build a brick wall with a health of 25. Later weapons include Hands, Grabbers, and Powergloves.


The Gardener makes a brick every 10 seconds with no MAG, and can hold 10 at once with no STR. The Priest's DEX aura works on walls. In Option, you can set the wall building spot to Manual or Auto. On Auto mode, walls will be built in front of rangers that stand still for more than 3 seconds. Walls can also be built as two poles with a brick roof, or as ramps for rangers to walk up obstacles with.

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